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Part No Category Description QTY RFQ
A0132176 tools p&n 166044669 4 way drill chuck key 2534 RFQ
A0001863 tools p&n 107nsp375 quickbit 3/8"" magnetic nutsetter - 20í pivoting - 1/4"" shank crv 1089 RFQ
A0002226 tools p&n 300ah1061 file ward bastard 150mm (6"") handled s/p 1351 RFQ
A0002221 tools p&n 300ah0062 file warding second cut 150mm (6"") bulk unhandled 12 pack 1410 RFQ
A0132417 tools p&n 300ap0050 file contact point bastard cut 133mm bulk unhandled 12 pack 1043 RFQ
A0132358 machining p&n 267040106 workshop 1/4"" wrench t-bar (m3 - m6) 2606 RFQ
A0132439 machining p&n 267040210 workshop wrench ratchet (m3 - m10) 2476 RFQ
A0132361 tools p&n 107b11563 quickbit drill adaptor 5/32"" (3.7-4.0mm) spring steel 2445 RFQ
A0002233 tools p&n 300aj1061 file squar bastard 150mm (6"") handled s/p 2877 RFQ
A0002200 tools p&n 300ag0042 file round second cut 100mm (4"") bulk unhandled 12 pack 2203 RFQ
A0132425 tools p&n 107dt0319 quickbit 3-19mm smart chamfer deburr tool 1/4"" shank 2953 RFQ
A0002152 tools p&n 268mw0052 workshop thread gauge metric/whit 0.25 - 6.0mm & 4-62 tpi 52 blades bright 2969 RFQ
A0002144 tools p&n 267sg1004 workshop engineers square precision graduated 100 mm stainless steel 1046 RFQ
A0132168 tools p&n 166044665 hole saw set kit 11 piece 19mm - 64mm carbon steel 2797 RFQ
A0132429 tools p&n 107qba127 workshop 1/2"" socket to 1/4"" hex adaptor 2143 RFQ
A0001804 tools p&n 107b50781 quickbit 5/64"" quick change drill bit 1/4"" shank bright hss 2447 RFQ
A0132418 tools p&n 300ag0051 round bastard cut 125mm bulk unhandled 12 pack 1062 RFQ
A0001410 machining p&n 3003904 9 piece metric warragul die set - conduit - m16-m32 - carbon steel 1318 RFQ
A0132386 tools p&n 300am0104 file flat magic cut 250mm bulk unhandled 6 pack 2508 RFQ
A0002015 tools p&n 150bset6m quickbit drill set 6 piece 2.0 - 6mm, 1/4"" shank bright hss 1899 RFQ
A0002128 tools p&n 267m06020 workshop engineers scriber d/e 270 mm 90sí bend point stainless steel 1864 RFQ
A0132415 tools p&n 300aj0122 file square second cut 300mm bulk unhandled 6 pack 1200 RFQ
A0132401 tools p&n m8130010 replacement blades for heavy duty shear 1282 RFQ
A0002322 machining p&n 918crset5m workshop bur set 5pce 6mm shank double cut vhm bright 2158 RFQ
A0132435 machining p&n 267003103 metric workshop carbon tap set (m5x0.8, m6x1.0, m8x1.25mm) 3 pce 1892 RFQ
A0002217 tools p&n 300ag1103 file round smooth 250mm (10"") handled s/p 2076 RFQ
A0132150 tools p&n 166044641 19pc metric jobber drill set - hss 1mm - 10mm x 0.5mm 1834 RFQ
A0001830 tools p&n 107bstb30 quickbit panel drill set 5 piece 0.129"" x 2.6"" x 1/4"" shank - hss 1302 RFQ
A0002133 tools p&n 267ms1030 workshop engineers rule precision 300 mm stainless steel 1409 RFQ
A0002147 tools p&n 267sr1004 workshop engineers square precision 100 mm stainless steel 1066 RFQ
A0132247 tools p&n 165102060 6mm masonry drill bit 210mm trademan sds - 2 tct tip 2977 RFQ
A0002268 tools p&n 300da0460 file chainsaw 1/8 x 6"" (150mm) bulk unhandled 12 pack 2195 RFQ
A0001634 tools p&n 149040120 quickbit hss step drill bit tinite - 8 step - range: 4mm - 12mm 1419 RFQ
A0001774 tools p&n 105hcs013 quickbit 13mm (1/2"") rose countersink bit - high carbon steel hcs 1398 RFQ
A0002215 tools p&n 300ag1081 file round bastard 200mm (8"") handled s/p 1371 RFQ
A0001825 tools p&n 107b8set5 5 piece jobber impact drill set quickbit - hss tinite 2mm-6mm 1788 RFQ
A0132149 tools p&n 166044639 13pc metric jobber drill set - hss 1.5mm - 6.5mm x 0.5mm 1637 RFQ
A0001783 tools p&n 107adf300 flexible angle driver set 5 piece 300mm crv 1682 RFQ
A0132302 tools p&n 166312283 5.8mm workshop jobber drill bit hss co tin metric 5 pack 2592 RFQ
A0002223 tools p&n 300ah0081 file warding bastard 200mm (8"") bulk unhandled 12 pack 2369 RFQ
A0002236 tools p&n 300al0121 file mill long angle lathe 300mm (12"") bulk unhandled 6pack 1730 RFQ
A0002011 tools p&n 150b0ws13 workshop 13 piece jobber drill set - hss tinite 1.5-6.5mm x 0.5mm 1415 RFQ
A0132333 tools p&n 166412344 15/64"" workshop jobber drill bit hss co tin imperial 5 pack 1383 RFQ
A0132438 machining p&n 267013203 imperial workshop carbon die set (5/16, 1/4, 3/16'') 3 pce 1819 RFQ
A0002154 tools p&n 268unf016 workshop thread gauge unf 12-80 tpi 16 blades bright 2424 RFQ
A0001631 tools p&n 148010706 drill diamond core drill set 6 piece 1418 RFQ
A0002227 tools p&n 300aj0061 file square bastard 150mm (6"") bulk unhandled 12 pack 2487 RFQ
A0132419 tools p&n 300ag1102 round second cut 250mm single handled 1399 RFQ
A0132165 tools p&n 166044659 hole saw set kit 5 piece cnh-05 32mm - 54mm carbon steel 2516 RFQ
A0001406 machining p&n 2672202 metric 16mm warragul die guide #1 - conduit - carbon steel 2237 RFQ
A0001799 tools p&n 107b50020 quickbit 2mm quick change drill bit 1/4"" shank bright hss 2824 RFQ
A0132400 tools p&n m8130002 quiack cut heavy duty shear attachment 2950 RFQ
A0132144 machining p&n 166044656 1/4"" t-handle tap wrench m3-m6 - carded 2439 RFQ
A0132383 tools p&n 300aj0063 file square smooth cut 150mm bulk unhandled 12 pack 2692 RFQ
A0002148 tools p&n 267sr1006 workshop engineers square precision 150 mm stainless steel 1068 RFQ
A0002141 tools p&n 267mtq306 workshop inside caliper quick adjust 150 mm high carbon steel 1942 RFQ
A0001793 tools p&n 107b30781 quickbit 5/64"" pilot drill bit and countersink - 1/4"" shank - hss 1464 RFQ
A0001120 tools p&n 92298 hole saw & mandrel downlight kit 90mm 2500 RFQ
A0002212 tools p&n 300ag0122 file round second cut 300mm (4"") bulk unhandled 6 pack 2831 RFQ
A0001411 machining p&n 3003931 7 piece imperial bspt warragul die set - carbon steel 1997 RFQ
A0002259 tools p&n 300ca1081 file mill saw 2 sq edge bastard 200mm (8"") handled 1952 RFQ
A0132363 tools p&n 107cs0063 workshop 6.3mm 90í countersink bit three flute - hss 1756 RFQ
A0132443 tools p&n 267900180 workshop builder metric triangle 180mm aluminium alloy 2694 RFQ
A0002013 tools p&n 150b0ws3m workshop 25 piece jobber drill set - hss tinite 1 - 13mm x 0.5mm 1498 RFQ
A0132430 tools p&n 107rad370 quickbit mini angle driver set 1/4"" shank 2328 RFQ
A0001849 tools p&n 107dc0012 quickbit 12g 5/32"" pilot drill bit & countersink 1/4"" shank - tct 1366 RFQ
A0001860 tools p&n 107nsp003 quickbit 1/4"" magnetic nutsetter set - 20í pivoting - 1/4"" shank crv 1696 RFQ
A0132420 tools p&n 300ah0041 file warding bastard cut 100mm bulk unhandled 12 pack 2225 RFQ
A0002331 machining p&n 918fm0618s carbide burr flame shape 6.35 x 16 x 1/4"" double cut 1989 RFQ
A0132367 tools p&n 300ab0061 file flat bastard cut 150mm bulk unhandled 12 pack 2176 RFQ
A0002012 tools p&n 150b0ws2m workshop 19 piece jobber drill set - hss tinite 1 - 10mm x 0.5mm 2293 RFQ
A0132440 machining p&n 267041325 workshop 1"" die holder 2741 RFQ
A0132146 tools p&n 166044635 13pc imperial jobber drill set hss 1/16"" - 1/4"" x 1/64" 2684 RFQ
A0001831 tools p&n 107cd0510 workshop 10mm 90í deburring countersink bit cross hole - hss 1229 RFQ
A0001767 tools p&n 105csr063 quickbit 6.35mm (1/4"") rose countersink bit - chrome vanadium crv 1369 RFQ
A0002010 tools p&n 150b0fhex quickbit set - 19 piece drill and screwdriver bit set - hss 1217 RFQ
A0002143 tools p&n 267qm0550 workshop quick changeable magnetic pick-up and hooks scriber kit 1410 RFQ
A0001382 tools p&n 1710937 quickbit 3/32"" self centering drill bit - 1/4"" shank - hss 2885 RFQ
A0001797 tools p&n 107b3set3 quickbit pilot drill bit & countersink set 3 piece + adaptor - hss 2798 RFQ
A0002194 tools p&n 300ae1083 file half round smooth 200mm (8"") handled s/p 2070 RFQ
A0002273 tools p&n 300da1580 file chainsaw 5/32 x 8"" (200mm) handled s/p 1470 RFQ
A0132147 tools p&n 166044637 21pc imperial jobber drill set hss 1/16"" - 3/8"" x 1/64" 1285 RFQ
A0002137 tools p&n 267mtq106 workshop spring divider quick adjust 150 mm high carbon steel 1592 RFQ
A0132426 tools p&n 107nib001 quickbit nibbler attachment 1/4"" shank 1045 RFQ
A0132427 tools p&n 107nib002 quickbit replacement punch 2651 RFQ
A0001400 machining p&n 2672104 bspt 1/8"" warragul die guide #1 - carbon steel 2003 RFQ
A0002162 tools p&n 300ac0102 file flat second cut 250mm (10"") bulk unhandled 12 pack 1484 RFQ
A0132153 tools p&n 166044644 set 7 piece masonry 4.0mm - 12.0mm tungsten carbide 2659 RFQ
A0002192 tools p&n 300ae1081 file half round bastard 200mm (8"") handled s/p 2888 RFQ
A0002279 tools p&n 300ea0121 rasp wood half round 300mm (12"") bastard bulk 6 pack 1241 RFQ

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