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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Tools. Within this category are industrial parts such as A0127620, 48324762A, A0002642, A0108077, T822017 and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly for Tools, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for tools

Garrick Milwaukee Sutton Tools
Noga 888 Tools King Canada
Pferd Scorpion Sidchrome
Bondhus Bramley Nupla
Wiha Sutton Weller
Stahlwille P And Amp N Precision
Moore Wright Maxigear Lubemate
Grip Stanley Prime
Dynabrade Austsaw Gearwrench
Milwaukee Spare Ko Ken Technique Solut
Knipex Auzgrip Strong Hand
Makita Hot

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
A0127620 garrick garrick 7330-1 tube cutter no.30 1439 RFQ
48324762A milwaukee power bit, phillips no 2, 50mm, shockwave tek bit 2431 RFQ
A0002642 sutton tools sutton c101sc1 sc1 90í deburring countersink set 5 piece cross hole - hss 1690 RFQ
A0108077 noga noga fa1100 8mm standard clamp no fine adjustment 1351 RFQ
T822017 888 tools 888 tools socket 3/8dr 12pt metric 17mm 2533 RFQ
KW-252 king canada walter 30a267 - 6265 big-buff kit 2933 RFQ
48894860 milwaukee drill bit set, 19pce, 2.0-10mm, titanium, milwaukee 2696 RFQ
83300245 pferd pferd electric drum grinder uwer 15/40 si d19 2517 RFQ
T812053 888 tools 888 tools spanner roe sae 3/8 2128 RFQ
20205 pferd pferd tree radius burrs rbf 1/4"" shank - tungsten carbide 1050 RFQ
SCA1004 scorpion scorpion valve non return 1/2"" x 1/4"" bsp 1708 RFQ
SCMT21705 sidchrome spanner, flare nut, 12 x 13mm, sidchrome 2855 RFQ
T822014 888 tools 888 tools socket 3/8dr 12pt metric 14mm 1674 RFQ
A0131956 bondhus bondhus bd00055 torx and hex tip (t25 to t50) 5 pieces 2096 RFQ
A0128817 bramley bramley tbfrr tube bender follow roller round tube 1446 RFQ
A0004328 sutton tools sutton d1401000 10mm #1 morse taper shank drill bit -series - hss 2114 RFQ
SH30C scorpion scorpion coupler 3/8"" hose barb nitto style 1969 RFQ
A0049424 nupla nupla hammer tip 100mm green tough 1773 RFQ
A0107540 wiha wiha softfinish 6ip x 164mm torx plus screwdriver 362ip 26091 2605 RFQ
A0131884 sutton tools sutton h3060150 hacksaw wallboard 150mm 1230 RFQ
T4872667 sutton tap, pipe, npt 3/4?x14 hs 1459 RFQ
SP120DAU weller weller 120 watt soldering iron - sp120dau 1870 RFQ
A0106872 stahlwille stahlwille bar extension 3/8"" drive #10 240mm long - quick release - sw427/10qr 2643 RFQ
A0001684 p and amp n p&n 337290025 6.35mm (1/4"") pilot drill 105mm tungsten carbide tip (tct) 1377 RFQ
B208SM600 sutton burr, cone shape, 5/8? x 1-1/8? sm600 1216 RFQ
A0105905 bondhus bondhus 10752 2.0mm ball end screwdriver long 4.0"" (102mm) 1956 RFQ
M12CHZ-0 milwaukee hackzall, m12, fuel, skin, milwaukee 2932 RFQ
A0108776 precision precision morse taper sleeve # 1 to # 0 2788 RFQ
MW-580-03 moore wright laser level, digital digitronic, 600mm 2610 RFQ
D1021250 sutton drill bit, jobber, 12.5mm hss 1237 RFQ
A0108818 maxigear maxigear morse taper extension socket # 1 to # 1 2034 RFQ
MNHF-01 lubemate lubemate diesel nozzle manual - hi-flo - mnhf-01 2234 RFQ
A0123988 grip grip external micrometer screw gauge - metric 25 - 50mm 1280 RFQ
20-074 stanley hand saw, general purpose 508mm 7tpi stanley 1732 RFQ
A0109106 noga noga r1 deburring r-blade, reversible countersink - small 2079 RFQ
A0104120 stahlwille stahlwille socket 1/4"" drive 3/16"" 12 point sw40 1371 RFQ
L120 prime tape measure, 6mm x 1m, prime 1013 RFQ
A0004311 sutton tools sutton d136scd1 60í centre drill set 5 piece plain type #1 - #5 hss 2742 RFQ
48404070 milwaukee blade, circular saw, 135mm, 30t ferrous, milwaukee 2622 RFQ
56859 dynabrade dynabrade dynangle 14303 - line ii dual motor with platen pad 2.4 hp 13000 rpm 1557 RFQ
TBR2352560 austsaw blade, timber, raider, 235mm x25 bore x 60t, thin kerf 1138 RFQ
A0128820 bramley bramley tbhyd e electric hydraulic thin wall tube bender 2237 RFQ
80793 gearwrench socket, 1/2? dve, 1-3/16? 2329 RFQ
202531001 milwaukee spare coupler, grease gun, milwaukee 1931 RFQ
A0109344 maxigear maxigear 150mm firm joint outside caliper 1805 RFQ
A0010476 sutton tools sutton h112bd26 6.35mm (1/4"") hss pilot drill, 105mm length 2468 RFQ
L-FPA12V lubemate lubemate 12v diesel pump kit - automatic nozzle - l-fpa12v 1921 RFQ
A0119835 ko ken ko-ken 1/4"" drive 8pt socket 1/4"" ko2415a08 2341 RFQ
A0132408 p and amp n p&n 165399200 bright drill set - workshop metric and imperial 200 pcs 2704 RFQ
A0132281 p and amp n p&n 165611250 1/8 workshop panel drill bit hss tin coated 10 pack 2775 RFQ
A0131791 sutton tools sutton h3510018 300 mm hacksaw blade 18 tpi flexible hss pack of 10 1074 RFQ
H02057 technique solut tape measure latch holster, stop the drops 2221 RFQ
KCG-6501G king canada king canada km-089 - nozzle detergent 3000 psi fits kpw-3000fm/3001fm 2955 RFQ
A0130975 sutton tools sutton h1270160 16mm multi-purpose tct hole saw 2933 RFQ
A0109048 maxigear maxigear unc/unf, 31 blades screw pitch gauge 4-42 tpi 1437 RFQ
28.01.200 knipex knipex assembly pliers 200mm 1199 RFQ
A0104796 stahlwille stahlwille 3/8"" drive 60 teeth flexible joint reversible ratchet adjustable handle sw452 2990 RFQ
A0123715 auzgrip auzgrip extra long tamperproof torx key set, 9 pieces 2005 RFQ
A0010587 sutton tools sutton h115pd01 pd01 pilot drill for diamond hole saw 1807 RFQ
51302 dynabrade 3m elite series am12802 - elite central-vacuum-ready random orbital sander 7100112802 1270 RFQ
4621A41 knipex circlip pliers, external, 300mm, 90deg 2120 RFQ
A0124025 grip grip 900mm professional jumbo pry bar 2593 RFQ
SCMT28517 sidchrome pliers, diagonal cutting, 200mm, sidchrome 1549 RFQ
A0010560 sutton tools sutton h114s11 bi-metal viper hole saw set 3 pc lock installation 22-54mm 1499 RFQ
MW-801 MW801 moore wright gauge, screw pitch, metric, 30 blades, m&w 1044 RFQ
A0131883 sutton tools sutton h3050150 hacksaw junior 150mm 1068 RFQ
A0123746 auzgrip auzgrip 1/2'' sq. drive impact crowfoot open-end spanner set, 14 pcs. 1692 RFQ
H125S14 sutton holesaw kit, 11pce, viper gen eng 19-76mm 1518 RFQ
48223521 milwaukee pliers, locking, c-clamp 11?(275mm) swivel 2043 RFQ
98.14.08 knipex knipex screwdriver for hexagon screws with t handle 8mm 1068 RFQ
A0003616 sutton tools sutton d1090110 1.1mm cobalt jobber drill bit - colour temp - pack of 10 2403 RFQ
20201 pferd pferd cylindrical burrs zya 1/4"" shank - tungsten carbide 1608 RFQ
A0119180 ko ken ko-ken 3/8"" drive 12pt impact socket 1/4"" ko13405a08 2101 RFQ
T822010 888 tools 888 tools socket 3/8dr 12pt metric 10mm 1215 RFQ
202843001 milwaukee spare f/r shuttle assembly, to suit m18chiwf12, milwaukee 1560 RFQ
98.25.00 knipex knipex screwdriver for phillips screws pz 0 2942 RFQ
A0109278 strong hand strong hand tools 585-740 x 510mm multi-purpose pliers wth fixed jaw 2584 RFQ
A0104740 stahlwille stahlwille hex key allen wrench metric, 9-piece set l-type short series sw10760 1663 RFQ
M1901G makita planer, maktec, 82mm(3in) 580w 1453 RFQ
SCMT14232 sidchrome socket, 1/2? dve, 15mm, sidchrome 2979 RFQ
A0112109 maxigear maxigear outside micrometer - metric 0 - 25mm 1121 RFQ
09.02.240 knipex knipex linesman's pliers 240mm 1143 RFQ
A0112700 wiha wiha l-key hexagonal ball end magicring - inch, 13 pieces 2859 RFQ
T810070 888 tools 889 tools spanner set roe sae jumbo 10pc 1934 RFQ
C12JSR-0 milwaukee radio, compact job site, m12, skin, milwaukee 2033 RFQ
89250 prime adjustable wrench, 250mm 1548 RFQ
A0106910 stahlwille stahlwille adaptor 3/4"" drive - 1/2"" plug - sw568 1554 RFQ
HD1960K hot hot devil 10 piece soldering iron / blow torch trade kit hd1960k 1385 RFQ
A0123763 auzgrip auzgrip 1/2"" square drive wobble extension bar set, 3 pieces 2452 RFQ
A0007756 sutton tools sutton d3350300 3mm carbide drill bit - 8xd - r30 n ik - vhm - alcrn 2813 RFQ
A0005897 sutton tools sutton d1750004 90í spotting drill set 4 piece - 5% cobalt hss - tin 1852 RFQ
49224035 milwaukee holesaw kit, 19pce, general purpose hole dozer milwaukee 2459 RFQ
A0001829 p and amp n p&n 107bstb18 quickbit panel drill set 5 piece 1/8"" x 2.6"" x 1/4"" shank - hss 2267 RFQ
KW-502 king canada walter 30-a 269 - polisher 6268 line iii kit 1200-3200 2236 RFQ
M12TLED-0 milwaukee work light, led, m12, skin, milwaukee 1776 RFQ
D22060 technique solut knipex nipps, stop the drops 1895 RFQ
A0131169 sutton tools sutton h125s3 bi-metal cobalt carpenter hole saw set, 7-pack 1029 RFQ
A0131750 sutton tools sutton h53230003 300mm reciprocating blade tct ultra 3 tpi 1602 RFQ
A0103783 stahlwille stahlwille combination spanner set, 1/4"" - 3/4"", af #13 10-piece sw13a/10 1736 RFQ
A0010489 sutton tools sutton h1130190 19mm tct pro hole saw, arbor, pilot drill tungsten carbide 1513 RFQ

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