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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Welding. Within this category are industrial parts such as CW5608, CW2246, 579026, CW5697, 235620 and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly for Welding, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for Welding

Lawson Speedglas Cronatron
Wia Certanium Aws Miller
Bossweld Tigmaster Lincoln Electric
Esab Cigweld Certanium
Lincoln Bosssafe Pferd
Hot Frontier Binzel
Tweco Weldclass

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
CW5608 lawson 4-in-1 sliding arm welding clamp 24.5" 2046 RFQ
CW2246 lawson tig welding gas lens collet body 9v/hw20 2051 RFQ
579026 speedglas helmet upgrade kit, 9100xxi mp air speedglas 1177 RFQ
CW5697 cronatron cronatron? 3333 dissimilar steel stick rod electrode 1/8" 1288 RFQ
235620 wia wia wia blue helmet - 235620 2094 RFQ
CW4003 lawson 176655 plasma cutting electrode 2513 RFQ
41753 certanium aws certanium? aws er70s-6 mild/carbon steel mig welding wire 0.023" 2850 RFQ
CW5134 cronatron cronatron? 329 stainless steel mig welding wire 2733 RFQ
CW1859 cronatron cronatron? 625 copper and brass stick rod electrode 3/32" 2981 RFQ
CW5851 lawson 3-axis angle fabrication clamp 2592 RFQ
236015 miller miller vortex papr pre-filter (10 pack) 1468 RFQ
CW1316 lawson oxy acetylene fuel gas twin line hose 3/16"" x 12' 2775 RFQ
CW1893 cronatron cronatron? 3/32 x 36 in 346t tool steel 1075 RFQ
A0102259 bossweld bossweld dinse 50 adaptor with 1.8m gas hose 2227 RFQ
TM150W tigmaster wrench, tigmaster 150a torches 2638 RFQ
CW1718 lawson tig welding tungsten electrode pure 1/8" 2669 RFQ
CW5629 lawson heavy duty oxy acetylene fuel gas cutting tip #2 1351 RFQ
A0102021 bossweld bossweld crimp connector kit for 5mm right hand (oxygen) 2560 RFQ
CW2148 lawson sr17/18 tig welding ceramic gas cup #7 2858 RFQ
A0101901 bossweld bossweld mig wire stainless steel x 0.8mm (1kg spool) 1089 RFQ
CW5043 lawson medium duty standard acetylene regulator 1064 RFQ
K3106 lincoln electric lincoln electric black leather sleeved welding jacket flame retardant 1354 RFQ
CW1864 cronatron cronatron? 345 tool steel stick rod electrode 3/32" 2856 RFQ
468502004 esab tip, 0.9mm m8 esab / psf405 2022 RFQ
720550 cigweld mig wire, 1.2mm, verti-cor 81ni h4 15kg 1082 RFQ
CW1674 lawson pneumatic round nose peening tool 7" 1893 RFQ
A0102013 bossweld bossweld oxygen/acetylene twin hose assembly - 5m 2926 RFQ
OTD9 8212 cigweld tip, plasma, 90/100a, cutting 1768 RFQ
CW2220 lawson 9v/hw20 tig welding ceramic gas cup #4 2991 RFQ
CSP337006 cigweld torch o-ring, 60a plasma torch, cutskill 1051 RFQ
1413237 certanium certanium? 707 dissimilar steel stick rod electrode 2200 RFQ
CW1023 cronatron cronatron? 3880 stainless steel tig wire 1/16" 2283 RFQ
CW1320 lawson oxy acetylene fuel gas twin line hose 1/4"" x 50' 2607 RFQ
KP11-30 lincoln contact tip, 0.8mm, m6 thread 1734 RFQ
7977660 cigweld drive roller, 0.9-1.2mm, v transmig 175i & 250 2r 1342 RFQ
CW1993 cronatron cronatron? 333 dissimilar steel tig wire 0.035" 2152 RFQ
CW3966 lawson 9-6500 plasma cutting tip 1766 RFQ
CW5088 lawson oxy acetylene fuel gas torch flashback arrestor 1265 RFQ
720390 cigweld mig wire, 1.2mm, verti-cor 81ni 1 15kg 1323 RFQ
94006051 lincoln tip & nozzle cleaner 1997 RFQ
CW5175 cronatron cronatron? 383 stainless steel tig wire 1/16" 1138 RFQ
A0102083 bosssafe bosssafe urban wide view electronic welding helmet 2885 RFQ
ED030645 lincoln mig wire, 2.0mm, nr211mp 12.5kg 1743 RFQ
CW5765 cronatron cronatron? 47 sil-phos bare brazing rod 1/8" 1621 RFQ
A0102034 bossweld bossweld spring type earth clamp 600 amp 1885 RFQ
CW1838 cronatron cronatron? 44 silver bare brazing rod 1/16" 1222 RFQ
CW3055 lawson small mig pliers 2283 RFQ
20835 pferd pferd wheel brushes with arbor hole rbu - crimped steel wire - suits bench grinders general purpose 2699 RFQ
HD8936B hot hot devil super weed killer (propane gas operated) 1937 RFQ
A0102203 bossweld bossweld bernard style contact tip 1.2mm (pack of 10) 1790 RFQ
322008 cigweld silver solder, brazing alloy, 45%, 1.6mm (5 stick pkt) 1621 RFQ
41780 certanium aws certanium? aws e6011 mild/carbon steel stick electrode 3/32" 1980 RFQ
CW1735 cronatron cronatron? 52 aluminum/zinc bare brazing rod 1/8" 2689 RFQ
TM200VTB tigmaster tig torch body, 200a, flexi w/valve 2683 RFQ
CW2425 lawson 9v tig welding short torch cap 1237 RFQ
A0102066 bosssafe bosssafe stealth 11 electronic welding helmet shade 11 2852 RFQ
11423100 cigweld mig wire, 1.2mm, stoody 965 15kg 1124 RFQ
A0102129 bossweld bossweld tweco style mig torch tw4 15ft (4.5m) bayonett connection 2693 RFQ
700000803 cigweld cover lens, front, amber, sentinel(pk5) 2471 RFQ
1424698 lawson pro-tack plastic welder 110/230v 2671 RFQ
A0101939 bossweld bossweld tig welding rod stainless steel 316l x 1.0mm (5kg pack) 2801 RFQ
A0103316 frontier frontier welder aramid gauntlet gloves, blue - pack of 12 2406 RFQ
140.021 binzel tip, binzel, stubby, 0.9mm, boa line boring 1949 RFQ
W1003250 cigweld welder, inverter, transmig 250i multi process psource 2667 RFQ
A0102150 bossweld bossweld tweco style steel liner 1.6mm x 4.9m tw4 2033 RFQ
41728 certanium aws certanium? aws er309l stainless steel mig welding wire 1707 RFQ
306033 cigweld nozzle, gouging, 32gs oxy / lpg 1691 RFQ
169502 speedglas sweatband, speedglas, 9100, 9100fx pk=2 2297 RFQ
CW1806 cronatron cronatron? 3881 stainless steel stick rod electrode 1/8" 2025 RFQ
MR907730001 miller miller xmt 350 fieldpro welder with arcreach 1497 RFQ
CW2215 lawson 9v/hw20 tig welding standard collet body 3/32" 1300 RFQ
CW4012 lawson 177888 plasma cutting deflector 2136 RFQ
VP2625B lawson 3/8 on 3/8 dimension i double pass overlay 2622 RFQ
CW1862 cronatron cronatron? 345 tool steel stick rod electrode 1103 RFQ
CW5435 lawson 4-in-1 sliding arm welding clamp 12.5" 2636 RFQ
1425127 lawson plastic inside corner no wave welder staple 1292 RFQ
A0102227 bossweld bossweld 1 pce rubber power cable 4m suits 17 series 1903 RFQ
PX55SW tweco gas diffuser, hd tweco 5 profax 1344 RFQ
CW5152 cronatron cronatron? 383 stainless steel mig welding wire 0.035" 2360 RFQ
CW4017 lawson 11-45 mig welding contact tip 0.045" 2254 RFQ
CW2198 lawson leather cable cover 20' 1252 RFQ
ESD209S wia mig wire, 0.9mm, esd2 15kg 1714 RFQ
CW3591 lawson oxy-therm collet 1/4" 2685 RFQ
CW4808 lawson electro-flex welding cable #4 gauge 2519 RFQ
A0102244 bossweld bossweld collet 13n22 1.6mm - 1/16"" (suits 9/20) (pack of 5) 1132 RFQ
CW5149 cronatron cronatron? 383 stainless steel mig welding wire 0.03" 1343 RFQ
A0103320 frontier frontier ultimate welder aramid gauntlet gloves, red - pack of 12 2183 RFQ
CW1963 cronatron cronatron? 845 cryospray powder 2336 RFQ
CW1058 cronatron cronatron? 338 mild/carbon steel stick rod electrode 1/8" 1099 RFQ
A0102240 bossweld bossweld collet 10n25 3.2mm - 1/8"" (suits 17/18/26) (pack of 5) 2335 RFQ
20553 lawson solid core solder 1/8" 2318 RFQ
CW1903 cronatron cronatron? 211 cast iron tig wire 1/8" 1584 RFQ
CW3430 cronatron cronatron? 340 chro-moly mig welding wire 0.035" 2172 RFQ
2064 lincoln electric lincoln electric leather welding spats - wp44-2106 1911 RFQ
OTD9 8211 cigweld tip, plasma, 80a, cutting 1332 RFQ
WC-01775 weldclass gloves, welding, blue & gold (12) (48) 2402 RFQ
MC109-0 wia wia weldarc 200i tig welder welding machine - mc109-0 1142 RFQ
454010 cigweld lens, magnification 2.0, cigweld 2694 RFQ
CW5207 lawson oxy acetylene fuel gas brazing tip 5/64" 2890 RFQ
1420328 lawson welding assortment 2804 RFQ

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