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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Ac Drives. Within this category are industrial parts such as ODV-3-641100-3F1N-TN, FRN0006E2S-2GB, VFD45AMS43AFSAA, A510-6025-C3-UE, LSLV0075H100-4COFN and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly for Ac Drives, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for AC Drives

Invertek Fuji Electric Delta Industrial Automation
Teco Westinghouse Lsis Hitachi Drives
Weg Ac Tech Lenze
Mwa Panel Shop

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
ODV-3-641100-3F1N-TN invertek invertek odv-3-641100-3f1n-tn vfd, 75hp, 110a, 380-480v, 3 phase, nema 12, 1692 RFQ
FRN0006E2S-2GB fuji electric fuji electric frn0006e2s-2gb ac drive, 1hp (ct), dual rated, 5a, 3 phase 2560 RFQ
VFD45AMS43AFSAA delta industrial automation delta industrial automation vfd45ams43afsaa ac drive, 30hp, 480v, 3-phase, 2625 RFQ
A510-6025-C3-UE teco westinghouse teco westinghouse a510-6025-c3-ue vfd, 25hp, 690v, 3 phase, nema 1, 2511 RFQ
LSLV0075H100-4COFN lsis lsis lslv0075h100-4cofn ac drive, 10hp, 380-480vac, 3 phase, 16a, 2495 RFQ
LSLV0004G100-2EONN lsis lsis lslv0004g100-2eonn vfd, hd .5hp, 2.5a, 200-240 vac, 3 ph., ip20 2827 RFQ
FRN040AR1M-2U fuji electric fuji electric frn040ar1m-2u hvac vfd, 208-230v, 3 phase: 40hp, 115a or 1439 RFQ
LSLV0075SP100-4CEFD3 lsis lsis lslv0075sp100-4cefd3 ac drive, 10hp, 380-480 vac, 3 phase, bypass, 2861 RFQ
WJ200-150HF hitachi drives hitachi drives wj200-150hf vfd, 20 ct|25 vt hp, 400v, 3 phase 1038 RFQ
LSLV0055C100-4N lsis lsis lslv0055c100-4n ac drive, 7.5hp, 380-480vac, 3 phase, 12a, 2325 RFQ
ODP-2-42100-3HF42-TN invertek invertek odp-2-42100-3hf42-tn vfd, 10hp, 30a, 200-240v, 3 phase 1474 RFQ
VFD150C43A delta industrial automation vfd, 20hp, 460v, 3 phase, high efficiency and performance, built-in plc 2448 RFQ
ODP-2-22030-3HF4Y-TN invertek invertek odp-2-22030-3hf4y-tn vfd, 3hp, 10.5a, 200-240v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 1911 RFQ
ODE-3-520720-3F42 invertek invertek ode-3-520720-3f42 vfd, 25hp, 72a, 200-240v, 3 phase 2126 RFQ
CFW700E142T4DB20C3 weg weg cfw700e142t4db20c3 vfd, hd/ct 75hp, 115a, 460vac, ip20 2385 RFQ
CFW700A13P0T2DB20 weg weg cfw700a13p0t2db20 vfd, hd/ct 3hp, 11a, 230vac, ip20 2101 RFQ
CFW110070T4ON1Z weg vfd, 50hp, 460v, 3 phase, nema 1, 10x28x13"", no pump genius software 2849 RFQ
LSLV0004S100-1EOFNS lsis lsis lslv0004s100-1eofns ac drive, .5hp, 200-240vac, single ph., 2.5a, ip20 1251 RFQ
CFW300A06P0S1NB20 weg weg cfw300a06p0s1nb20 vfd, 1.5hp, single phase 110-127vac, 4.2a, 2679 RFQ
LSLV0015S100-4EXFNS lsis lsis lslv0015s100-4exfns ac drive, 2hp, 380-480vac, 3 phase, 4a, nema 4x, 1372 RFQ
ESV552N04TMC ac tech ac tech esv552n04tmc vfd, 7.5hp, 400-480v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 1388 RFQ
ODV-3-220070-1F12-SN invertek invertek odv-3-220070-1f12-sn vfd, 2hp, 7a, 200-240v, 1 phase, 2107 RFQ
I55AE315F1AV11000S lenze lenze i55ae315f1av11000s vfd, 20hp, 480vac, 3-phase, std i/o, sto, ip20 1625 RFQ
ESV371N01SMC ac tech ac tech esv371n01smc vfd, 0.5hp, 120-240v, single phase nema 4x, 2719 RFQ
CFW100A01P6S120G2 weg weg cfw100a01p6s120g2 vfd, 1/4hp, 100-127v, 1 phase input, 1.6a, 1000 RFQ
CFW300A04P2S1NB20 weg weg cfw300a04p2s1nb20 vfd, 1hp, single phase 110-127vac, 4.2a, 1213 RFQ
ESV183N06TMD ac tech ac tech esv183n06tmd vfd, 25hp, 480-600v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 2736 RFQ
ESV752N04TXB ac tech ac tech esv752n04txb vfd, 10hp, 400-480v, 3 phase, nema 1, 2316 RFQ
LSLV0015S100-4EXNNS lsis lsis lslv0015s100-4exnns ac drive, 2hp, 380-480vac, 3 phase, 4a, nema 4x, 1502 RFQ
LSLV0110S100-4EOFNS lsis lsis lslv0110s100-4eofns ac drive, 15hp, 380-480vac, 3 phase, 24a, ip20, 1855 RFQ
FRN075AR1M-4U fuji electric fuji electric frn075ar1m-4u hvac vfd, 460v, 3 phase: 75hp, 112a or 2451 RFQ
E510-425-H3-U teco westinghouse vfd, 25hp, 40a, ct/vt, 460vac, 3 phase, f4, 12.66x8.84x8.11"", med. duty compact, nema1/ip20 1817 RFQ
LSLV0220SP100-4CEFD3 lsis lsis lslv0220sp100-4cefd3 ac drive, 30hp, 380-480 vac, 3 phase, bypass, 1753 RFQ
A510-4015-C3-UE teco westinghouse teco westinghouse a510-4015-c3-ue vfd, 15hp, 460v, 3 phase, ip20/nema 1, 2351 RFQ
ODP-2-24030-3HF42-SN invertek invertek odp-2-24030-3hf42-sn vfd, 3hp, 5.8a, 380-480v, 3 phase 1882 RFQ
SV0022IS7-4NOFD lsis lsis sv0022is7-4nofd ac drive, 3hp, 380-480vac, 3 phase, 6a, 2132 RFQ
PNL007AR1 1-57U-P2CX fuji electric fuji electric pnl007ar1/1-57u-p2cx hvac vfd bypass for pumps 7.5hp, 9a, 575vac, 1313 RFQ
ODV-3-560650-301N-TN invertek invertek odv-3-560650-301n-tn vfd, 60hp, 65a, 500-600v, 3 phase, nema 12, 1016 RFQ
LSLV0150S100-4EOFNS lsis lsis lslv0150s100-4eofns ac drive, 20hp, 380-480vac, 3 phase, 30a, ip20 2230 RFQ
ESV152N02SFC ac tech ac tech esv152n02sfc vfd, 2hp, 208-240v, single phase nema 4x, 1875 RFQ
ODV-3-240022-3F1X-TN invertek invertek odv-3-240022-3f1x-tn vfd, 1hp, 2.2a, 380-480v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 1407 RFQ
ESV152N02YMC ac tech ac tech esv152n02ymc vfd, 2hp, 208-240v, 1/3 phase, nema 4x, 1587 RFQ
NES1-015SB hitachi drives hitachi drives nes1-015sb vfd, 2hp, 7.1a, 230v, single phase 2280 RFQ
ODP-2-22020-3HF4Y-TN invertek invertek odp-2-22020-3hf4y-tn vfd, 2hp, 7a, 200-240v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 2158 RFQ
LSLV0015S100-1EOFNS lsis lsis lslv0015s100-1eofns ac drive, 2hp, 200-240vac, single phase 8a, ip20 1862 RFQ
FRN030F1S-4U fuji electric fuji electric frn030f1s-4u vfd, 30hp, 460v, 3 phase 1851 RFQ
L510-201-H3-U teco westinghouse vfd, 1hp, 230v, 3 phase, ip20, medium duty 2188 RFQ
WJ200-055LF hitachi drives hitachi drives wj200-055lf vfd, 7.5 ct|10 v thp, 200v, 3 phase 1811 RFQ
PNL020AR1 1-46U-F1CX fuji electric fuji electric pnl020ar1/1-46u-f1cx hvac vfd bypass for fans 20hp, 27a, 460vac, 1099 RFQ
LSLV0900H100-4COND lsis lsis lslv0900h100-4cond ac drive, 125hp, 380-480vac, 3 phase, 169a, 1276 RFQ
FRN010AR1L-5U fuji electric fuji electric frn010ar1l-5u hvac vfd, 575v, 3 phase: 10hp, 12a or 2912 RFQ
ODV-3-460220-3012-TN invertek invertek odv-3-460220-3012-tn vfd, 20hp, 22a, 500-600v, 3 phase, 2205 RFQ
VFD2A7MS43ANSAA delta industrial automation delta industrial automation vfd2a7ms43ansaa ac drive, 1hp, 480v, 3-phase 2542 RFQ
A510-4375-C3-UE teco westinghouse teco westinghouse a510-4375-c3-ue vfd, 375hp, 460vac, 60hz, 3 phase 2591 RFQ
ESV303N06TXB ac tech ac tech esv303n06txb vfd, 40hp, 480-600v, 3 phase, nema 1, 2649 RFQ
A510-4020-C3-UE teco westinghouse teco westinghouse a510-4020-c3-ue vfd, 20hp, 460v, 3 phase, ip20/nema 1, 2739 RFQ
PNL015AR1 1-57U-P1CX fuji electric fuji electric pnl015ar1/1-57u-p1cx hvac vfd bypass for pumps 15hp, 17a, 575vac, 1668 RFQ
PNL030AR1 1-20U-P2CX fuji electric fuji electric pnl030ar1/1-20u-p2cx hvac vfd bypass for pumps 30hp, 88a, 208-230vac, 1299 RFQ
PNL007AR1 1-20U-C2CX fuji electric fuji electric pnl007ar1/1-20u-c2cx hvac vfd combination, 7.5hp, 24.2a, 208/230vac, 1900 RFQ
WJ200-004HF hitachi drives hitachi drives wj200-004hf vfd, 1/2hp, 400v, 3 phase 1476 RFQ
M15500D ac tech ac tech m15500d vfd, 50hp, 600vac, 3 phase 1446 RFQ
CFW110088T4ON1Z-PGS weg vfd, 60hp, 460v, 3 phase, simplex software, nema 1, 19.9x11.9x12.0"", single pump control 1254 RFQ
PNL015AR1 1-46U-F2CX fuji electric fuji electric pnl015ar1/1-46u-f2cx hvac vfd bypass for fans 15hp, 21a, 460vac, 1255 RFQ
PNL060AR1 1-20U-C1CX fuji electric fuji electric pnl060ar1/1-20u-c1cx hvac vfd combination, 60hp, 169a, 208/230vac, 2776 RFQ
EQ7-4350-C teco westinghouse teco westinghouse eq7-4350-c vfd, 350hp, 460v, 3 phase 2004 RFQ
FRN015G1S-2U fuji electric fuji electric frn015g1s-2u vfd, 15hp, 230v, 3 phase 1078 RFQ
FRN0010C2S-2U fuji electric fuji electric frn0010c2s-2u vfd, 2hp, 230v, 3 phase, 9.2a, 2655 RFQ
ODP-2-44150-3HF42-TN invertek invertek odp-2-44150-3hf42-tn vfd, 15hp, 24a, 380-480v, 3 phase 1069 RFQ
ODP-2-24030-3HF4Y-TN invertek invertek odp-2-24030-3hf4y-tn vfd, 3hp, 5.8a, 380-480v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 1582 RFQ
ODE-3-110070-1F1Y-01 invertek invertek ode-3-110070-1f1y-01 vfd, 0.5hp, 7a, 110-115v, 1 phase, nema 4x, 1452 RFQ
SM4150 ac tech ac tech sm4150 vfd, 15hp, 400-480v, 3 phase 2645 RFQ
ESV153N04TFF ac tech ac tech esv153n04tff vfd, 20hp, 400-480v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 1489 RFQ
ESV152N02YXC ac tech ac tech esv152n02yxc vfd, 2hp, 208-240v, 1/3 phase, nema 4x, 1139 RFQ
ODP-2-26075-3H042-SN invertek invertek odp-2-26075-3h042-sn vfd, 7.5hp, 9a, 500-600v, 3 phase, 2751 RFQ
ODE-3-320153-104A invertek vfd, 5hp, 15.3a, 200-240v, 1 phase, nema 4x, 3 ph output, keypad, outdoor ip66 1398 RFQ
ODE-3-110023-101B invertek invertek ode-3-110023-101b vfd, 0.5hp, 2.3a, 110-115v, 1 phase, nema 4x, 2833 RFQ
PNL005AR1 1-46U-C1NX fuji electric fuji electric pnl005ar1/1-46u-c1nx hvac vfd combination, 5hp, 7.6a, 460vac, 2424 RFQ
PNL060AR1 1-46U-F2CX fuji electric fuji electric pnl060ar1/1-46u-f2cx hvac vfd bypass for fans 60hp, 77a, 460vac, 1507 RFQ
CFW080160TDN4A1Z weg weg cfw080160tdn4a1z vfd, 5hp, 230v, 16a, 3 phase, nema 4x, 2526 RFQ
FRN200G1S-4U fuji electric fuji electric frn200g1s-4u vfd, 200hp, 460v, 3 phase 2828 RFQ
MWA-CDCN12-1-2-2 mwa panel shop mwa panel shop mwa-cdcn12-1-2-2 1hp, 230v, 1/3 phase enclosed control drive center 2981 RFQ
PNL050AR1 1-46U-C1CX fuji electric fuji electric pnl050ar1/1-46u-c1cx hvac vfd combination, 50hp, 65a, 460vac, 2885 RFQ
LSLV0004S100-2EONNS lsis lsis lslv0004s100-2eonns ac drive, .5hp, 200-240vac, 3 phase, 2.5a, ip20 1232 RFQ
ODV-3-260021-301D-TN invertek invertek odv-3-260021-301d-tn vfd, 1hp, 2.1a, 500-600v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 2115 RFQ
M15150C ac tech ac tech m15150c vfd, 15hp, 600vac, 3 phase 1474 RFQ
I55AE222B1AV11000S lenze vfd, 3hp, 230/240vac, 1-phase, std i/o, sto, ip20 i550 inverter 1481 RFQ
CFW501D24P0T4DB20C3 weg weg cfw501d24p0t4db20c3 hvac drive, 15hp, 460vac, 24a, 3 phase, 2949 RFQ
E510-215-H3-U teco westinghouse teco westinghouse e510-215-h3-u ac drive, 15hp, 48a, ct/vt, 230vac, 3 phase, f4, 2211 RFQ
CFW110070T2O55DSZ weg weg cfw110070t2o55dsz vfd, hd ct 20hp, 56a, 230vac, nema12/ip55 2199 RFQ
A510-2050-C3-U teco westinghouse teco westinghouse a510-2050-c3-u vfd, 50hp, 230v, 3 phase, ip00, 1376 RFQ
P1-00041-HFUF hitachi drives hitachi drives p1-00041-hfuf vfd, 1 hp, 3 phase, 380-480v, 2.5/3.1/4.1 a, 1792 RFQ
M15300D ac tech ac tech m15300d vfd, 30hp, 600vac, 3 phase 2776 RFQ
SV0370IS7-2SO lsis lsis sv0370is7-2so ac drive, 50hp, 200-240vac, 3 phase, 146a, 1689 RFQ
PNL007AR1 1-46U-C2NX fuji electric fuji electric pnl007ar1/1-46u-c2nx hvac vfd combination, 7.5hp, 11a, 460vac, 2630 RFQ
E510-408-H3N4-U teco westinghouse vfd, 8hp, 460v, 3 phase, nema 4/ip66. indoor/medium duty, keypad only on front cover 2714 RFQ
FRN010G1S-4U fuji electric fuji electric frn010g1s-4u vfd, 10hp, 460v, 3 phase 2390 RFQ
SF220Y ac tech ac tech sf220y vfd, 2hp, 208-240v, 1/3 phase, ip20 2012 RFQ
I51AE175B10V11001S lenze lenze i51ae175b10v11001s vfd, 1hp, 230/240vac, 1-phase, can/modbus, ip20 1640 RFQ
P1-00126-HFUF hitachi drives hitachi drives p1-00126-hfuf vfd, 5 hp, 3 phase, 380-480v, 9.0/11.1/12.6 a, 2887 RFQ
CFW500B07P3B2DB20 weg weg cfw500b07p3b2db20 ac drive, 2hp, 1/3 phase 200-240vac, 7.3a, b, 1627 RFQ

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