Extensive List of Mechanical Power Transmission Parts

Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Mechanical Power Transmission. Within this category are parts such as C193E-037, C405M-32X60, C193E-062, C405M-70X110, C193E-031 and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for Mechanical Power Transmission

Climax Metal Products Gates Renold

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
C193E-037 climax metal products c193e-037 2580 RFQ
C405M-32X60 climax metal products c405m-32x60 2711 RFQ
C193E-062 climax metal products c193e-062 2688 RFQ
C405M-70X110 climax metal products c405m-70x110 2674 RFQ
C193E-031 climax metal products c193e-031 2233 RFQ
C405M-150X200 climax metal products c405m-150x200 2543 RFQ
C193E-050 climax metal products c193e-050 2961 RFQ
C200E-418 climax metal products c200e-418 1799 RFQ
C193E-087 climax metal products c193e-087 1404 RFQ
C200M-300X375 climax metal products c200m-300x375 1983 RFQ
C200E-793 climax metal products c200e-793 2900 RFQ
2ISCC-143-143 1-7 16 climax metal products 2iscc-143-143 1-7/16""x 17/16""2pc clamp 1439 RFQ
C193M-22 climax metal products c193m-22 2116 RFQ
C193E-112 climax metal products c193e-112 2607 RFQ
95811063 gates e2mr-126-06 white 2894 RFQ
77620599 gates t10-1700-32, synchro-power polyurethane 2781 RFQ
77621186 gates t5-690-8 metric timing belt 1773 RFQ
77621445 gates t5-410-20 metric timing belt 1798 RFQ
77622205 gates t10-1350-16 metric timing belt 1413 RFQ
77622241 gates t10-880-20 metric timing belt 2375 RFQ
C193E-125 climax metal products c193e-125 1249 RFQ
929390082 gates 1000-8m-30 htd belt 1950 RFQ
88190019 gates 8819-0019 9x148pr power round belt 1575 RFQ
77580076 gates 285l100u urethane belt (77580076) 1368 RFQ
77621116 gates t5-690-6 metric timing belt 2433 RFQ
77621476 gates t5-1075-20 metric timing belt 1713 RFQ
77622062 gates t10-560-12 metric timing belt 2382 RFQ
77622210 gates t10-1460-16 metric timing belt 2007 RFQ
77622357 gates t10-970-32 metric timing belt 1834 RFQ
1610 42MM BUSHING gates 1610 42mm bushing 2739 RFQ
92932088 gates 981-3m-06 timing belt 2101 RFQ
77622140 gates t10-1110-14 metric timing belt 2219 RFQ
180A3S11I renold 180a3s11i 1599 RFQ
C2120HS4 renold 08p700 grinding disc 1326 RFQ
SD120A1X10FT renold sd120a1x10ft 1432 RFQ
SD160A1CX10FT renold sd160a1cx10ft 2148 RFQ
SD25A1S12I renold sd25a1s12i 1868 RFQ
SD60A2S12I renold sd60a2s12i 2689 RFQ
C2060HS26I renold c2060hs26i 2313 RFQ
SD140A2X10FT renold sd140a2x10ft 1297 RFQ
100-2 SDRC OFFSET LI renold 100-2 sdrc offset link 2533 RFQ
140A4X10FT renold 140a4x10ft 1958 RFQ
240A3S12I renold 240a3s12i 1513 RFQ
SD41A1S12I renold sd41a1s12i 2797 RFQ
08B1HSS26I renold 08b hsc hydro service conn link sc 1680 RFQ
08B1X10FT renold 08b riv british std 10ft 1979 RFQ
C2082HX10FT renold c2082hx10ft 2186 RFQ
120A3S12I renold 120a3s12i 1740 RFQ
160A1S4I renold 160a1s4i 2820 RFQ
60-2 SDRC COTT CHAIN renold 60-2 sdrc cott chain 2959 RFQ
C2040SSS4 renold c2040sss4 1774 RFQ
SD100A2X10FT renold sd100a2x10ft 1419 RFQ
SD120A2X10FT renold sd120a2x10ft 2222 RFQ
SD140A1X10FT renold sd140a1x10ft 2469 RFQ
100 SDRC CONN LINK C renold 100 sdrc conn link cp 2923 RFQ
100A4S12I renold 100a4s12i 1116 RFQ
SD25A1S26I renold sd25a1s26i 1664 RFQ
SD35A3X10FT renold sd35a3x10ft 1463 RFQ
60-2 SDRC RIV CHAIN renold 60-2 sdrc riv chain 1739 RFQ
60A4CX10FT renold 60a4cx10ft 1198 RFQ
120-3 COT ROLLER CHA renold 120-3 cot roller chain 1008 RFQ
160A1HSS11I renold 160a1hss11i 2217 RFQ
SD50A3X10FT renold sd50a3x10ft 1974 RFQ
40 SDRC RIV CHAIN renold 40 sdrc riv chain 1685 RFQ
SD200A1S12I renold sd200a1s12i 1098 RFQ
SD40A3X10FT renold sd40a3x10ft 1508 RFQ
180A3CX10FT renold 180a3cx10ft 2061 RFQ
200A3X10FT renold 200a3x10ft 2763 RFQ
C2042S4 renold c2042s4 1066 RFQ
C2050HSS12I renold c2050hss12i 2907 RFQ
C2050SSS4 renold c2050sss4 1321 RFQ
RS16B OFFSET LINK renold rs16b offset link 2742 RFQ
SD35A1S26I renold sd35a1s26i 1030 RFQ
SD50A1S12I renold sd50a1s12i 1992 RFQ
100A6CX10FT renold 100a6cx10ft 1055 RFQ
160A1S58I renold 160a1s58i 2121 RFQ
80A1HSS4 renold 80a1hss4 2256 RFQ
08B2HSS26I renold 08b-2 hsc hydro service conn link sc 1809 RFQ
180A3X10FT renold 180a3x10ft 1383 RFQ
240A1S4 renold 240a1s4 2756 RFQ
SD160A1S12I renold sd160a1s12i 1793 RFQ
SD40A1S12I renold sd40a1s12i 1236 RFQ
SD41A1S26I renold sd41a1s26i 1644 RFQ
40A2SSS12I renold 40a2sss12i 2377 RFQ
50A1SBX10FT renold 50a1sbx10ft 2539 RFQ
C2040VNS11I renold c2040vns11i 1715 RFQ
C2060HS4 renold c2060hs4 2563 RFQ
C2082HCX10FT renold c2082hcx10ft 2196 RFQ
08B1HSX10FT renold 08b1hsx10ft 2907 RFQ
SD120A1CX10FT renold sd120a1cx10ft 2977 RFQ
SD200A2S11I renold sd200a2s11i 2036 RFQ
C2160HS11I renold 08p510 5x1/4x7/8 xcavator 1456 RFQ
SD160A2X10FT renold sd160a2x10ft 2911 RFQ
SD35A1X10FT renold sd35a1x10ft 2768 RFQ
SD40A2S26I renold sd40a2s26i 1964 RFQ
16B1HSX10FT renold 16b1hsx10ft 1384 RFQ
AP100A6CX10FT renold ap100a6cx10ft 2323 RFQ
C2060HHSS12I renold c2060hhss12i 2159 RFQ
C2120HCX10FT renold 08125/08231b av nilos ring 1671 RFQ
SD200A1S11I renold sd200a1s11i 2596 RFQ

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