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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Proximity Sensors. Within this category are industrial parts such as CA18CAF08PA, IFRM 04N17A3 KS35PL, 304615-0025, 304615-0034, EI3015NPOSL and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly for Proximity Sensors, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for Proximity Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi Baumer Pepperl Fuchs

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
CA18CAF08PA carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ca18caf08pa capacitive proximity sensor?18mm, flush, 2174 RFQ
IFRM 04N17A3 KS35PL baumer baumer ifrm 04n17a3/ks35pl inductive proximity sensor?4x20mm, flush, 1994 RFQ
304615-0025 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 304615-0025 inductive proximity sensor?6.5mm, flush, 3-wire, 2596 RFQ
304615-0034 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 304615-0034 inductive proximity sensor, ?8mm, flush, 1647 RFQ
EI3015NPOSL carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ei3015nposl inductive proximity sensor?30mm, nonflush, 1065 RFQ
IFRM 12N1701 L baumer baumer ifrm 12n1701/l inductive proximity sensor?12x30.4mm, flush, 1307 RFQ
IFRM 04N15A3 S05L baumer baumer ifrm 04n15a3/s05l inductive proximity sensor?4x24mm, flush, 2685 RFQ
EI5510NPAP carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ei5510npap inductive proximity sensor?30mm, flush, 1960 RFQ
IFRM 05P17A1 PL baumer baumer ifrm 05p17a1/pl inductive proximity sensor?5x25mm, flush, 2207 RFQ
IFRM 04P17A1 PL baumer baumer ifrm 04p17a1/pl inductive proximity sensor?4x25mm, flush, 1027 RFQ
IFRM 12P1704 L baumer baumer ifrm 12p1704/l inductive proximity sensor?12x50mm, flush, 2769 RFQ
IFRM 18P1798 S12L baumer baumer ifrm 18p1798/s12l inductive proximity sensor 2313 RFQ
CA30CLC30BPM1 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ca30clc30bpm1 capactitive proximity sensor?30mm, nonflush, 1045 RFQ
IFRM 18P37A3 L baumer baumer ifrm 18p37a3/l inductive proximity sensor?18x50mm, quasi-flush, 2948 RFQ
EI1808TBCPL carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ei1808tbcpl inductive proximity sensor?18mm, nonflush, 1228 RFQ
IFFM 08P17A5 O1S35L baumer baumer iffm 08p17a5/o1s35l inductive proximity sensor, 8x27.4mm rect., flush, 1521 RFQ
IFFM 08P3701 O1S35L baumer baumer iffm 08p3701/o1s35l inductive proximity sensor, 8x59.4mm rect., flush, 2825 RFQ
IFRM 03N3713 QL baumer baumer ifrm 03n3713/ql inductive proximity sensor?3x12mm, flush, 2299 RFQ
IFRM 12P13T1 PL baumer baumer ifrm 12p13t1/pl inductive proximity sensor, ?12x50mm, nonflush od, 1304 RFQ
IFRM 06N1701 KS35L baumer baumer ifrm 06n1701/ks35l inductive proximity sensor?6.5x30mm, flush, 2821 RFQ
IFFM 08P1701 O1L baumer baumer iffm 08p1701/o1l inductive proximity sensor, 8x38.5mm rect., flush, 2772 RFQ
PR12-4AO autonics inductive proximity sensor, ?12mm, 4mm range, no, 2-wire, 100-240vac 1293 RFQ
IFRM 08N1701 L baumer baumer ifrm 08n1701/l inductive proximity sensor, ?8x30mm, flush, 1535 RFQ
IFRM 12P3703 S14L baumer baumer ifrm 12p3703/s14l inductive proximity sensor?12x40.4mm, flush, 2346 RFQ
IFRM 04P37A3 KS35PL baumer baumer ifrm 04p37a3/ks35pl inductive proximity sensor, ?4x20mm, flush, 1170 RFQ
EC5525NPAP carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ec5525npap capacitive proximity sensor, flat pack, 10-40vdc, 1577 RFQ
IFRM 05P37A1 PL baumer baumer ifrm 05p37a1/pl inductive proximity sensor?5x25mm, flush, 1672 RFQ
IFRM 05N15A3 KS35PL baumer baumer ifrm 05n15a3/ks35pl inductive proximity sensor?5x20mm, flush, 1124 RFQ
IFRM 04N35A5 Q baumer baumer ifrm 04n35a5/q inductive proximity sensor, ?4x15mm, flush 1918 RFQ
83859 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 083859 inductive proximity sensor?30mm, shielded flush 1235 RFQ
CD34CNFLFNCT5 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cd34cnflfnct5 capacitive proximity sensor, rect. flush liq.level 1540 RFQ
IA30FLN15NOM1 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ia30fln15nom1 inductive proximity sensor?30mm, long nonflush, 1066 RFQ
83996 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 083996 inductive proximity sensor, 18mm, dc, npn, no, 1946 RFQ
IFRM 05N37A3 S05L baumer baumer ifrm 05n37a3/s05l inductive proximity sensor?5x24mm, flush, 1984 RFQ
85972 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 085972 inductive proximity sensor, dc 1577 RFQ
IFRM 04P17A3 S35L baumer baumer ifrm 04p17a3/s35l inductive proximity sensor, ?4x36mm, flush, 2674 RFQ
IFRM 06P17A4 S35L baumer baumer ifrm 06p17a4/s35l inductive proximity sensor?6.5x56mm, flush, 2084 RFQ
IFRM 08X9501 S35 baumer baumer ifrm 08x9501/s35 inductive proximity sensor, ?8x50mm, flush, 1797 RFQ
ICB12S30F06PO carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi icb12s30f06po inductive proximity sensor?12mm, quasi-flush, 2384 RFQ
IA18ESN08UC carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ia18esn08uc inductive proximity sensor?18mm, short nonflush, 1719 RFQ
IFFM 08N1703 O2S35L baumer baumer iffm 08n1703/o2s35l inductive proximity sensor, 8x49mm rect., flush, 1398 RFQ
ICB30S30N15NO carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi icb30s30n15no inductive proximity sensor, ?30mm, nonflush, 2485 RFQ
800735 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 800735 inductive proximity sensor, 12mm, dc, pnp 1208 RFQ
EI1805PPOSS carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ei1805pposs inductive proximity sensor?18mm, flush, 1707 RFQ
IFRM 06P17A3 S35L baumer baumer ifrm 06p17a3/s35l inductive proximity sensor?6.5x36mm, flush, 1444 RFQ
ICB18S30N14POM1 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi icb18s30n14pom1 inductive proximity sensor?18mm, nonflush, 2834 RFQ
IA18ESF05UC carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ia18esf05uc inductive proximity sensor?18mm, short flush, 1516 RFQ
IA12FLF02PO carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ia12flf02po inductive proximity sensor?12mm, long flush, 2472 RFQ
IFRM 08N3713 KS35L baumer baumer ifrm 08n3713/ks35l inductive proximity sensor?8x22mm, flush, 1269 RFQ
87718 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 087718 inductive proximity sensor, 3-wire dc, flush, 1123 RFQ
IA08BLN25NO carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ia08bln25no inductive proximity sensor, ?8mm, ss long nonflush 2879 RFQ
IFRM 03N3713 L baumer baumer ifrm 03n3713/l inductive proximity sensor?3x16mm, flush, 1204 RFQ
85499 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 085499 inductive proximity sensor, shielded flush 2793 RFQ
PR18-8DP2 autonics autonics pr18-8dp2 inductive proximity sensor?18mm, 8mm range, 2087 RFQ
23490 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 023490 inductive proximity sensor, ?30mm, quasi-flush, 2495 RFQ
EI1202NPOSL-1 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ei1202nposl-1 inductive proximity sensor?12mm, flush, 1485 RFQ
IA08BLF15NO carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ia08blf15no inductive proximity sensor, ?8mm, ss long flush, 2805 RFQ
IFRM 04P35A3 S05L baumer baumer ifrm 04p35a3/s05l inductive proximity sensor?4x24mm, flush, 2622 RFQ
83994 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 083994 inductive proximity sensor?18mm, shielded flush 1404 RFQ
IFRM 08P37A4 KS35L baumer baumer ifrm 08p37a4/ks35l inductive proximity sensor, ?8x50mm, flush, 2772 RFQ
IFRM 04P15A1 KS35PL baumer baumer ifrm 04p15a1/ks35pl inductive proximity sensor?4x25mm, flush, 1787 RFQ
191137 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 191137 inductive position measurement, 0 to 80mm 2669 RFQ
IFRM 05P35A3 KS35PL baumer baumer ifrm 05p35a3/ks35pl inductive proximity sensor?5x20mm, flush, 2296 RFQ
84200 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 084200 inductive proximity sensor?30mm, nonflush, 1183 RFQ
IA30CLN15UC carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ia30cln15uc inductive proximity sensor, ?30mm, long nonflush 2048 RFQ
CD50CNF06NO carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cd50cnf06no capacitive proximity sensor, rect., liq. level, 1042 RFQ
IA12ESN04UC carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ia12esn04uc inductive proximity sensor?12mm, short nonflush 1484 RFQ
IA12FLF02NOM1 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ia12flf02nom1 inductive proximity sensor, ?12mm, long flush, 1477 RFQ
IA08BLF15POM5 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ia08blf15pom5 inductive proximity sensor, ?8mm, ss long flush, 2002 RFQ
PR18-5AC autonics autonics pr18-5ac inductive proximity sensor?18mm, 5mm range, 2856 RFQ
IFRM 03P3713 QL baumer baumer ifrm 03p3713/ql inductive proximity sensor?3x12mm, flush, 2085 RFQ
IFRM 06N1713 KS35L baumer baumer ifrm 06n1713/ks35l inductive proximity sensor?6.5x22mm, flush, 1299 RFQ
IA12ELN04UC carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ia12eln04uc inductive proximity sensor?12mm, long nonflush, 2917 RFQ
ICB12L50F06POM1 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi icb12l50f06pom1 inductive proximity sensor?12mm, quasi-flush, 2279 RFQ
IFRM 18P17M1 PL baumer baumer ifrm 18p17m1/pl inductive proximity sensor?18x50mm, flush, od, 1546 RFQ
IFRM 30P3501 S14L baumer baumer ifrm 30p3501/s14l inductive proximity sensor, ?30x65mm, flush, 1995 RFQ
84013 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 084013 inductive proximity sensor, dc, 18mm, m12, 2550 RFQ
CR30-15DP autonics autonics cr30-15dp capacitive proximity sensor, 30mm, dc, no, pnp 1731 RFQ
IA18FLN08NOM1 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ia18fln08nom1 inductive proximity sensor?18mm, long nonflush, 2690 RFQ
IA08BLF15NOM5 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ia08blf15nom5 inductive proximity sensor?8mm, ss long flush, 1309 RFQ
ICB12L50F06PO carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi icb12l50f06po inductive proximity sensor?12mm, quasi-flush, 2534 RFQ
ICB12S30N10PO carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi icb12s30n10po inductive proximity sensor?12mm, nonflush, 2324 RFQ
IFRM 06P17A1 L baumer baumer ifrm 06p17a1/l inductive proximity sensor?6.5x45mm, flush, 1592 RFQ
IFRM 08P1701 L baumer baumer ifrm 08p1701/l inductive proximity sensor?8x30mm, flush, 1771 RFQ
85567 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 085567 inductive proximity sensor, ?18mm, flush, 4-wire, 1527 RFQ
IFFM 06N15A1 O1L baumer baumer iffm 06n15a1/o1l inductive proximity sensor, 6x30mm rect., flush, 1195 RFQ
915779 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 915779 proximity sensor, heavy duty, ni-brass barrel 2946 RFQ
IFRM 12N1704 S14L baumer baumer ifrm 12n1704/s14l inductive proximity sensor?12x60mm, flush, 2603 RFQ
87763 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 087763 inductive proximity sensor, 12mm dia., flush, 1515 RFQ
IFRM 04N37A1 PL baumer baumer ifrm 04n37a1/pl inductive proximity sensor?4x25mm, flush, 1643 RFQ
87780 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 087780 inductive proximity sensor, 18mm dia., dc 1056 RFQ
IFFM 08N3701 O1S35L baumer baumer iffm 08n3701/o1s35l inductive proximity sensor, 8x59.4mm rect., flush, 1969 RFQ
IFRM 12P3702 L baumer baumer ifrm 12p3702/l inductive proximity sensor?12x40mm, flush, 1100 RFQ
EI1805NPOSS carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ei1805nposs inductive proximity sensor?18mm, flush, 1447 RFQ
ICB12S30F06NOM1 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi icb12s30f06nom1 inductive proximity sensor?12mm, quasi-flush, 1096 RFQ
CA30CAN25NAM1 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ca30can25nam1 capactitive proximity sensor?30mm, nonflush, 1114 RFQ
800732 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 800732 inductive proximity sensor, shielded flush 1607 RFQ
IFRM 04P35B1 L baumer baumer ifrm 04p35b1/l inductive proximity sensor?4x22mm, flush, 2764 RFQ
IFRM 04N15A3 L baumer baumer ifrm 04n15a3/l inductive proximity sensor?4x20mm, flush, 2001 RFQ
IA12FLN04POM1 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ia12fln04pom1 inductive proximity sensor, ?12mm, long nonflush, 1480 RFQ

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