What Are the Common Types of Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic tools, also referred to as air tools, are equipment pieces that are pneumatically powered through the use of compressed air. Many pneumatic tools rely on the use of pneumatic motors to convert compressed air into usable energy, though some may also take advantage of CO2 cartridges for their functionality. Pneumatic tools can be a highly advantageous alternative to electric tools, devoid of the risks associated with electrical current such as sparks, short-circuiting, and electrocution. Pneumatic tools are also often cheaper than their electric counterparts, adding to their benefits. 


Drills are a commonplace instrument for many operations, allowing a user to bore holes into components or quickly install fasteners. Pneumatic drills often come in the form of an air compressor hose that is fitted with an electric power drill, and the compressed air is used for the means of producing a rotational motion in lieu of electricity. Air powered drills are useful for interior and exterior operations, and it can be highly beneficial to utilize a drill with a hardened steel alloy barrel for a long and reliable service life. Drills can benefit from lubrication, and special air tool oils may be relied upon for such equipment.


While many simplistic wrenches are unpowered, pneumatic wrenches can provide increased rotary force to twist sockets with ease. If precision is an important concern for an installation, pneumatic wrenches may also be designed to provide precise torque adjustment capabilities. Pneumatic wrenches may come in a variety of forms, the most common being ratchet and impact wrenches. With either type, adjustable speeds and power levels are recommended for increased control.


Grinders are air tools that are most often relied upon for grinding, polishing, or cutting a material or surface. For their functionality, the grinder utilizes rotary force that is applied to a disc, and handles allow for the user to maintain a grip on the tool as they operate on a piece. As compared to electric variations of grinder tools, the pneumatic grinder boasts increased torque and RPM all while remaining cheaper in price.

Nail Guns

Nail guns are a common tool that may be used for numerous applications, and they allow for nails to be forcefully driven into surfaces to secure assemblies quickly and painlessly. With pneumatic force, nails can easily be driven into surfaces with such air tools for the benefit of securing shingles, assembling furniture, attaching sheathings, and much more.


Sanders are pneumatic tools that feature a flat surface of which sandpaper may be attached to. When such tools are operated, they provide a forward and backward motion that allows for sand paper to be pressed against a surface for abrasion. Pneumatic sanders often employ a counterweight within their design that oscillates during operations, and this results in smoother finishes on surfaces. If increased control is desired over the system, it can be highly beneficial to purchase a tool with speed control capabilities.


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