How Do Transformers Work in HVAC Units?

HVAC systems, otherwise known as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, are common in countless homes and businesses alike, allowing for indoor spaces to be climate controlled for comfort. HVAC systems can often be complex assemblies that contain a wide variety of electrical and mechanical parts that work together to execute standard operations. HVAC units rely on the use of electrical current to power all components, and it is crucial that they are able to maintain specific voltage levels as required. In order to properly manage and manipulate current, HVAC units will feature what is known as a transformer.

In general, a transformer is a type of device that is capable of increasing or decreasing the voltage of alternating current. As a form of passive device, transformers transfer energy between circuits through electromagnetic induction. As energy is moving from a circuit board towards the HVAC unit, the transformer will serve to manipulate the energy, ensuring that all functionality remains optimal from the cycling of fans and air conditioner to the operation of the thermostat.

A stark majority of HVAC units will feature their transformer within the furnace, though a small number of designs may place the transformer outside of the AC unit. It is important to know where your HVAC transformer is located and how you can access it, ensuring that you can carry out troubleshooting in the instance that there are issues with the unit as a whole. While there are signs of malfunction that may occur in various areas of the assembly, there are specific things that you should look out for with the transformer in particular.

Typically, the most common signs of a faulty or failing transformer are vibration and humming during operations, a tripped circuit breaker, or a non-functional HVAC unit. While a humming HVAC unit is not inherently a cause for concern, extreme humming accompanied by intensive vibrations should be an immediate call for concern and a sign of a bad transformer. As humming can also be sourced from a capacitor issue or poor installation methods, it is always beneficial to have a trained technician conduct an inspection when such issues are present.

A tripped circuit breaker can mean many things, and it will commonly convey that there is an issue with the transformer as it serves to prevent any surge of voltage. As voltage surges have the potential of destroying many AC and furnace elements if left unchecked, remedying such issues is of the utmost importance. If the HVAC unit is outright non-functional, then there may be a major issue with the transformer that is preventing it from supplying an optimal amount of power. When such problems occur, one may need to replace the entire transformer.

When you operate an HVAC unit for a building or indoor space, it is very important that you conduct regular inspections and maintenance to prevent the early breakdown of parts or other undesirable issues. If you find pumps, controller components, and other HVAC parts that are beyond their service life or have begun to face issues, they should be replaced as soon as possible with the help of a reputable distributor. Luckily for you, Industrial Part Sphere has all the high-quality items you require with competitive pricing and rapid lead-times.

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December 15, 2022

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