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Part No Category Description QTY RFQ
A0107910 machining maxigear #0 suits m1.0 - m2.8 t type solid jaw tap wrench 1373 RFQ
A0108918 machining maxigear extension spindle 1/2 bsw thread left hand for bench grinder 2103 RFQ
A0107903 machining maxigear 175mm #1-1/2 1-1/2 1-12mm tap capacity bar type tap wrench 1415 RFQ
A0109300 tools maxigear stright twin fulcrum pliers 2605 RFQ
A0111896 tools maxigear 13mm x 1m measuring tape - reverse, adhesive backed 2166 RFQ
A0107748 tools maxigear 6mm combination ratcheting wrench 1142 RFQ
A0112833 tools maxigear 1/2"" shank edge finder double end, 0.2"" tip 1324 RFQ
A0108818 tools maxigear morse taper extension socket # 1 to # 1 2034 RFQ
A0108299 abrasives maxigear polishing mop sisal stitched 38mm x 1 section 1266 RFQ
A0112850 tools maxigear 0.5 - 11mm measuring wedge 1422 RFQ
A0112503 tools maxigear 145mm replaceable carbide tip magnet end pocket clip sriber 2153 RFQ
A0109193 machining maxigear micro chuck for 0.3 - 1.00mm drill 2849 RFQ
A0111963 tools maxigear 25 x 38mm engineers square 2767 RFQ
A0112563 electrical and electronic maxigear 5 in 1 led 10 watt ultra thin pocket lamp 2129 RFQ
A0109337 tools maxigear 75mm jenny caliper 1004 RFQ
A0108063 tools maxigear 40 x 32 x 32mm vee blocks and clamp set 25mm capacity 1767 RFQ
A0109358 machining maxigear 1/2"" x 9"" left hand turning tool holder 2654 RFQ
A0112797 tools maxigear metric, 24 blades screw pitch gauge 1176 RFQ
A0112846 tools maxigear wiggler and centre finder set (4 pcs) plus snap in holder 1033 RFQ
A0112519 machining maxigear 3/4"" x 3/8"" diamond cross medium knurling wheel replacement 1791 RFQ
A0112502 tools maxigear 150mm carbide tipped single end with pocket clip scriber 2260 RFQ
A0109047 tools maxigear usa nat/metric , 55 blades screw pitch gauge 1055 RFQ
A0112824 welding maxigear 41 x 32mm pipe-pro metal cutting guide 1006 RFQ
A0112514 tools maxigear adjustable light duty pin spanner 1344 RFQ
A0111918 tools maxigear morse taper extension socket # 1 to # 1 2731 RFQ
A0112549 machining maxigear 3/4"" x 3/8"" pivot head knurling tool 1303 RFQ
A0112867 tools maxigear 90 x 50 x 150mm rectangular head degree protractor 2298 RFQ
A0108069 tools maxigear cast iron vee block 100 x 41 x 65mm without clamp 1583 RFQ
A0109301 tools maxigear 45-degree twin fulcrum pliers 1306 RFQ
A0109392 tools maxigear ip67 coolant proof digital caliper 150mm range 2266 RFQ
A0112550 tools maxigear 150mm wing compass 1091 RFQ
A0108061 tools maxigear toolmakers parallel clamp 44mm capacity 63mm jaw size 2706 RFQ
A0109319 tools maxigear 75mm inside caliper 1111 RFQ
A0109192 machining maxigear pin chuck kit with 3 collects 1731 RFQ
A0112843 tools maxigear universal bevel protractor 1972 RFQ
A0112489 machining maxigear m3 x 0.5mm combination drill & tap 1/4"" hex 2409 RFQ
A0107788 tools maxigear combination ratcheting wrench, 12 pieces sae set 2937 RFQ
A0109344 tools maxigear 150mm firm joint outside caliper 1805 RFQ
A0108946 machining maxigear tapered spindle 1/2"" pilot right hand for bench grinder 2997 RFQ
A0108274 abrasives maxigear loose leaf calico unstitched polishing mop 38mm x 50 fold 1984 RFQ
A0112791 tools maxigear 315 - 450mm multi-angle head & extendable pry bar 1634 RFQ
A0109406 tools maxigear digital with wireless connectivity caliper 150mm range 2936 RFQ
A0108067 tools maxigear 70 x 63 x 45mm vee blocks and clamp set 38mm capacity 1979 RFQ
A0108916 abrasives maxigear adapter backing pad convert m14 to 6mm spindle 1851 RFQ
A0112849 tools maxigear round sheet metal & wire gauge 2503 RFQ
A0112847 tools maxigear tweezer set, 6 pieces 2528 RFQ
A0112835 tools maxigear 1/2"" shank edge & centre finder, 0.2"" tip 1211 RFQ
A0109032 machining maxigear 1/2"" hss cobalt lathe parting tool blade 2267 RFQ
A0109302 tools maxigear 75mm outside caliper 1675 RFQ
A0108881 machining maxigear 1/4"" x 2.5"" hss co square tool steel - m2 1939 RFQ
A0112534 machining maxigear 3/4"" x 3/8"" straight coarse knurling wheel replacement 1719 RFQ
A0107863 tools maxigear 1/4+ reversible ratcheting wrench 1911 RFQ
A0108950 machining maxigear tapered spindle m12 x 1.75 thread right hand for straight grinder 2956 RFQ
A0112845 tools maxigear 1 - 6mm taper gauge 2886 RFQ
A0108926 machining maxigear extension spindle for angle grinder m14 female to 5/8-11 male 55mm long 2364 RFQ
A0112145 tools maxigear outside digital micrometer 20 - 50mm 1944 RFQ
A0109311 tools maxigear 100mm firm joint inside caliper 1859 RFQ
A0112769 machining maxigear 85 x 75mm unigrip drill press vise precision 2073 RFQ
A0109299 tools maxigear twin fulcrum pliers set 1343 RFQ
A0111899 tools maxigear 10mm x 10mm x 80mm engineers chalk - 50 sticks 2223 RFQ
A0112852 tools maxigear 4.75mm and 3/16"" in-line flaring tool 1047 RFQ
A0112161 lubrication and fluid handling maxigear white stearene wax aluminium lubricant 600g 1118 RFQ
A0109382 tools maxigear dial caliper 6"" range 2068 RFQ
A0108555 machining maxigear drill chuck arbor # r8 bridgeport - #b16 din taper 2439 RFQ
A0108560 machining maxigear drill chuck arbor # r8 bridgeport - #2 jt 2087 RFQ
A0112564 electrical and electronic maxigear 3 in 1 led 10 watt solar pocket lamp 1395 RFQ
A0112109 tools maxigear outside micrometer - metric 0 - 25mm 1121 RFQ
A0107808 tools maxigear 1/4+ flex head ratcheting wrench 2600 RFQ
A0112762 machining maxigear 0.5 carat diamond wheel dresser, 10 x 75mm 1373 RFQ
A0109046 tools maxigear un / metric, 55 blades screw pitch gauge 2058 RFQ
A0109328 tools maxigear 75mm spring divider 2397 RFQ
A0108614 machining maxigear drill chuck arbor 1/2"" round shank - #0 jt 1474 RFQ
A0112862 tools maxigear m14 x 2 thread bottom flange for angle grinder 2107 RFQ
A0112856 tools maxigear pin vice set, 4 pieces 1241 RFQ
A0112816 machining maxigear 4"" unigrip drill press vise 2303 RFQ
A0112805 machining maxigear no. 2 large wheel dresser 2002 RFQ
A0112648 tools maxigear dnf5 180 x 5mm diamond needle files set , 5 pieces 2097 RFQ
A0109051 tools maxigear 250mm length sliding bevel 1042 RFQ
A0108882 machining maxigear 10mm x 100mm hss co square tool steel - m42 2880 RFQ
A0108631 machining maxigear drill chuck arbor 1/2"" round shank - b12 din taper 2984 RFQ
A0107771 tools maxigear 1/4+ combination ratcheting wrench 1339 RFQ
A0112524 machining maxigear 3/4"" x 3/8"" diagonal left hand medium knurling wheel replacement 2476 RFQ
A0107877 tools maxigear reversible ratcheting wrench, 8 pieces sae set 1972 RFQ
A0109049 tools maxigear un, 52 blades screw pitch gauge 2137 RFQ
A0112504 tools maxigear magnetic carbide scriber replacement tip 1344 RFQ
A0107822 tools maxigear flex head ratcheting wrench, 13 pieces sae set 1960 RFQ
A0111893 tools maxigear 13mm x 1m measuring tape, adhesive backed 2510 RFQ
A0107919 machining maxigear 330mm #2 suits m3-m6 t type ratcheting extra long tap wrench 2276 RFQ
A0112543 machining maxigear 3/4"" x 3/8"" revolving knurling tool 1635 RFQ
A0112772 tools maxigear dial indicator 0 - 1"" range 0.001 graduation with back lug 2180 RFQ

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