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Part No Category Description QTY RFQ
XPV0054C motors motor, xp, 5hp, 1800rpm, 3ph., 230/460v, 184tc aeuhxg/aeuhxf, nema pr., round body c-face, ip55 1669 RFQ
TWE-0052B-2-HD soft starters teco westinghouse twe-0052b-2-hd combination soft starter 240v 20hp 52a heavy duty, 1876 RFQ
EQ7-4075-C ac drives teco westinghouse eq7-4075-c vfd, 75hp, 460v, 3 phase 2552 RFQ
SPT0032 motors teco westinghouse spt0032 motor, single phase 3hp, 3600rpm, 208-230v, 1359 RFQ
NP0506C motors motor, 50hp, 1200rpm, 365t frame, footed c-face, nema premium efficiency, 57.8 fla, 208/230/460v 1511 RFQ
EMX3-0145B soft starters teco westinghouse emx3-0145b soft starter, 3ph, 100hp, 123a, 460vac, std. duty 2303 RFQ
NP0106C motors motor, 10hp, 1200rpm, 256t frame, footed c-face, nema premium efficiency, 12.8 fla, 208/230/460v 1599 RFQ
NP0102 motors teco westinghouse np0102 motor, 10hp, 3600rpm, 215t frame, footed frame, 2365 RFQ
XP7 52 motors teco westinghouse xp7/52 motor, xp, 7.5hp, 3600rpm, 3 phase, 230/460v, 213t 2715 RFQ
XPV0606C motors motor, xp, 60hp, 1200rpm, 3ph., 230/460v, 404tc aeuhxg/aeuhxf, nema pr., round body c-face, ip55 1182 RFQ
TWE-0590C-5-HD soft starters teco westinghouse twe-0590c-5-hd combination soft starter 575v 600hp 590a hvy duty, 1292 RFQ
S0054C motors teco westinghouse s0054c motor, single phase 5hp, 1800rpm, 184tc, footed 2307 RFQ
NP0202 motors teco westinghouse np0202 motor, 20hp, 3600rpm, 256t frame, footed frame, 2466 RFQ
NP0026C motors motor, 2hp, 1200rpm, 184t frame, footed c-face, nema premium efficiency, 3 fla, 208/230/460v 1193 RFQ
GHV0012C motors teco westinghouse ghv0012c motor, 1hp, 3600rpm, 56c frame, 2356 RFQ
F510-2002-C-U ac drives teco westinghouse f510-2002-c-u vfd, 230v, 1/3 phase, 2hp, 7.5a, vt, nema 1, 2579 RFQ
A510-4075-C3-U ac drives teco westinghouse a510-4075-c3-u vfd, 75hp, 460v, 3 phase, ip00, 1551 RFQ
EQ7-4003-C ac drives teco westinghouse eq7-4003-c vfd, 3hp, 460v, 3 phase 2903 RFQ
F510-4040-C3-UE ac drives teco westinghouse f510-4040-c3-ue vfd, 460v, 3 phase, 40hp, 54a, vt, nema 1, 1801 RFQ
GP7 54C motors teco westinghouse gp7/54c motor, 7.5hp, 1800rpm, 213tc frame, 2770 RFQ
EQ7-2010-C ac drives teco westinghouse eq7-2010-c vfd, 10hp, 230v, 3 phase 2976 RFQ
A510-6215-C3-U ac drives teco westinghouse a510-6215-c3-u vfd, 200hp, 690v, 3 phase, protected chassis, 1668 RFQ
GHV0 34C motors teco westinghouse ghv0/34c motor, .33hp, 1800rpm, 56c frame, 2582 RFQ
NP0204 motors teco westinghouse np0204 motor, 20hp, 1800rpm, 256t frame, footed frame, 1406 RFQ
EQ7-4600-C ac drives teco westinghouse eq7-4600-c vfd, 600hp, 460v, 3 phase 1001 RFQ
TWE-0125C-5-HD soft starters teco westinghouse twe-0125c-5-hd combination soft starter 575v 125hp 125a hvy duty, 2556 RFQ
NP1 56 motors teco westinghouse np1/56 motor, 1.5hp, 1200rpm, 182t frame, footed frame, 1032 RFQ
GH0 56C motors teco westinghouse gh0/56c motor, .5hp, 1200rpm, 56c frame, 1316 RFQ
GH0024C motors motor, 2hp, 1800rpm, 56c frame, footed c-face, 5.48 fl amps (230v) 1929 RFQ
F510-2075-C3-U ac drives teco westinghouse f510-2075-c3-u vfd, 230v, 3 phase, 75hp, 200a, vt, ip20 1674 RFQ
TWE-0156C-5-HD soft starters teco westinghouse twe-0156c-5-hd combination soft starter 575v 150hp 156a hvy duty, 2561 RFQ
XPV7 54C motors teco westinghouse xpv7/54c motor, xp, 7.5hp, 1800rpm, 3ph., 230/460v, 213tc 1268 RFQ
E510-410-H3N4-U ac drives vfd, 10hp, 460v, 3 phase, nema 4/ip66. indoor/medium duty, keypad only on front cover 1586 RFQ
NP0154 motors teco westinghouse np0154 motor, 15hp, 1800rpm, 254t frame, footed frame, 2459 RFQ
EPV0016C motors teco westinghouse epv0016c motor, 1hp, 1200rpm, 145tc frame, 1.73fl a (460v) 2887 RFQ
E510-220-H3N4-U ac drives vfd, 20hp, 230v, 3 phase, nema 4/ip66. indoor/medium duty, keypad only on front cover 1935 RFQ
SPT0 22 motors teco westinghouse spt0/22 motor, single phase .25hp, 3600rpm, 115/208/230v, 1992 RFQ
E510-402-H3FN4S-U ac drives vfd, 2hp, 460v, 3 phase, nema 4/ip66. indoor/med duty, w/ keypad, dscnct & pot on cover 2028 RFQ
XPV0204C motors motor, xp, 20hp, 1800rpm, 3ph., 230/460v, 256tc aeuhxg/aeuhxf, nema pr., round body c-face, ip55 1146 RFQ
GP0034C motors teco westinghouse gp0034c motor, 3hp, 1800rpm, 182tc frame, 2772 RFQ
XP4002 motors teco westinghouse xp4002 motor, xp, 400hp, 3600rpm, 3 phase, 460v, 5009a 1486 RFQ
XPV1 52C motors teco westinghouse xpv1/52c motor, xp, 1.5hp, 3600rpm, 3ph., 230/460v, 143tc 2416 RFQ
SPHT0012 motors teco westinghouse spht0012 motor, single phase 1hp, 3600rpm, 115/208/230v, 1386 RFQ
SPHT0014 motors teco westinghouse spht0014 motor, single phase 1hp, 1800rpm, 115/208/230v, 2650 RFQ
EQ7-4020-C ac drives vfd, 20hp, 460v, 3 phase, four selectable control modes 1420 RFQ
NP0012C motors teco westinghouse np0012c motor, 1hp, 3600rpm, 143t frame, footed c-face, 1537 RFQ
A510-2008-C3-UE ac drives teco westinghouse a510-2008-c3-ue vfd, 7.5hp, 230v, 3 phase, ip20/nema 1, 1527 RFQ
TWC-0052-5-PP soft starters teco westinghouse twc-0052-5-pp soft starter pump panel package, 50hp, 575v, 60a, 2491 RFQ
NP0104C motors teco westinghouse np0104c motor, 10hp, 1800rpm, 215t frame, footed c-face, 1063 RFQ
L510-201-H1-U ac drives teco westinghouse l510-201-h1-u vfd, 1hp, 230v, single phase 2885 RFQ
TWE-0077C-4-HD soft starters teco westinghouse twe-0077c-4-hd combination soft starter 480v 60hp 77a heavy duty, 1638 RFQ
GHV0 54C motors teco westinghouse ghv0/54c motor, .5hp, 1800rpm, 56c frame, 1109 RFQ
S0034 motors teco westinghouse s0034 motor, single phase 3hp, 1800rpm, 182t, 230v 1432 RFQ
E510-430-H3-U ac drives teco westinghouse e510-430-h3-u ac drive, 30/30-40hp 45/58a ct/vt, 460ac, 3 ph. f5 1785 RFQ
XPV0034C motors teco westinghouse xpv0034c motor, xp, 3hp, 1800rpm, 3ph., 230/460v, 182tc 2462 RFQ
XPV1 56C motors teco westinghouse xpv1/56c motor, xp, 1.5hp, 1200rpm, 3ph., 230/460v, 182tc 2003 RFQ
NP0302C motors motor, 30hp, 3600rpm, 286t frame, footed c-face, nema premium efficiency, s33.2 fla, 208/230/460v 1944 RFQ
XPV0032C motors teco westinghouse xpv0032c motor, xp, 3hp, 3600rpm, 3ph., 230/460v, 182tc 1990 RFQ
XP3002 motors teco westinghouse xp3002 motor, xp, 300hp, 3600rpm, 3 phase, 460v, 449ts 2625 RFQ
XPV0022C motors teco westinghouse xpv0022c motor, xp, 2hp, 3600rpm, 3ph., 230/460v, 145tc 1018 RFQ
TWE-0156C-4-HD soft starters teco westinghouse twe-0156c-4-hd combination soft starter 480v 125hp 156a hvy duty, 1110 RFQ
XP1 54C motors teco westinghouse xp1/54c motor, xp, 1.5hp, 1800rpm, 3ph., 230/460v, 145tc 2172 RFQ
GP1 54 motors teco westinghouse gp1/54 motor, 1.5hp, 1800rpm, 145t frame, 2021 RFQ
EQ7-2015-C ac drives teco westinghouse eq7-2015-c vfd, 15hp, 230v, 3 phase 1120 RFQ
S0 74 motors motor, single phase, .75hp, 1800rpm, 56, footed frame, rolled steel, capacitor start/induction run 2715 RFQ
NP0404 motors teco westinghouse np0404 motor, 40hp, 1800rpm, 324t frame, footed frame, 1317 RFQ
GH0 52C motors teco westinghouse gh0/52c motor, .5hp, 3600rpm, 56c frame, 2445 RFQ
XP0752 motors teco westinghouse xp0752 motor, xp, 75hp, 3600rpm, 3 phase, 230/460v, 365ts 1226 RFQ
GH0 32C motors teco westinghouse gh0/32c motor, .33hp, 3600rpm, 56c frame, 2850 RFQ
L510-1P5-H1-U ac drives vfd, .5hp, 115v, single ph., 5.55x2.83x5.48"" medium duty, ip20 1043 RFQ
F510-2010-C3-UE ac drives teco westinghouse f510-2010-c3-ue vfd, 230v, 3 phase, 10hp, 30a, vt, nema 1, 2473 RFQ
EMX3-0076B soft starters teco westinghouse emx3-0076b soft starter, 3ph, 50hp, 63a, 460vac, std. duty 2139 RFQ
XP3006R motors teco westinghouse xp3006r motor, xp, 300hp, 1200rpm, 3 phase, 460v, 5009c 2056 RFQ
F510-4001-C3-U ac drives teco westinghouse f510-4001-c3-u vfd, 460v, 3 phase, 1hp, 3.4a, vt, nema 1, 1367 RFQ
EPV0306C motors teco westinghouse epv0306c motor, 30hp, 1200rpm, 326tc frame, 37.5fl a (460v) 2552 RFQ
NP0154C motors teco westinghouse np0154c motor, 15hp, 1800rpm, 254t frame, footed c-face, 2345 RFQ
EMX3-0220B soft starters teco westinghouse emx3-0220b soft starter, 3ph, 150hp, 178a, 460vac, std. duty 2077 RFQ
E510-408-H3FN4S-U ac drives teco westinghouse e510-408-h3fn4s-u vfd, 8hp, 460v, 3 phase, nema 4/ip66. 1475 RFQ
GPV1 56C motors teco westinghouse gpv1/56c motor, 1.5hp, 1200rpm, 182tc frame, 2953 RFQ
GHV0 72C motors teco westinghouse ghv0/72c motor, .75hp, 3600rpm, 56c frame, 1054 RFQ
E510-210-H3N4-U ac drives teco westinghouse e510-210-h3n4-u vfd, 10hp, 230v, 3 phase, nema 4/ip66. 2467 RFQ
EPV0014C motors teco westinghouse epv0014c motor, 1hp, 1800rpm, 143tc frame, 1.5fl a (460v) 1855 RFQ
A510-4001-C3-U ac drives teco westinghouse a510-4001-c3-u vfd, 1hp, 460v, 3 phase, ip20/nema 1, 2390 RFQ
XP0204 motors motor, xp, 20hp, 1800rpm, 3 phase, 230/460v, 256t texp nema pr. eff., 93 fl eff %, 85.5 fl pf % ip55 1118 RFQ
NP1 52C motors teco westinghouse np1/52c motor, 1.5hp, 3600rpm, 143t frame, footed c-face, 1465 RFQ
A510-4015-C3-UE ac drives teco westinghouse a510-4015-c3-ue vfd, 15hp, 460v, 3 phase, ip20/nema 1, 2351 RFQ
A510-4008-C3-U ac drives teco westinghouse a510-4008-c3-u vfd, 7.5hp, 460v, 3 phase, ip20/nema 1, 1572 RFQ
GP0014 motors motor, 1hp, 1800rpm, 143t frame, 2.9 fl amps (230v), rigid base mount 2089 RFQ
EMX3-0350B soft starters soft starter, 3ph, 250hp, 287a, 460vac, std. duty low voltage solid state, w/built-in bypass 1284 RFQ
NP0406 motors motor, 40hp, 1200rpm, 364t frame, footed frame, nema premium efficiency, 46 fla, 208/230/460v 1825 RFQ

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