Essential Power Tools For Various Industries

Reducing physical labor and supplying a user with improved construction capabilities, power tools help to accomplish complicated tasks otherwise difficult to perform. Minimizing the amount of work required by an individual, essential power tools like drills, impact wrenches, electric screwdrivers, jigsaws, and compressors are important pieces of equipment that are useful in any industry requiring the construction of an assembly. When you find yourself in need of additional support, minimize your workload and look towards power tools for dynamic and speedy applications.


With various types of drills available, there will always be one that best suits your construction needs. Used across various industries, drills can be found in numerous designs and power capabilities to supply you with optimal performance outputs depending on the materials you are working with. Commonly used drills include, but are not limited to: cordless drills, impact drivers, and hammer drills. In terms of cordless drills, these tools are best applied to tasks involving: assembling equipment, paint mixing, driving screws, and drilling holes into various materials like wood, metal, concrete, and plastic.

In regard to impact drivers and hammer drills, both provide a range of drilling capabilities alongside the use of brute force to provide hammer-like abilities when driving a screw. While impact drivers focus on supplying tremendous amounts of force, they also produce rotational and concussive movements to get the job done. Utilizing the form of a rotary hammer, hammer drills are used to drill holes into dense, hard materials not otherwise possible by a standard hand drill.

Impact Wrench

Also referred to as an impact gun, impact wrenches are a primary tool for supplying torque through the implementation of rotational force. Designed as a handheld device resembling a portable drill, impact wrenches can quickly convert their stored energy into applied torque for fast and secure heavy equipment maintenance, product assembly, construction, automotive repair, and other tasks requiring high amounts of torque.

Electric Screwdriver

Reducing the amount of labor required by a user, electric screwdrivers make tightening fasteners a quick and easy process. Only recommended for light-duty applications and boring into softer materials, electric screwdrivers are available in standard and brushless options. Relying on internal carbon brushes within the screwdriver to conduct electricity, standard brushes are prone to overheating and must be used with caution to prevent equipment damage. Brushless screwdrivers, however, do not contain any internal brushes and can be used for a prolonged period without the concern of overheating. Powered by a rechargeable electric battery, both standard and brushless screwdrivers often come equipped with dual planetary gear systems, an electric motor, on/off switches, and a simple locking mechanism for various screwdriver tip applications.


A jigsaw is a handy tool for cutting materials in curved or straight lines. Safe and easy to use, these portable power saws are capable of cutting through wood, particle board, plywood, plastic, metal, ceramic, drywall, and much more. Affixed with a fine-toothed saw, jigsaws incorporate a reciprocating blade for quick and reliable cutting of materials, but are not recommended for fast and long cuts.   

Air Compressor   

Air compressors are a type of device that aid in powering a variety of air tools. Often used for pneumatic construction tools, air compressors can be found supplying impact wrenches, grinders, jackhammers, power hammers, air sanders, and more with power. While air compressors are typically powered by gas or electricity, they only require a small motor (compressor) to convert electricity to kinetic energy.


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