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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Promo. Within this category are industrial parts such as 73.72.180.F, P3-01C, T312S-01, 87.02.300.T, 78.91.125 and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly for Promo, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for Promo

Knipex Macnaught Scorpion
Fanmaster Wia Leatherman
Ledlenser Alemlube

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
73.72.180.F knipex knipex twinforce diagonal cutter 180mm 2968 RFQ
P3-01C macnaught macnaught p3 powerlube portable air operated 20kg greasing system - p3-01c 1273 RFQ
T312S-01 macnaught macnaught oilmaster 3:1 stub pump - t312s-01 1770 RFQ
87.02.300.T knipex knipex cobra - 300mm tethered 1620 RFQ
78.91.125 knipex knipex electronic super knips 125mm 1814 RFQ
71.72.610 knipex knipex bolt cutters 610mm 1661 RFQ
87.01.250 knipex knipex cobra - 250mm 2248 RFQ
88.01.250 knipex knipex alligator - 250mm 1389 RFQ
70.26.160 knipex knipex diagonal cutter - 1000v vde 160mm 2977 RFQ
R1000S-01 macnaught macnaught r-series 10:1 stub pump - r1000s-01 1214 RFQ
S20H-01 macnaught macnaught spring-loaded gear oil pump - 20l - s20h-01 1591 RFQ
87.01.300 knipex knipex cobra - 300mm 2216 RFQ
99.01.220 knipex knipex concreters' nipper 220mm 1305 RFQ
SX-313 scorpion scorpion saw air 2362 RFQ
73.02.160 knipex knipex x-cut diagonal cutter 160mm 1755 RFQ
71.01.250 knipex knipex cobolt xl - standard 250mm 2772 RFQ
98.01.07 knipex knipex box wrench 7mm 1484 RFQ
98.01.19 knipex knipex box wrench 19mm 1986 RFQ
ICF450P fanmaster fanmaster industrial pedestal fan 450mm 3 speed 2257 RFQ
70.01.110 knipex knipex diagonal cutter 110mm 2585 RFQ
88.05.300 knipex knipex alligator - 300mm 1899 RFQ
73.72.180 knipex knipex twinforce diagonal cutter 180mm 1499 RFQ
98.01.22 knipex knipex box wrench 22mm 2032 RFQ
87.11.250 knipex knipex cobra matic 250mm 2237 RFQ
11.02.160 knipex knipex insulation stripper 160mm 1098 RFQ
77.22.115 knipex knipex electronics diagonal cutters 115mm 2715 RFQ
74.21.200 knipex knipex diagonal cutter - high leverage 200mm 1340 RFQ
72.01.160 knipex knipex diagonal cutters for plastic 160mm 2071 RFQ
73.06.160 knipex knipex x-cut diagonal cutter - 1000v vde 130mm 1198 RFQ
P3-OS2 macnaught macnaught powerlube 20kg portable greasing system - p3-os2 1250 RFQ
12.40.200 knipex knipex self-adjusting insulation strippers 200mm 1360 RFQ
74.01.250 knipex knipex diagonal cutter - high leverage 250mm 2991 RFQ
74.01.140 knipex knipex diagonal cutter - high leverage 140mm 1222 RFQ
98.03.06 knipex knipex nut driver 6mm 2269 RFQ
90.25.20 knipex knipex pipe cutter for composite pipes & protective tubes 210mm 1271 RFQ
12.85.100 knipex knipex wire stripper for fibre optics 100mm 1080 RFQ
70.01.140 knipex knipex diagonal cutter 140mm 1829 RFQ
00.20.10 knipex knipex tool kit - power set 2807 RFQ
78.71.125 knipex knipex electronic super knips 125mm 1011 RFQ
BEQ4015AH8EMC wia 4.6m cable mig gun for miller bobcat 250 1554 RFQ
67.01.200 knipex knipex end cutting nipper - high leverage 200mm 2245 RFQ
88.07.300 knipex knipex alligator - 300mm 1000v vde 1933 RFQ
77.02.130 knipex knipex electronics diagonal cutters 130mm 1229 RFQ
98.67.10 knipex knipex insulating mat - 1000 x 1000 x 1mm 1116 RFQ
98.03.08 knipex knipex nut driver 8mm 1049 RFQ
71.72.910 knipex knipex bolt cutters 910mm 1696 RFQ
11.17.160 knipex knipex insulation stripper 250mm 2455 RFQ
87.21.300 knipex knipex cobra quick set 300mm 1951 RFQ
T112S-01 macnaught macnaught oilmaster 1:1 stub pump - t112s-01 2464 RFQ
68.01.200 knipex knipex end cutting nipper 200mm 1277 RFQ
78.03.125.ESD knipex knipex electronic super knips esd 125mm 1833 RFQ
74.02.200 knipex knipex diagonal cutter - high leverage 200mm 2324 RFQ
87.51.250 knipex knipex cobra es 250mm 1086 RFQ
88.01.180 knipex knipex alligator - 180mm 1909 RFQ
88.06.250 knipex knipex alligator - 250mm 1000v vde 1035 RFQ
K4-01 macnaught macnaught superlube greasing system - k4-01 1766 RFQ
77.22.130 knipex knipex electronics diagonal cutters 130mm 1060 RFQ
831333 leatherman leatherman surge - black w/molle sheath - box 1064 RFQ
98.64.02 knipex knipex insulating clamp 150mm 2127 RFQ
00.21.30 knipex knipex tool case for electrical contractors 2869 RFQ
99.01.300 knipex knipex concreters' nipper 300mm 1341 RFQ
85.01.250 knipex knipex smartgrip 250mm 1721 RFQ
98.03.13 knipex knipex nut driver 13mm 1117 RFQ
YL831148 leatherman leatherman supertool 300 - nylon sheath - box 1579 RFQ
00.20.11.S knipex knipex heavy duty power pack - 3pc 1080 RFQ
88.03.180 knipex knipex alligator - 180mm 2545 RFQ
ZL500770 ledlenser led lenser ih3 industrial headlamp / box 1940 RFQ
64.52.115 knipex knipex electronics end cutting nippers 115mm 1821 RFQ
AA74-110 wia work lead 10m with earth clamp for miller bobcat 250 1185 RFQ
74.02.140 knipex knipex diagonal cutter - high leverage 140mm 2768 RFQ
YL831369 leatherman leatherman supertool 300 eod - black w/molle sheath - box 1493 RFQ
12.42.195 knipex knipex multistrip 10 195mm 2089 RFQ
YL831151 leatherman leatherman supertool 300 - black w/molle sheath - box 1595 RFQ
98.99.11 knipex knipex compact tool case 1183 RFQ
98.00.16 knipex knipex open-end wrench 16mm 1987 RFQ
98.00.27 knipex knipex open-end wrench 27mm 2238 RFQ
YL831183 leatherman leatherman supertool 300 - leather sheath - box 1977 RFQ
75.52.125 knipex knipex electronics diagonal cutters 125mm 1894 RFQ
MDT300L macnaught macnaught 300l slim diesel tank with 12v pump kit - mdt300l 1224 RFQ
98.03.07 knipex knipex nut driver 7mm 2227 RFQ
00.11.01 knipex knipex twinkey 2256 RFQ
71.02.200 knipex knipex cobolt - standard 200mm 2733 RFQ
98.45.125 knipex knipex extension bar 1/2"" sq. dr. 125mm 2522 RFQ
83.30.005 knipex knipex pipe wrench s-type 245mm 1132 RFQ
MADB200L macnaught macnaught poly urea/def tank kit - 200l - madb200l 2193 RFQ
SO600 alemlube alemlube alemite 15m x 6mm heavy duty oxy acetylene hose reel 2917 RFQ
90.42.250 knipex knipex punch lock riveters 250mm 2118 RFQ
88.02.250 knipex knipex alligator 250mm 2060 RFQ
71.31.250 knipex knipex cobolt xl - recess in blade 250mm 1672 RFQ
74.01.200 knipex knipex diagonal cutter - high leverage 200mm 1977 RFQ
K7-67 macnaught macnaught minilube greasing system and 5kg container kit - k7-67 2544 RFQ
70.06.160 knipex knipex diagonal cutter - 1000v vde 180mm 1249 RFQ
87.02.180 knipex knipex cobra - 180mm 2179 RFQ
98.00.17 knipex knipex open-end wrench 17mm 1960 RFQ
74.06.200 knipex knipex diagonal cutter - high leverage 1997 RFQ
87.26.250 knipex knipex cobra vde 200mm 1384 RFQ
71.72.460 knipex knipex bolt cutters 460mm 1555 RFQ
77.01.115 knipex knipex electronics diagonal cutters 115mm 1072 RFQ
72.01.140 knipex knipex diagonal cutters for plastic 140mm 1303 RFQ
71.01.200R knipex knipex cobolt - fencing grade 200mm 1091 RFQ

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