7 Basic Hand Tools Everyone Needs

Whether you are a professional or DIY handyman, you should always be equipped with some basic hand tools to ensure you are able to achieve a wide array of tasks. Hand tools are just as critical in sophisticated workshop applications as they are around the house. They can perform the bulk of a project or be used for simple repair and maintenance. In this blog, we will discuss the seven basic hand tools everyone should have: wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, hand saws, bars, and punch tools.


A wrench is a hand tool that allows operators to firmly grip and hold standard sized bolts and nuts as they are loosened or tightened. Wrenches can be either open-end or box-end wrenches, though most wrenches have both configurations on either end. The advantage of purchasing wrenches is that they are available both individually or in a set. Examples of wrenches include hex wrenches, Allen wrenches, and more.


Screwdrivers are devices designed to drive in or remove screws. The size and shape of a screwdriver depends on the type of screw it is intended to be used with. High compatibility between the screwdriver and screw will lessen the chances of the screw slipping. Poorly-fitting screwdrivers can strip a screw or make it virtually impossible to remove the screw from the surface. As such, it is important you carefully select the correct screwdriver for an application.


Pliers are levers that function when a force is applied to its jaws. A major advantage of pliers is that they allow the operator to manipulate an object in their grasp by using power and leverage. Pliers come in many shapes and sizes, though the two most common are flat-nose pliers and needle-nose pliers.


Hammers are hand tools used to deliver force to a small area by hitting an object. The typical hammerhead has one blunt, flat side for hitting objects that can sometimes be textured to provide better grip. The opposite side usually consists of a claw used to pry objects apart or remove nails. The primary use of a hammer is to drive nails. Types of hammers include carpenter hammers, sledgehammers, and more.

Hand Saws

The hand saw is a tool that every professional should have. There are many different types based on their specialization, such as rip saws, crosscut saws, hacksaws, compass saws, and more. A hacksaw is the most common type of hand saw, used to cut through metals. Rip saws are meant to make cuts along the grain of wood, while crosscut saws perform cuts perpendicular to the grain. Adversely, a compass saw is intended for cutting out curved and circular shapes.


Bars are another popular type of hand tool. These can be classified into many types, such as flat bars, wrecking bars, etc. Bars are tools used to gain leverage when prying apart two connected objects. They are also effective at removing nails. Wrecking bars are longer than flat bars, meaning they generally provide greater leverage.

Punch Tools

Finally, a punch tool is a hand tool used to strike a hammer to drive a nail, make a hole, or create an impression. The tip of the punch is shaped according to its intended applications. Punch tools can also be used in a broad range of art and craft purposes.

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