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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Ac Drives. Within this category are industrial parts such as A510-4030-C3-U, M15300D, I55AE311F10V11000S, FRN050F1S-4U, ODP-2-42075-3HF42-TN and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly for Ac Drives, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for AC Drives

Teco Westinghouse Ac Tech Lenze
Fuji Electric Invertek Weg
Hitachi Drives Delta Industrial Automation Lsis

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
A510-4030-C3-U teco westinghouse teco westinghouse a510-4030-c3-u vfd, 30hp, 460v, 3 phase, ip20/nema 1, 2986 RFQ
M15300D ac tech ac tech m15300d vfd, 30hp, 600vac, 3 phase 2776 RFQ
I55AE311F10V11000S lenze lenze i55ae311f10v11000s vfd, 15hp, 480vac, 3-phase, std i/o, ip20 2987 RFQ
FRN050F1S-4U fuji electric fuji electric frn050f1s-4u vfd, 50hp, 460v, 3 phase 1292 RFQ
ODP-2-42075-3HF42-TN invertek invertek odp-2-42075-3hf42-tn vfd, 7.5hp, 24a, 200-240v, 3 phase, 2493 RFQ
M1230B ac tech ac tech m1230b ac drive, 3hp, 240vac, 3 phase 2225 RFQ
CFW701E0105T4NBN1C3 weg weg cfw701e0105t4nbn1c3 hvac vfd, 460vac, 3 phase: 75hp, 105a, 1878 RFQ
NES1-015HB hitachi drives hitachi drives nes1-015hb vfd, 2hp, 4.1a, 460v, 3 phase 2478 RFQ
I51AE175D10V01000S lenze lenze i51ae175d10v01000s vfd, 1hp, 230/240vac, 1/3-phase, ip20 2203 RFQ
M1210B ac tech ac tech m1210b ac drive, 1hp, 240vac, 3 phase 1116 RFQ
M1575C ac tech ac tech m1575c vfd, 7.5hp, 600vac, 3 phase 2699 RFQ
FRN900AR1S-4U fuji electric fuji electric frn900ar1s-4u hvac vfd, 460v, 3 phase: 900hp, 1170a or 2871 RFQ
WJ200-015HF hitachi drives vfd, 2hp, 400v, 3 phase, sensorless vector, ip20, high starting torque 2408 RFQ
M1520E ac tech ac tech m1520e vfd, 2hp, 600vac, 3 phase 1467 RFQ
VFD002EL11A delta industrial automation delta industrial automation vfd002el11a vfd, 1/4hp, 115v, single phase 1240 RFQ
I55AE125D1AV01001S lenze lenze i55ae125d1av01001s vfd, .33hp, 230/240vac, 1/3-ph., app i/o sto, ip20 2815 RFQ
CFW501A04P3T4NB20C3 weg hvac vfd, 460vac, 3 phase: 3hp, 4.3a, ip20, without braking transistor, 7.5x3x5.9" 1196 RFQ
VFD022E23A delta industrial automation delta industrial automation vfd022e23a vfd, 3hp, 230v, 3 phase 2575 RFQ
CFW110312T4SZ-PGS weg weg cfw110312t4sz-pgs ac drive, 250hp, 460v, 3 phase, simplex software, 1544 RFQ
ODP-2-22020-3HF4X-TN invertek invertek odp-2-22020-3hf4x-tn vfd, 2hp, 7a, 200-240v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 2954 RFQ
LSLV0004G100-2EONN lsis lsis lslv0004g100-2eonn vfd, hd .5hp, 2.5a, 200-240 vac, 3 ph., ip20 2827 RFQ
CFW110170T6OYZ weg vfd, 150hp nd/vt, 3 phase 500-600vac w/o db, nema 1, ip20, 48.6 x 16.9 x 14.2 1756 RFQ
VFD150E23A delta industrial automation vfd, 20hp, 230v, 3 phase, high performance, keypad not included 1320 RFQ
ESV222N04TXC ac tech ac tech esv222n04txc vfd, 3hp, 400-480v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 2517 RFQ
F510-2040-C3-UE teco westinghouse teco westinghouse f510-2040-c3-ue vfd, 230v, 3 phase, 40hp, 110a, vt, nema 1, 2150 RFQ
EQ7-4025-C teco westinghouse teco westinghouse eq7-4025-c vfd, 25hp, 460v, 3 phase 1372 RFQ
ESV112N04TFE ac tech ac tech esv112n04tfe vfd, 1.5hp, 400-480v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 2724 RFQ
ESV112N02YXC ac tech ac tech esv112n02yxc vfd, 1.5hp, 208-240v, 1/3 phase, nema 4x, 2354 RFQ
CFW501A07P0T2NB20C3 weg weg cfw501a07p0t2nb20c3 hvac drive, 2hp, 230vac, 7a, 3 phase 2499 RFQ
VFD17AMS43AFSAA delta industrial automation vfd, 10hp, 480v, 3-phase, emc filter 1489 RFQ
FRN0018C2S-4U fuji electric fuji electric frn0018c2s-4u ac drive, 10hp, 460v, 3 phase, 18a, 2539 RFQ
SV0110IS7-2NOFD lsis lsis sv0110is7-2nofd ac drive, 15hp, 200-240vac, 3 phase, 46a, 1266 RFQ
CFW110013T4ON1Z-PGM weg weg cfw110013t4on1z-pgm ac drive, 10hp, 460v, 3 phase, multiplex software, 2339 RFQ
ODP-2-36150-3H04Y-TN invertek invertek odp-2-36150-3h04y-tn vfd, 15hp, 17a, 500-600v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 1605 RFQ
LSLV0075S100-2EXNNS lsis lsis lslv0075s100-2exnns ac drive, 10hp, 200-240vac, 3 phase, 32a, nema 4x, 2235 RFQ
FRN125AR1M-4U fuji electric fuji electric frn125ar1m-4u hvac vfd, 460v, 3 phase: 125hp, 176a or 1617 RFQ
ESV113N04TXF ac tech ac tech esv113n04txf vfd, 15hp, 400-480v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 2392 RFQ
M141250D ac tech ac tech m141250d vfd, 125hp, 400-480vac, 3 phase 2913 RFQ
FRN0004E2S-2GB fuji electric fuji electric frn0004e2s-2gb ac drive, 0.5hp (ct), dual rated, 3a, 3 phase 2517 RFQ
PNL030AR1 1-20U-C1CX fuji electric fuji electric pnl030ar1/1-20u-c1cx hvac vfd combination, 30hp, 88a, 208/230vac, 1054 RFQ
I51AE137B10V11000S lenze lenze i51ae137b10v11000s vfd, 0.5hp, 230/240vac, 1-phase, ip20 2305 RFQ
ODV-3-240041-3F1X-TN invertek invertek odv-3-240041-3f1x-tn vfd, 2hp, 4.1a, 380-480v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 2443 RFQ
LSLV0220S100-4EXNNS lsis lsis lslv0220s100-4exnns ac drive, 30hp, 380-480vac, 3 phase, 45a, nema 4x, 2978 RFQ
PNL075AR1 1-46U-P2CX fuji electric fuji electric pnl075ar1/1-46u-p2cx hvac vfd bypass for pumps 75hp, 96a, 460vac, 2840 RFQ
LSLV0055S100-2EXNNS lsis lsis lslv0055s100-2exnns ac drive, 7.5hp, 200-240vac, 3 phase, 24a, nema 4x 1298 RFQ
CFW110007T4ON1Z-PGM weg weg cfw110007t4on1z-pgm ac drive, 5hp, 460v, 3 phase, multiplex software, 1419 RFQ
CFW110031T4ON1Z weg weg cfw110031t4on1z vfd, 20hp nd/vt, 3 phase 380-480vac w/db, 2724 RFQ
VFD007C23A delta industrial automation delta industrial automation vfd007c23a vfd, 1hp, 230v, 3 phase 2060 RFQ
ODP-2-22030-1HF4Y-TN invertek invertek odp-2-22030-1hf4y-tn vfd, 3hp, 10.5a, 200-240v, 1 phase, nema 4x, 1112 RFQ
I55AE175F10V11001S lenze lenze i55ae175f10v11001s vfd, 1hp, 480vac, 3-phase, app i/o, ip20 1977 RFQ
I51AE222D10V01000S lenze vfd, 3hp, 230/240vac, 1/3-phase, ip20 i510 inverter 1179 RFQ
FRN250AR1S-5U fuji electric fuji electric frn250ar1s-5u hvac vfd, 575v, 3 phase: 250hp, 262a or 2154 RFQ
FRNF25E1S-2U fuji electric fuji electric frnf25e1s-2u vfd, 1/4hp, 230v, 3 phase, ip20 2349 RFQ
CFW701E0142T4NBN1C3 weg weg cfw701e0142t4nbn1c3 hvac vfd, 460vac, 3 phase: 100/125hp, 142a, 2081 RFQ
ODV-3-220043-3F12-SN invertek invertek odv-3-220043-3f12-sn vfd, 1hp, 4.3a, 200-240v, 3 phase 2245 RFQ
PNL010AR1 1-46U-F1CX fuji electric fuji electric pnl010ar1/1-46u-f1cx hvac vfd bypass for fans 10hp, 14a, 460vac, 2864 RFQ
CFW110045T4O55DSZ weg vfd, hd ct 25hp, 38a, 460vac, nema12/ip55 encl., 3ph. w/disc. switch, 26.4x12.1x13.7"" w/db 2313 RFQ
A510-6030-C3-U teco westinghouse teco westinghouse a510-6030-c3-u vfd, 30hp, 690v, 3 phase, nema 1, 1153 RFQ
ODV-3-240022-3F1D-TN invertek invertek odv-3-240022-3f1d-tn vfd, 1hp, 2.2a, 380-480v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 2383 RFQ
CFW701A13P0T2DBN1C3 weg weg cfw701a13p0t2dbn1c3 hvac vfd, 230vac, 3 phase: 5hp, 13a, 2135 RFQ
LSLV0015G100-4EOFN lsis lsis lslv0015g100-4eofn vfd, hd 2hp, 4a, 380-480 vac, 3 ph., ip20 1325 RFQ
SV0370IS7-4NOD lsis lsis sv0370is7-4nod ac drive, 50hp, 380-480vac, 3 phase, 75a, 2719 RFQ
E510-203-HN4R-U teco westinghouse vfd, 3hp, 230v, 3 phase, nema 4/ip66. indoor/medium duty, keypad only on front cover 2189 RFQ
FRN0004C2S-4U fuji electric fuji electric frn0004c2s-4u vfd, 1hp, 460v, 3 phase, 3.1a, 1125 RFQ
LSLV0075S100-2EONNS lsis lsis lslv0075s100-2eonns ac drive, 10hp, 200-240vac, 3 phase, 32a, ip20 1407 RFQ
FRN040AR1M-5U fuji electric fuji electric frn040ar1m-5u hvac vfd, 575v, 3 phase: 40hp, 41a or 1556 RFQ
ESV751N06TXC ac tech ac tech esv751n06txc vfd, 1hp, 480-600v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 1130 RFQ
EQ7-4100-C teco westinghouse teco westinghouse eq7-4100-c vfd, 100hp, 460v, 3 phase 1396 RFQ
ESV402N04TXE ac tech ac tech esv402n04txe vfd, 5hp, 400-480v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 1536 RFQ
FRN001E1S-7U fuji electric fuji electric frn001e1s-7u vfd, 1hp, 230v, single phase 1360 RFQ
I55AE215D1AV01000S lenze lenze i55ae215d1av01000s vfd, 2.0hp, 230/240vac, 1/3-ph, std i/o, sto, ip20 1762 RFQ
ESV153N02TXB ac tech ac tech esv153n02txb vfd, 20hp, 208-240v, 3 phase, nema 1, 2359 RFQ
PNL125AR1 1-46U-P1CX fuji electric fuji electric pnl125ar1/1-46u-p1cx hvac vfd bypass for pumps 125hp, 156a, 460vac, 1112 RFQ
ODP-2-24050-3HF42-SN invertek invertek odp-2-24050-3hf42-sn vfd, 5hp, 9.5a, 380-480v, 3 phase, 1226 RFQ
ODE-3-120070-1F1A-01 invertek invertek ode-3-120070-1f1a-01 vfd, 1hp, 7a, 200-240v, 1 phase, nema 4x, 1956 RFQ
LSLV0008S100-2EXNNS lsis lsis lslv0008s100-2exnns ac drive, 1hp, 200-240vac, 3 phase, 5a, nema 4x, 2390 RFQ
I55AE222D10V01000S lenze lenze i55ae222d10v01000s vfd, 3hp, 230/240vac, 1/3-phase, std i/o, ip20 1505 RFQ
CFW500B10P0B2DB20Y2 weg weg cfw500b10p0b2db20y2 vfd, 3hp, 1/3 phase, 200-240vac, 10a, b frame, 2302 RFQ
ODE-3-120043-1F1B-01 invertek invertek ode-3-120043-1f1b-01 vfd, 0.5hp, 4.3a, 200-240v, 1 phase, nema 4x, 1406 RFQ
M1103SC ac tech ac tech m1103sc ac drive, 0.25hp, 120vac, single phase 2681 RFQ
ESV752N06TXB ac tech ac tech esv752n06txb vfd, 10hp, 480-600v, 3 phase, nema 1, 1745 RFQ
ODE-3-240095-3F4B invertek invertek ode-3-240095-3f4b vfd, 5hp, 9.5a, 380-480v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 2368 RFQ
FRN800G1S-4U fuji electric fuji electric frn800g1s-4u vfd, 800hp, 460v, 3 phase 2973 RFQ
ODP-2-66100-3H04N-TN invertek invertek odp-2-66100-3h04n-tn vfd, 100hp, 105a, 500-600v, 3 phase, nema 12, 1673 RFQ
VFD5A5MS43AFSHA delta industrial automation delta industrial automation vfd5a5ms43afsha ac drive, 3hp, 480v, 3-phase, 1111 RFQ
ODP-2-26050-3H04X-TN invertek invertek odp-2-26050-3h04x-tn vfd, 5hp, 6.5a, 500-600v, 3 phase, nema 4x, 1913 RFQ
ODP-2-62040-3HF4N-TN invertek invertek odp-2-62040-3hf4n-tn vfd, 40hp, 110a, 200-240v, 3 phase, nema 12, 2432 RFQ
ESV222N06TXB ac tech ac tech esv222n06txb vfd, 3hp, 480-600v, 3 phase, nema 1, 2285 RFQ
FRN0085E2S-4GB fuji electric fuji electric frn0085e2s-4gb ac drive, 40hp (ct), dual rated, 60a, 3 phase 1492 RFQ
LSLV0040G100-2EONN lsis lsis lslv0040g100-2eonn vfd, hd 5hp, 17a, 200-240 vac, 3 ph., ip20 1588 RFQ
VFD075E43A delta industrial automation delta industrial automation vfd075e43a vfd, 10hp, 460v, 3 phase 1210 RFQ
A510-6050-C3-UE teco westinghouse teco westinghouse a510-6050-c3-ue vfd, 50hp, 690v, 3 phase, nema 1, 2847 RFQ
SM220S ac tech ac tech sm220s vfd, 2hp, 208-240v, single phase 1948 RFQ
PNL025AR1 1-57U-C1NX fuji electric fuji electric pnl025ar1/1-57u-c1nx hvac vfd combination, 25hp, 27a, 575vac, 2642 RFQ
CFW080100BDN4A1Z weg vfd, 3hp, 230v, 10a, 1/3 phase, nema 4x, cfw08 washdown 1639 RFQ
CFW701A06P0S2DBN1C3 weg hvac vfd, 230vac, 3 phase: 1.5hp, 6a, nema1, w/ braking transistor, 12.1x5.8x9" 2245 RFQ
I55AE222B10V11000S lenze vfd, 3hp, 230/240vac, 1-phase, std i/o, ip20 i550 inverter 2504 RFQ
CFW110180T2ON1Z-PGM weg weg cfw110180t2on1z-pgm ac drive, 60hp, 230v, 3 phase, multiplex software, 2611 RFQ
SF215 ac tech ac tech sf215 vfd, 1.5hp, 208-240v, 3 phase, ip20 1044 RFQ
PNL040AR1 1-57U-C2NX fuji electric fuji electric pnl040ar1/1-57u-c2nx hvac vfd combination, 40hp, 41a, 575vac, 2154 RFQ

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