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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Mechanical Power Transmission. Within this category are industrial parts such as G481, 1293851, E469, 3753019, E442 and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly for Mechanical Power Transmission, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for Mechanical Power Transmission

Browning Tsubaki Ust

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
G481 browning g481 1321 RFQ
1293851 browning j140-2 cot roller chain 2270 RFQ
E469 browning e469 2494 RFQ
3753019 browning a15727 button 1524 RFQ
E442 browning e442 1362 RFQ
E455 browning e455 1202 RFQ
F718 browning f718 2823 RFQ
NSS1018 X 7 8 W KEYW browning nss1018 x 7/8 w/keyway 3/16""w/ set scw 1356 RFQ
175Q56LR15 GEARBOX 1 browning 175q56lr15 gearbox 15:1 56c 1646 RFQ
G471 browning g471 1135 RFQ
RH2003PE browning rh2003pe 1787 RFQ
1073105 browning hb60 type b hubs 1404 RFQ
1107135 browning 1390m8 poly-v belt 2930 RFQ
344224 browning 344224 c-face kit (module) 1050 RFQ
367L050 TIMING BELT browning 367l050 timing belt 2761 RFQ
385362 browning 385362 c-face kit (module) 2908 RFQ
140BTB19 tsubaki ust 140btb19 2406 RFQ
120K12LCB tsubaki ust 120k12lcb 1302 RFQ
2517 5 8 tsubaki ust 2517 5/8 qd and tl bushings sprocket 1907 RFQ
60-3 RIVETED 50' LG tsubaki ust 60-3 riveted 50' lg bulk (t 60-3r50bulk 1197 RFQ
60K13LRB tsubaki ust 60k13lrb 2270 RFQ
60SK11LRB tsubaki ust 60sk11lrb 1485 RFQ
C2040HPB HOLLOW PIN tsubaki ust c2040hpb hollow pin conveyor chain 1426 RFQ
C2080AS CONN LINK tsubaki ust c2080as conn link 1534 RFQ
PL050X080 tsubaki ust pl050x080 2612 RFQ
PL075X115 tsubaki ust pl075x115 2631 RFQ
RS12BNPOL tsubaki ust rs12bnpol 1544 RFQ
RSD140 LAMBDA CONN L tsubaki ust rsd140 lambda conn link 2795 RFQ
140BTB21 tsubaki ust 140btb21 1327 RFQ
1610 11 16 tsubaki ust 1610 11/16 qd and tl bushings sprocket 1732 RFQ
3020 15 16 tsubaki ust 3020 15/16 qd and tl bushings sprocket 2951 RFQ
40-2D1CL tsubaki ust 40-2d1cl 2337 RFQ
4040 2 15 16 tsubaki ust 4040 2 15/16 1397 RFQ
60-3NPCL tsubaki ust 60-3npcl 2775 RFQ
41A12LRB tsubaki ust 41a12lrb 1805 RFQ
60PC POLYSTEEL CHAIN tsubaki ust 60pc polysteel chain 10ft box 2492 RFQ
BL846 27 LINKS LONG tsubaki ust bl846 27 links long 1076 RFQ
C2082AS A1 ROLLER LI tsubaki ust c2082as a1 roller link 1936 RFQ
PL035X060 tsubaki ust pl035x060 2453 RFQ
PL095X135AD tsubaki ust pl095x135ad 1617 RFQ
PL1DAD tsubaki ust pl1dad 2373 RFQ
120BTB12 tsubaki ust 120btb12 1160 RFQ
35B12SS 1 2 BORE tsubaki ust 35b12ss 1/2 bore 2270 RFQ
50 LAMBDA D-1 C L SC tsubaki ust 50 lambda d-1 c/l sc type lambda 2718 RFQ
40B15 X 1 2 AND QUOT tsubaki ust 40b15 x 1/2""sprocket 2762 RFQ
60-2NPTWCL tsubaki ust 60-2nptwcl 1790 RFQ
8018F-1L tsubaki ust 8018f-1l 1777 RFQ
C2040SA2RL tsubaki ust c2040sa2rl 2926 RFQ
C2040SK2RL tsubaki ust c2040sk2rl 1846 RFQ
40SH23H HT - TL QD S tsubaki ust 40sh23h ht tl qd st cross ref sprocket 2826 RFQ
BL846 LEAF CHAIN 30F tsubaki ust bl846 leaf chain 30ft reel 2367 RFQ
C2040ASK2RL tsubaki ust c2040ask2rl 1330 RFQ
60-2TW NP RIV ROLLER tsubaki ust 60-2tw np riv roller chain 1893 RFQ
D200B15 tsubaki ust d200b15 2073 RFQ
C2050SK24LRB tsubaki ust c2050sk24lrb 2780 RFQ
BL523RB LEAF CHAIN 1 tsubaki ust bl523rb leaf chain 10ft box 2575 RFQ
BL834 LEAF CHAIN 50F tsubaki ust bl834 leaf chain 50ft reel 2912 RFQ
BL846RB STEEL LEAF C tsubaki ust bl846rb steel leaf chain 10ft box 2059 RFQ
35SH72 tsubaki ust 35sh72 1406 RFQ
PL025X050 tsubaki ust pl025x050 1716 RFQ
200B17 F 3-1 2""C W tsubaki ust 200b17 f 3-1/2""c/w kw/ss spkt 2300 RFQ
35B21 STL 1 2 PER DR tsubaki ust 35b21 stl 1/2 per drawing 2079 RFQ
35SH80 tsubaki ust 35sh80 2091 RFQ
60P13 SPK tsubaki ust 60p13 spk 1789 RFQ
C2050SA12LRB tsubaki ust c2050sa12lrb 1945 RFQ
RS80NS 316SS CHAIN tsubaki ust rs80ns 316ss chain 2718 RFQ
SS35B22 F-1 SPROCKET tsubaki ust ss35b22 f-1 sprocket ss 1701 RFQ
160CL tsubaki ust 160cl 1435 RFQ
50AA12LRB tsubaki ust 50aa12lrb 1837 RFQ
6020F-1B tsubaki ust 6020f-1b 2809 RFQ
6020F-1L tsubaki ust 6020f-1l 1138 RFQ
C2040K22LRB tsubaki ust c2040k22lrb 2329 RFQ
C2062HK16LRB tsubaki ust c2062hk16lrb 1087 RFQ
C2080HPB HOLLOW PIN tsubaki ust c2080hpb hollow pin conveyor chain 1452 RFQ
C2082HSA13LRB tsubaki ust c2082hsa13lrb 1213 RFQ
BL534RB tsubaki ust bl534rb 2508 RFQ
P1-1 1 2 SPLIT TAPER tsubaki ust p1-1 1/2 split taper bsh'g split taper 1807 RFQ
PL045X075AD tsubaki ust pl045x075ad 2251 RFQ
80LA12LRB tsubaki ust 80la12lrb 1712 RFQ
S458 BARLOOP CHAIN R tsubaki ust s458 barloop chain riveted 1384 RFQ
1310 1 1 8 tsubaki ust 1310 1 1/8 2552 RFQ
1615 15 16 tsubaki ust 1615 15/16 qd and tl bushings sprocket 2788 RFQ
2012 1 1 16 tsubaki ust 2012 1 1/16 2542 RFQ
40ASD14LRB tsubaki ust 40asd14lrb 1723 RFQ
3030 1 3 8 tsubaki ust 3030 1 3/8 1734 RFQ
50D3CL tsubaki ust 50d3cl 1958 RFQ
C2042SSRB 304SS SS R tsubaki ust c2042ssrb 304ss ss riv rol chain 1433 RFQ
D100B23 3-1 8 BORE tsubaki ust d100b23 3-1/8 bore 2585 RFQ
3020 1 1 4 tsubaki ust 3020 1 1/4 2055 RFQ
3020 2 5 16 tsubaki ust 3020 2 5/16 2824 RFQ
PL090X130 tsubaki ust pl090x130 1360 RFQ
RS10B-2SSCL tsubaki ust rs10b-2sscl 2057 RFQ
40ASRL tsubaki ust 40asrl 1431 RFQ
60-2K2CL tsubaki ust 60-2k2cl 1786 RFQ
35BTB35 tsubaki ust 35btb35 1614 RFQ
RS40B-1 ROLLER CHAIN tsubaki ust rs40b-1 roller chain 1988 RFQ
80SF24H HT - TL QD S tsubaki ust 80sf24h ht tl qd st cross ref sprocket 2013 RFQ
A2050TW RIV ROLLER C tsubaki ust a2050tw riv roller chain 2169 RFQ
C2080HK26LRB tsubaki ust c2080hk26lrb 1458 RFQ
C2082HA22LRB tsubaki ust c2082ha22lrb 1531 RFQ

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