What Are Fuse Holders?

When designing electronic devices, built-in circuit protection is often used to protect the equipment and its operator, and this circuit protection often comes in the form of a circuit breaker or a fuse. Fuses in particular are safety mechanisms which protect an electric circuit from excessive electricity flowing throughout it, and they require a holder to be installed in an assembly. In this blog post, we will explore the functions and types of fuse holders, along with their troubleshooting.

Like their name suggests, fuse holders carry an electrical fuse, and they are available in a variety of designs made for their respective fuse. Their size and design depend on the type and current rating of the fuses they are meant to hold; for example, a blade fuse cannot fit inside a fuse holder that uses a cartridge because of its design. For protection from electrical harm, a large number of fuses and fuse holders feature unique characteristics which help to ensure that the right pairing is chosen and installed. Also, some fuse holder models allow for manual fuse removal, while others require the use of a specialized tool.

There are four different types of fuse holders, those including printed circuit board (PCB) fuse clips, printed circuit board fuse holders, panel mount fuse holders, and in-line fuse holders, all of which will be discussed below. To start, PCB fuse clips are the most economical option with a wide range of applications; they must be protected from their exterior environment by insulation and isolation. Another fuse holder type is the PCB fuse holder which also has to be protected with insulation to remain safe. Panel mount fuse holders are able to shield people from electrical dangers when they are mounted through an enclosure or on the backplane of the enclosure. The final type of fuse holder is the in-line fuse holder which has a large variety of possible applications; these self-contained wire harnesses make fuses more challenging to access or make it easier to replace fuses depending on the goal of the designer and placement.

Simply put, fuse holders are a type of accessory for fuses that absorb incoming electricity and help it flow through the fuse as efficiently as possible. Fuse accessory parts are often used when more features are required in the assembly; common fuse accessory parts include the terminals of the fuse accessory and contacts. Terminals work by receiving current from the circuit and then returning it to the circuit, while contacts work by interacting with the fuse in order to deliver current to and from the fuse.

Overall, fuse holders are important because all electrical circuits have the potential to endure harmful overcurrent events. Fuses are the most commonly used overcurrent defense available, and fuse holders are able to safely integrate fuses in electrical circuits, guarantee a powerful current channel while providing a method to replace fuses once they have been used.

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