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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Transformers. Within this category are industrial parts such as C1FC15HR, SP750MQMJ, QC10ESCB, SG3A0500KB, B250MQ15RKF and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly for Transformers, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for Transformers

Hammond Power Hammond Micron Transformers
Acme Simpson Electric

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
C1FC15HR hammond power hammond power c1fc15hr transformer 1ph .15kva, pri:277/480v;sec:208/277v 2272 RFQ
SP750MQMJ hammond hammond control transformer, open core, 750 va, 1-phase, 240/480 vac primary, 120/240 vac secondary, 50/60 hz, panel mount. 2564 RFQ
QC10ESCB hammond power hammond power qc10escb transformer, 100va, 1/3 phase 2278 RFQ
SG3A0500KB hammond power hammond power sg3a0500kb transformer, 3ph, 500kva, pri:480d|sec:208y/120v, 1078 RFQ
B250MQ15RKF micron transformers micron transformers b250mq15rkf transformer, 250va, 2.08 amps, 1854 RFQ
C1F015LES hammond power hammond power c1f015les transformer 1ph 15kva, pri:240x480v;sec:120/240v 2593 RFQ
SP500SR hammond power control transformer, 500va, 41.7/20.8a, pri: 208x416, sec: 12x24, specs have more info 1530 RFQ
P075PBKF hammond power hammond power p075pbkf transformer 1ph 75kva, pri: 600d, sec: 208y/120v, 2325 RFQ
SP50KHR hammond power hammond power sp50khr control transformer, 50va, 4.17/2.08a, 2894 RFQ
B300-2244-GAF micron transformers transformer, 300va, 12.5/2.6 amps, pri: 230/400/460/575v, sec: 24/115v 1018 RFQ
B500MBT13RKF micron transformers micron transformers b500mbt13rkf transformer, 500va, 4.35 amps, 1744 RFQ
PH500AR hammond power hammond power ph500ar control transformer, 500va, 41.7/20.8a, 2827 RFQ
PFK6 hammond hammond primary side fuse kit, for use with 150 va and 250 va mgj and mli imperator series control transformers. 2146 RFQ
C1FC35JE hammond power hammond power c1fc35je transformer 1ph .35kva, pri:347/380v;sec:120/240v 1744 RFQ
B300MQ15RKF micron transformers transformer, 300va, 2.5 amps, pri: 208/277v, sec: 120v 2648 RFQ
SP350NJ hammond power hammond power sp350nj control transformer, 350va, 2.92a, 2228 RFQ
B100-2023-GA micron transformers micron transformers b100-2023-ga transformer, 100va, 4.17 amps, 1858 RFQ
QC75LEKB hammond power hammond power qc75lekb transformer 1ph 0.75kva pri:240x480v,sec:120/240v 2744 RFQ
C1FC75EES hammond power hammond power c1fc75ees transformer 1ph .75kva, pri:120x240v, sec:120/240v 2629 RFQ
C3F009DBS hammond power hammond power c3f009dbs transformer 3ph 9kva, pri:240v, sec:208y/120v, 1866 RFQ
B350RFD34RJF micron transformers micron transformers b350rfd34rjf transformer, 350va, 3.18/1.59 amps, 1925 RFQ
SG3A0300PK hammond power transformer, 3ph, 300kva, pri:600d|sec:480y/277v, 60hz, nema 3r, 150??c, aluminum wound 2340 RFQ
C1F003HRS hammond power hammond power c1f003hrs transformer 1ph 3kva, pri:277/480v;sec:208/277v 2927 RFQ
B100PU7RB micron transformers micron transformers b100pu7rb transformer, 100va, 4.17 amps 1961 RFQ
B300LP7RBF micron transformers transformer, 300va, 12.5 amps, pri: 120x240v, sec: 24v 1952 RFQ
B250MQ15XKF micron transformers transformer, 250va, 2.08 amps, pri: 208/277v, sec: 120v 1763 RFQ
T2A533081S acme acme general purpose transformer, encapsulated core, 3 kva, 3-phase, 480 vac delta primary, 208y/120 vac secondary, 60 hz, electrostatic shield, nema 3r, wall mount. 1936 RFQ
B100PU1519RR micron transformers transformer, 100va, 0.83/0.42 amps, pri: 240x480v, sec: 120x240v 2052 RFQ
C3F030KBS hammond power hammond power c3f030kbs transformer 3ph 30kva, pri: 480v, sec: 208y/120v, 1607 RFQ
Q1C0ESCB hammond power hammond power q1c0escb transformer, 1000va, 1/3 phase 2431 RFQ
SG3A0015KB hammond power hammond power sg3a0015kb transformer, 3ph, 15kva, pri:480d|sec:208y/120v, 2939 RFQ
SP1000NJ hammond power hammond power sp1000nj control transformer, 1000va, 8.33a, 1302 RFQ
SP1000SP hammond power control transformer, 1000va, 8.33/4.17a, pri: 208x416, sec: 120x240, specs have more info 1253 RFQ
B050PU7RB micron transformers transformer, 50va, 2.08 amps, pri: 240x480v, sec: 24v 1647 RFQ
C3F015DBS hammond power hammond power c3f015dbs transformer 3ph 15kva, pri:240v, sec:208y/120v, 1710 RFQ
C1F002GES hammond power hammond power c1f002ges transformer 1ph 2kva, pri:208x416v, sec:120/240v 1007 RFQ
SP50QR hammond power hammond power sp50qr control transformer, 50va, 4.17/2.08a, 2979 RFQ
C3F075BBS hammond power hammond power c3f075bbs transformer 3ph 75kva, pri:208v, sec:208y/120v, 1295 RFQ
B075PU1519JJ micron transformers micron transformers b075pu1519jj transformer, 75va, 0.63/0.31 amps, 1170 RFQ
B075MBT713RK micron transformers micron transformers b075mbt713rk transformer, 75va, 3.13/0.65 amps, 2523 RFQ
SP150ACP hammond power control transformer, 150va, 1.25/0.63a, pri: 600/480, sec: 120x240, specs have more info 2470 RFQ
QC50ESCB hammond power hammond power qc50escb transformer, 500va, 1/3 phase, 1436 RFQ
B500-2019-GAF micron transformers transformer, 500va, 20.83 amps, pri: 240x480v, sec: 24v 2591 RFQ
SP500ACP hammond power hammond power sp500acp control transformer, 500va, 4.17/2.08a, 1457 RFQ
PFK2 hammond hammond primary side fuse kit, for use with 150-250 va mqmj and pg imperator series control transformers. 1528 RFQ
SP350PR hammond power hammond power sp350pr control transformer, 350va, 29.2/14.6a, 2197 RFQ
B350-2048-GAF micron transformers transformer, 350va, 3.04 amps, pri: 550/575/600v, sec: 110/115/120v 2245 RFQ
PH150PG-FK hammond power hammond power ph150pg-fk control transformer, 150va, 12.5/6.25a, 2757 RFQ
SP250AR hammond power control transformer, 250va, 20.8/10.4a, pri: 600, sec: 12x24 , specs have more info 1225 RFQ
C1F005LES hammond power hammond power c1f005les transformer 1ph 5kva, pri:240x480v;sec:120/240v 2231 RFQ
PH350MQMJ hammond power hammond power ph350mqmj control transformer, 350va, 2.92/1.46a, 2130 RFQ
B300WZ13RKF micron transformers micron transformers b300wz13rkf transformer, 300va, 2.61 amps, 2487 RFQ
C1F1C5EES hammond power hammond power c1f1c5ees transformer 1ph 1.5kva, pri:120x240v, sec:120/240v 2771 RFQ
C3F009DKS hammond power hammond power c3f009dks transformer 3ph 9kva, pri:240v, sec:480y/277v, 1578 RFQ
SG3A1000KB hammond power hammond power sg3a1000kb transformer, 3ph, 1000kva, pri:480d|sec:208y/120v, 1096 RFQ
SG3A0112DB hammond power hammond power sg3a0112db transformer, 3ph, 112.5kva, pri:240d|sec:208y/120v 2980 RFQ
SP50ACP hammond power control transformer, 50va, 0.42/0.21a, pri: 600/480, sec: 120x240, specs have more info 1677 RFQ
SG3L0150PE hammond power hammond power sg3l0150pe transformer, 1ph, 150kva, pri:600v|sec:120/240v, 2372 RFQ
PH100PP hammond power hammond power ph100pp control transformer, 100va, 0.83/0.42a, 2186 RFQ
PH50MQMJ hammond hammond control transformer, encapsulated core, 50 va, 1-phase, 240/480 vac primary, 120/240 vac secondary, 50/60 hz, panel mount. 1603 RFQ
T2A793311S acme acme general purpose transformer, encapsulated core, 6 kva, 3-phase, 600 vac delta primary, 208y/120 vac secondary, 60 hz, electrostatic shield, nema 3r, wall mount. 2729 RFQ
PH50MLI hammond power hammond power ph50mli control transformer, 50va, 0.43/2.08a, 2168 RFQ
C3F015PDS hammond power hammond power c3f015pds transformer 3ph 15kva, pri: 600v, sec: 240d v, 2115 RFQ
QC05ERCB hammond power hammond power qc05ercb transformer, 50va, 1/3 phase 1528 RFQ
P009KDKF hammond power hammond power p009kdkf transformer 1ph 9kva, pri: 480d, sec: 240d, 1453 RFQ
SG3A0112PB hammond power hammond power sg3a0112pb transformer, 3ph, 112.5kva, pri:600d|sec:208y/120v 2232 RFQ
B250MBT713XKF micron transformers micron transformers b250mbt713xkf transformer, 250va, 10.42/2.17 amps, 1051 RFQ
P045PBKF hammond power hammond power p045pbkf transformer 1ph 45kva, pri: 600d, sec: 208y/120v, 1283 RFQ
C1F003WES hammond power hammond power c1f003wes transformer 1ph 3kva, pri:120/208/240/277v, 1106 RFQ
C1F1C5LES hammond hammond general purpose transformer, encapsulated core, 1.5 kva, 1-phase, 240/480 vac primary, 120/240 vac secondary, 60 hz, electrostatic shield, nema 3r, wall mount. 1792 RFQ
B1K5BTWZ37RKH micron transformers transformer, 1500va, 15.79/13.04 amps, pri: 230/460/575v, sec: 95/115v 2299 RFQ
SG3L0100BE hammond power hammond power sg3l0100be transformer, 1ph, 100kva, pri:208v|sec:120/240v, 1149 RFQ
B150MBT13XKF micron transformers transformer, 150va, 1.3 amps pri: 208/230/460v, sec: 115v 2970 RFQ
PH75AJ hammond power hammond power ph75aj control transformer, 75va, 0.63/0.31a, 2397 RFQ
B150MQ15RKF micron transformers micron transformers b150mq15rkf transformer, 150va, 1.25 amps, 2104 RFQ
B250LP7JKF micron transformers transformer, 250va, 10.42 amps, pri: 120x240v, sec: 24v 2524 RFQ
SG3A0112PK hammond power hammond power sg3a0112pk transformer, 3ph, 112.5kva, pri:600d|sec:480y/277v 1537 RFQ
PH50PG-FK hammond power hammond power ph50pg-fk control transformer, 50va, 4.17/2.08a, 1988 RFQ
SP1500ACP hammond power control transformer, 1500va, 12.5/6.25a, pri: 600/480, sec: 120x240, specs have more info 2749 RFQ
B250BTZ13RBF micron transformers micron transformers b250btz13rbf transformer, 250va, 2.17 amps, 1086 RFQ
PH250MQMJ-FK hammond power hammond power ph250mqmj-fk control transformer, 250va, 2.08/1.04a, 2365 RFQ
SG3A0225DB hammond power hammond power sg3a0225db transformer, 3ph, 225kva, pri:240d|sec:208y/120v, 2201 RFQ
B250-2106-GAF micron transformers micron transformers b250-2106-gaf transformer, 250va, 10.42/2.17 amps, 1131 RFQ
B050LP7RB micron transformers micron transformers b050lp7rb transformer, 50va, 2.08 amps 1188 RFQ
SP2000ACP hammond hammond control transformer, open core, 2 kva, 1-phase, 480/600 vac primary, 120/240 vac secondary, 60 hz, panel mount. 2316 RFQ
B750RFD34XJF micron transformers transformer, 750va, 6.82/3.41 amps pri: 380/400/415v, sec: 110x220v 1190 RFQ
B250-0485-1F micron transformers transformer, 250va, 1.92 amps, pri: 208-600v, sec: 85-130v 1330 RFQ
B1K0-0321-3F micron transformers transformer, 1000va, 8.33/4.17 amps, pri: 240/347/380v, sec: 120x240v 1696 RFQ
PH1000AJ hammond power hammond power ph1000aj control transformer, 1000va, 8.33/4.17a, 1938 RFQ
B300-2107-GAF micron transformers micron transformers b300-2107-gaf transformer, 300va, 12.50/2.61 amps, 2239 RFQ
PH1500PP hammond power hammond power ph1500pp control transformer, 1500va, 12.5/6.25a, 1484 RFQ
B150RFD34XJF micron transformers micron transformers b150rfd34xjf transformer, 150va, 1.37/0.69 amps, 1777 RFQ
Q007PEKF hammond power hammond power q007pekf transformer 1ph 7.5kva, pri: 600v, sec: 120/240v 2464 RFQ
PH50MQMJ hammond power hammond power ph50mqmj control transformer, 50va, 0.42/0.21a, 1806 RFQ
B100BTZ13RB micron transformers micron transformers b100btz13rb transformer, 100va, 0.87 amps 1694 RFQ
B200-2105-GAF micron transformers transformer, 200va, 8.33/1.74 amps, pri: 208/230/460v, sec: 24/115v 1584 RFQ
SP150AR hammond power hammond power sp150ar control transformer, 150va, 12.5/6.25a, 1430 RFQ
B1K0BTWZ37XKH micron transformers micron transformers b1k0btwz37xkh transformer, 1000va, 10.53/8/70 amps, 2634 RFQ
37027 simpson electric simpson electric 37027 current transformer, 3 phase, 100/5a 2458 RFQ
B075RFD34XJ micron transformers micron transformers b075rfd34xj transformer, 75va, 0.68/0.34 amps, 1251 RFQ

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