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Part No Category Description QTY RFQ
SCMT13425 tools socket, 3/8? dve, 7/8? 12pt, sidchrome 2300 RFQ
SCMT14433 tools socket, 1/2? dve, 7/8?, sidchrome 2098 RFQ
J2126 tools pry bar, rolling head, 300mm, sidchrome 1937 RFQ
SCMT15957 tools uni-joint 3/4? dve, ball, sidchrome 1206 RFQ
SCMT21703 tools spanner, flare nut, 3/4? x 7/8?, sidchrome 1096 RFQ
SCMT22210 tools spanner set, roe, metric, 14pce, sidchrome 6mm-19mm 2190 RFQ
SCMT13422 tools socket, 3/8? dve, 11/16? 12pt, sidchrome 1735 RFQ
SCMT12110 tools socket set, 1/4? dve, 23pce, metric/af, sidchrome 1735 RFQ
SCMT14284 tools socket, inhex, 1/2? dve, 12 x 60mm, sidchrome 2088 RFQ
SCMT14249 tools socket, 1/2? dve, 32mm, sidchrome 1394 RFQ
SCMT22267N tools wrench, geared, 12mm, sidchrome 1092 RFQ
SCMT27213 tools pin punch, long, 5 x 165mm, sidchrome 2106 RFQ
SCMT10810 tools socket & spanner set, 57pce, 1/4? dve, met/af, sidchrome 2544 RFQ
SCMT15818 tools socket, 3/4? dve, 2?, sidchrome 1570 RFQ
SCMT22472N tools wrench, geared, 9/16?, stubby, reversible, sidchrome 2353 RFQ
SCMT13205 tools socket set, 3/8? dve, 21pce, metric, sidchrome 2508 RFQ
SCMT13423 tools socket, 3/8? dve, 3/4? 12pt, sidchrome 2445 RFQ
SCMT22266N tools wrench, geared, 11mm, sidchrome 1972 RFQ
SCMT14244 tools socket, 1/2? dve, 27mm, sidchrome 1941 RFQ
SCMT15811 tools socket, 3/4? dve, 1-7/16?, sidchrome 2637 RFQ
SCMT27210 tools pin punch, long, 2.5 x 155mm, sidchrome 2296 RFQ
SCMT27214 tools pin punch, long, 6 x 170mm, sidchrome 1800 RFQ
SCMT14935 tools handle sliding t 1/2? dve, 240mm, sidchrome 1346 RFQ
SCMT14920 tools extension, 1/2? dve, 70mm wobble, sidchrome 1587 RFQ
SCMT13376 tools socket, 3/8? dve, torx s30, sidchrome 2999 RFQ
SCMT13435 tools socket, 3/8? dve, s/plug 5/8? 12pt, sidchrome 1365 RFQ
SCMT22204 tools wrench set, geared, 5pce, met, flexhead, sidchrome 2096 RFQ
SCMT70750 tools gear puller, 2inch jaw reversible, forged jaws, sidchrome 1950 RFQ
SCMT14431 tools socket, 1/2? dve, 3/4?, sidchrome 2238 RFQ
SCMT21305 tools spanner, ring, 16 x 17mm, sidchrome 1191 RFQ
SCMT22430 tools spanner, roe, 1-1/4?, sidchrome 1656 RFQ
SCMT14438 tools socket, 1/2? dve, 1-3/16?, sidchrome 1458 RFQ
SCMT14281 tools socket, inhex, 1/2? dve, 7 x 60mm, sidchrome 1842 RFQ
SCMT22239 tools spanner, roe, 30mm, sidchrome 2928 RFQ
SCMT22269N tools wrench, geared, 14mm, sidchrome 1788 RFQ
SCMT13436 tools socket, 3/8? dve, s/plug 13/16? 12pt, sidchrome 2794 RFQ
SCMT22429 tools spanner, roe, 1-1/8?, sidchrome 1667 RFQ
SCMT19159 tools adaptor, 1/2? dve f x 3/4? dve m, sidchrome 2292 RFQ
SCMT13217 tools socket, 3/8? dve, 7mm, sidchrome 1084 RFQ
SCMT27110 tools centre punch, 2 x 100mm, sidchrome 1215 RFQ
SCMT14235 tools socket, 1/2? dve, 18mm, sidchrome 2621 RFQ
SCMT14259 tools socket, deep, 1/2? dve, 14mm, sidchrome 2970 RFQ
SCMT14460 tools socket, deep, 1/2? dve, 3/4?, sidchrome 1319 RFQ
SCMT15817 tools socket, 3/4? dve, 1-7/8?, sidchrome 1859 RFQ
SCMT14940 tools uni-joint 1/2? dve, link, sidchrome 2420 RFQ
SCMT14915 tools extension, 1/2? dve, 65mm, sidchrome 2260 RFQ
SCMT14227 tools socket, 1/2? dve, 10mm, sidchrome 2876 RFQ
SCMT29193 tools screwdriver, cab tip, 6.35 x 250mm, sidchrome 1659 RFQ
SCMT19156 tools adaptor, 1/2? dve f x 3/8? dve m, sidchrome 1089 RFQ
SCMT22240 tools spanner, roe, 32mm, sidchrome 2133 RFQ
SCMT29505 tools hex key set, 8pce, af, long arm ball point (29540) sidchrome 2963 RFQ
SCMT21701 tools spanner, flare nut, 1/2? x 9/16?, sidchrome 1452 RFQ
SCMT14297 tools socket, inhex, 1/2? dve, spline m10 x 110mm, sidchrome 1343 RFQ
SCMT15970 tools ratchet, 3/4? dve, dust proof, sidchrome 1718 RFQ
SCMT12420 tools socket, 1/4? dve, 11/32?, sidchrome 2491 RFQ
SCMT15720 tools socket, 3/4? dve, 27mm, sidchrome 1621 RFQ
SCMT14457 tools socket, deep, 1/2? dve, 9/16?, sidchrome 2136 RFQ
SCMT22217 tools spanner, roe, 8mm, sidchrome 2066 RFQ
SCMT14919 tools ratchet, 1/2? dve, microtuf, sidchrome 2243 RFQ
SCMT22272N tools wrench, geared, 17mm, sidchrome 1794 RFQ
SCMT13231 tools socket, 3/8? dve, 21mm, 12pt, sidchrome 1241 RFQ
SCMT22104 tools spanner set, roe, met/af 24pce, sidchrome 2042 RFQ
SCMT14478 tools socket, inhex, 1/2? dve, 5/8? x 60mm, sidchrome 1639 RFQ
SCMT15801 tools socket, 3/4? dve, 13/16?, sidchrome 1823 RFQ
SCMT21705 tools spanner, flare nut, 12 x 13mm, sidchrome 2855 RFQ
SCMT13918 tools extension, 3/8? dve, 500mm, sidchrome 2606 RFQ
SCMT14906 tools ratchet, 1/2? dve, 250mm, sidchrome 2789 RFQ
SCMT19120 tools socket set, 1/4?, 3/8? & 1/2? dve, 64pce, metric/af, sidchro 2859 RFQ
SCMT22220 tools spanner, roe, 11mm, sidchrome 2440 RFQ
SCMT14260 tools socket, deep, 1/2? dve, 15mm, sidchrome 1081 RFQ
SCMT14229 tools socket, 1/2? dve, 12mm, sidchrome 2146 RFQ
SCMT14256 tools socket, deep, 1/2? dve, 11mm, sidchrome 1452 RFQ
SCMT13220 tools socket, 3/8? dve, 10mm, 12pt, sidchrome 2528 RFQ
SCMT21500 tools spanner, ring, 1/4? x 5/16?, sidchrome 1606 RFQ
SCMT14257 tools socket, deep, 1/2? dve, 12mm, sidchrome 2506 RFQ
SCMT27209 tools pin punch set, 9pce, sidchrome 1682 RFQ
SCMT50206ST tools roller cabinet, 27? sidchrome 1455 RFQ
SCMT15729 tools socket, 3/4? dve, 50mm, sidchrome 2137 RFQ
SCMT13200 tools crowsfoot wrench set, 10pce, metric, sidchrome 2936 RFQ
SCMT14477 tools socket, inhex, 1/2? dve, 9/16? x 60mm, sidchrome 2007 RFQ
SCMT21300 tools spanner, ring, 6 x 7mm, sidchrome 1990 RFQ
SCMT15812 tools socket, 3/4? dve, 1-1/2?, sidchrome 1384 RFQ
SCMT13904 tools ratchet, 3/8? dve, swivelling, sidchrome 1231 RFQ
SCMT14243 tools socket, 1/2? dve, 26mm, sidchrome 1447 RFQ
SCMT14248 tools socket, 1/2? dve, 31mm, sidchrome 2890 RFQ
SCMT14458 tools socket, deep, 1/2? dve, 5/8?, sidchrome 2263 RFQ
SCMT13218 tools socket, 3/8? dve, 8mm, 12pt, sidchrome 2582 RFQ
SCMT27111 tools centre punch, 2.5 x 100mm, sidchrome 1741 RFQ
SCMT13379 tools socket, 3/8? dve, torx s50, sidchrome 2424 RFQ
SCMT22439 tools spanner, roe, 1-7/8?, sidchrome 2213 RFQ

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