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Part No Category Description QTY RFQ
D1020600 tools drill bit, jobber, 6mm hss 1376 RFQ
M4401200 tools die nut, m12 x 1.75 1017 RFQ
D1021111 tools drill bit, jobber, 7/16? hss 1922 RFQ
D1882400 tools drill bit, 24mm x 12.50mm, reduced shank, hss 2346 RFQ
M3020633 tools toolsteel, 1/4? x3 square, cobalt 121086 2929 RFQ
B202SD100 tools burr, ball shape, 1/4? sd100 2647 RFQ
M4381316 tools button die, bspt 1/4? x 2? dia 2071 RFQ
D1151905 tools drill bit, taper shank, 3/4? mt2 2620 RFQ
B207SL600 tools burr, taper shape, with radius end, 5/8? x 1-5/16? sl600 1785 RFQ
C1050902 tools countersink bit, tf902 4-14mm, 90deg 1848 RFQ
D1020680 tools drill bit, jobber, 6.8mm hss 2311 RFQ
M904BT5 tools tap wrench, bar type 5, m5 ? m16 1393 RFQ
M4382096 tools button die, bspt 1/2? x 2? dia 2679 RFQ
H111009ESUT tools sutton tools holesaw set multi purpose tct electrician set 8 pieces 1537 RFQ
D5011400 tools spade bit, mm 14.00 2788 RFQ
D1151700 tools drill bit, taper shank, 17mm, mt2 2777 RFQ
M4521666 tools die nut, 3/8? bspf 2086 RFQ
D1021150 tools drill bit, jobber, 11.5mm hss 2644 RFQ
T9031270 tools tap set, hss, unc 1/2? x13 2033 RFQ
D109S2 tools sutton 21 piece heavy duty cobalt hss imperial jobber drill set - d109 s2 1782 RFQ
T4812096 tools tap, pipe, ?g? 1/2? z3 hs bot(bspf) 1021 RFQ
T4753325 tools tap, pipe, ?rc? 1 hss bspt 2475 RFQ
M4001000 tools button die, m10 x1.5, 1? dia 2854 RFQ
D6000900 tools drill bit, masonry, m9(9mm) x 120 sf.snglpk 1484 RFQ
T9030483 tools tap set, hss, unc 10 x24 1941 RFQ
E1041000 tools slot drill, short, 10mm x 10mm, ss sq hss 2749 RFQ
M4460794 tools die nut, 5/16? unf 2356 RFQ
T4151905 tools tap, straight, unc, 3/4?x10 h7 hs inter 2421 RFQ
C1050904 tools countersink bit, tf904 6-28mm, 90deg 1950 RFQ
T9031905 tools tap set, hss, unc 3/4? x10 1961 RFQ
H3510018 tools blade, hacksaw, 18tpi, flex, sutton 2237 RFQ
T4142223 tools tap, straight, unc, 7/8?x 9 h7 hs taper 2793 RFQ
T9021207 tools tap set, hss, m12 x1.5 2139 RFQ
D1881429 tools drill bit, 9/16? x1/2?, reduced shank, hss 1351 RFQ
M4031206 tools button die, m12 x1.25, 1? dia 1625 RFQ
H1050350 tools holesaw, gamflex, 35mm 1-3/8? b137 2455 RFQ
T4312223 tools tap, straight, unf, 7/8?x14 h6 hs taper 2231 RFQ
T4791666 tools tap, pipe, ?g? 3/8? z3 hs taper(bspf 1696 RFQ
T4331111 tools tap, straight, unf, 7/16?x20 h5 hs bottom 1862 RFQ
H1050830 tools holesaw, gamflex, 83mm 3-1/4? b325 1851 RFQ
M4021600 tools button die, m16 x2, 2? dia 2160 RFQ
T3863000 tools tap, straight, m30 x3.5 c2 hs bottom 1279 RFQ
H1150290 tools holesaw, diamond grit, 29mm 1305 RFQ
T4150483 tools tap, straight, unc, 10 x24 h4 hs inter 2284 RFQ
H1050220 tools holesaw, gamflex, 22mm 7/8? b-087 2028 RFQ
B206SH100 tools burr, flame shape, 1/4? x 5/8? sh100 1424 RFQ
T4312541 tools tap, straight, uns 1 x14 h5 hs taper 2631 RFQ
D1020275 tools drill bit, jobber, 2.75mm hss 2985 RFQ
H1050520 tools holesaw, gamflex, 52mm 2-1/16? b206 2311 RFQ
D1881450 tools drill bit, 14.50mm x 12.50mm, reduced shank, hss 2205 RFQ
T9040635 tools tap set, hss, unf 1/4? x28 2275 RFQ
E1290400 tools end mill, 4mm x 6mm, short, ss sq hss 2349 RFQ
T4031206 tools tap, straight, m12 x1.25 c2 hs bottom 1264 RFQ
T3850400 tools tap, straight, m4 x0.7 c2 hs inter 2931 RFQ
M4121270 tools button die, unc 1/2? x 1? dia 2406 RFQ
H107BD25 tools pilot drill, bd-025 1/4?x4.1/8? 1117 RFQ
D1100500 tools drill bit, l/series, 5mm, blu sinpac 2676 RFQ
D1151588 tools drill bit, taper shank, 5/8? mt2 2524 RFQ
D1882500 tools drill bit, 25mm x 12.50mm, reduced shank, hss 1916 RFQ
D1020450 tools drill bit, jobber, 4.5mm hss 1947 RFQ
B200SA300 tools burr, cylindrical, square end, 3/8? x 3/4? end cutting sa300 1256 RFQ
D1021300 tools drill bit, jobber, 13mm hss 1044 RFQ
D50443014 tools step drill, 4-30mm 1527 RFQ
D1020595 tools drill bit, jobber, 15/64? hss 1787 RFQ
M4411206 tools die nut, m12 x 1.25 2421 RFQ
D1881750 tools drill bit, 17.50mm x 12.50mm, reduced shank 2863 RFQ
M9063810 tools die holder, 1-1/2? 1856 RFQ
T3850014 tools drill & tap set (inter) hss, 14pce 2972 RFQ
T4322540 tools tap, straight, unf, 1 x12 h7 hs inter 1700 RFQ
M4403000 tools die nut, m30 x 3.50 2895 RFQ
D5011000 tools spade bit, mm 10.00 1513 RFQ
M4150794 tools button die, unf 5/16? x 1? dia 2774 RFQ
M4522644 tools die nut, 3/4? bspf 1191 RFQ
T4031407 tools tap, straight, m14 x 1.50 c2 hss bottom 2669 RFQ
T3851600 tools tap, straight, m16 x 2 c2 hs inter 1407 RFQ
H1050540 tools holesaw, gamflex, 54mm 2-1/8? b212 1905 RFQ
M4141588 tools button die, unc 5/8? x 2? dia 1952 RFQ
D1080600 tools drill bit, jobber, 6mm, cobalt 1659 RFQ
M4000500 tools button die, m5 x0.8, 1? dia 2694 RFQ
T9010600 tools tap set, hss, m6 x1 2539 RFQ
M6010003 tools screw extractor, no.3 2105 RFQ
D1882064 tools drill bit, 13/16? x1/2?, reduced shank, hss 1896 RFQ
T9040483 tools tap set, hss, 3/16? unf 10 x 32 2599 RFQ
M9010635 tools tap wrench, t type, m3-m6 skinpak 1721 RFQ
H103QFX tools arbor, quick fit qfx t/s 32 to 152mm 1505 RFQ
D1882200 tools drill bit, 22mm x 12.50mm, reduced shank, hss 1425 RFQ
T4802644 tools tap, pipe, ?g? 3/4? z3 hs int(bspf) 2371 RFQ
D6001000 tools drill bit, masonry, m10(10mm) x 120 sf.snglpk 2341 RFQ
2000778 tools drill bit, jobber, 5/32? hss left hand 2487 RFQ
B204SF400 tools burr, tree shape, with radius end, 7/16? x 1? sf400 1507 RFQ

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