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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Pipes, Tubes And Fittings. Within this category are industrial parts such as A0078368, A0076466, A0077590, A0080317, A0132019 and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly for Pipes, Tubes And Fittings, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for Pipes, Tubes and Fittings

Aap Dixon Champion

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
A0078368 aap aap 2"" long radius 90í elflow buttweld sgp jis 2311 wze50 2547 RFQ
A0076466 aap aap 1/2"" x 100mm welded pipe bsp 316/316l ss sched 40 sspn1594 1313 RFQ
A0077590 aap aap 3/4"" polypropylene camlock type-c female x male hosebarb cpp20c 1535 RFQ
A0080317 aap aap 1/2"" brass ball valve short thread female/female ss lever vb15 2812 RFQ
A0132019 dixon dixon 08/062/111/00lo 1"" ball valve minsup lockout surelock¬ 2098 RFQ
A0080415 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" dr brass gate valve watermark approved vbg15t 2185 RFQ
A0080337 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" ball valve pvc double union vpvcdu15 1329 RFQ
A0078800 aap aap 2"" blind steel plate flange table-h sfbh50 1484 RFQ
A0080849 aap aap 1"", 25mm 90í elflow l/r buttweld 304/304l ss sch 40 swe4030425 1814 RFQ
A0076370 aap aap 1/4"", 8mm 45í elflow f/f bsp 316 stainless steel ssef08 2100 RFQ
A0078788 aap aap 4"" blind steel plate flange as2129 table-d sfbd94 2011 RFQ
A0078301 aap aap 2"" x 1"" reducing tee buttweld std astm a234 wt5025 1684 RFQ
A0055650 champion champion brass olive suits copper & nylon tube assortment kit, 330 pcs 1349 RFQ
A0080424 aap aap 1"" dr brass gate valve t-lever watermark approved vbg25ttl 2741 RFQ
A0078076 aap aap 3"" galvanised foot valve flanged - type-d swing flap vfg80 1749 RFQ
A0079762 aap aap 3/4"", 20mm high pressure threaded union bspt gal pu20bg 2566 RFQ
A0080374 aap aap 8mm, 1/4"" dr brass ball valve ss lever aga watermark vbbd08 2354 RFQ
A0075878 aap aap 3/8"" (10mm) x 28.57mm pap black steel ssh10/15 1853 RFQ
A0077782 aap aap 1/2"" stainless camlock type-c female x male hosebarb css15c 1542 RFQ
A0080668 aap aap 1"", 25mm cap buttweld 316/316l ss sch 40 swc4031625 2244 RFQ
A0081466 aap aap 100mm, 4"" cast iron y strainer flanged table-d vdiy94d 1193 RFQ
A0079705 aap aap 3/4"", 20mm high pressure threaded equal tee bspt gal pt20bg 2487 RFQ
A0080540 aap aap 8mm, 1/4"" stainless steel ball valve 3-pce full bore ss3bv08 1198 RFQ
A0067610 dixon dixon 08/062/118/00lo 2"" minsup lockout shouldered end x f (1"") ball valve 1055 RFQ
A0077576 aap aap 3/4"" polypropylene camlock type-a male x bsp female cpp20a 1897 RFQ
A0071337 dixon dixon ss2p006 6mm 2-piece locking ball valve 316 stainless steel 2043 RFQ
A0081434 aap aap 2"" anti-clockwise handle for resilient gate valve vrsh50acc 1722 RFQ
A0080281 aap aap 8mm, 1/4"" brass ball valve 3-way l-port pn10 vbbtw08l 1532 RFQ
A0077604 aap aap 3/4"" polypropylene camlock type-e male x male hosebarb cpp20e 2540 RFQ
A0075918 aap aap 1"" (25mm) blank end black steel be25 1322 RFQ
A0075770 aap aap 1/8"" (6mm) x 27mm hexagon equal nipple black steel sn06 2132 RFQ
A0076326 aap aap 1/8"", 6mm cap bsp 316 stainless steel ssc06 1728 RFQ
A0078868 aap aap 2"" weld neck flange xs ansi b16.5 c150 pfw50x 2778 RFQ
A0076858 aap aap 1/4"" (8mm) cap galvanised malleable iron lc08 2793 RFQ
A0128350 champion champion ca2070 brass hose fittings assortment kit, 106 pcs 1468 RFQ
A0081351 aap aap 2"" stainless steel gate valve retainer type table-e vkgrs50 1452 RFQ
A0081726 aap aap 3/4"" screwed forged steel plate flange bs10 - table-h sfh20 2880 RFQ
A0078389 aap aap 2"" equal tee buttweld sgp jis 2311 wzt50 2136 RFQ
A0079591 aap aap 20 x 15mm high pressure reducing insert sp79-2011 pi2015s 1656 RFQ
A0076346 aap aap 1/8"", 6mm coupling bsp 316 stainless steel sscp06 1686 RFQ
A0081444 aap aap 50mm, 2"" resilient check valve flanged swing table-e vrssc50 1822 RFQ
A0077066 aap aap 1/8"" (6mm) equal tee galvanised malleable iron lt06 1965 RFQ
A0079176 aap aap 3/8"" x 1/4"" high pressure hexagon head bush bspt black pb1008b 1085 RFQ
A0077772 aap aap 1/2"" stainless camlock coupler type-b female x bsp male css15b 1449 RFQ
A0080575 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" stainless steel gate valve ssga15 1419 RFQ
A0081030 aap aap 12v dc om-2 electric actuator vom212vdc 1372 RFQ
A0078670 aap aap 25mm, 1"" ball valve flanged 316 ss ansi 150 vbss150fs25 2309 RFQ
A0080209 aap aap 1"" (25mm) x 28.54mm profile socket black steel ssp2596 2671 RFQ
A0080189 aap aap 2"" (50mm) roll groove cap - galvanised gca50g 2789 RFQ
A0077017 aap aap 1/8"" (6mm) socket galvanised malleable iron ls06 1110 RFQ
A0079486 aap aap 1/8"", 6mm high pressure hexagon nipple bspt black pn06b 1168 RFQ
A0080074 aap aap 1-1/4"" (32mm) roll groove equal tee - painted gt32 1050 RFQ
A0067598 dixon dixon 08/062/102/00loa 1"" ball valve lockout minsup f- nptf x f- nptf 2217 RFQ
A0081512 aap aap 1/2"" x 95mm fiber gasket table-e lge15 1867 RFQ
A0077143 aap aap 1/2"" (15mm) f/f union galvanised malleable steel to brass lu15bs 2762 RFQ
A0081470 aap aap 50mm, 2"" resilient check valve flanged ball pn10 table-e vfbc50 1046 RFQ
A0079537 aap aap 1/2"" x 1/4"" high pressure reducing hexagon nipple bspt black pn1508b 2926 RFQ
A0080301 aap aap 20 x 20mm, 3/4 x 3/4"" brass lock lever bib cock vbc2020l 2821 RFQ
A0079614 aap aap 1/2"", 15mm high pressure hexagon plug npt gal pp15g 2091 RFQ
A0076849 aap aap 1/2"" (15mm) backnut galvanised malleable lbn15 2641 RFQ
A0080147 aap aap 2"" (50mm) roll groove 45í elflow - galvanised gef50g 1746 RFQ
A0080109 aap aap 3 x 2"" (80 x 50mm) roll groove mechanical tee gtm8050 1391 RFQ
A0055683 champion champion brass fitting industrial/auto assortment kit, 155 pieces 2798 RFQ
A0081402 aap aap 50mm, 2"" clockwise handle for resilient gate valve vrsh50 2088 RFQ
A0075971 aap aap 1/4"" (8mm) x 42mm black union steel f/f bronze/bronze su08bb 1738 RFQ
A0080273 aap aap 1/4"" brass ball valve 3-way t-port pn10 direct mounting vbbtw08 2459 RFQ
A0081131 aap aap 14"" nbr wafer butterfly valve nickel ductile iron disc & g/o vwx35 1157 RFQ
A0077638 aap aap 3/4"" nyglass camlock type-b female x bsp male cng20b 1383 RFQ
A0081058 aap aap 2"" cast iron flanged gate valve non-rising stem table-e vcig50e 1781 RFQ
A0078026 aap aap 2"" x 1-1/2"" flanged eccentric reducer type-d galvanised ire5040 1712 RFQ
A0127458 champion champion 4401 solder-on tail 1/8"" fitting - pack of 10 2570 RFQ
A0081666 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" forged steel globe valve npt class 800 vgl80015 2741 RFQ
A0079768 aap aap 1/2"", 15mm high pressure socket weld pu15s 2162 RFQ
A0077431 aap aap 1/4"" (8mm) x 27mm heavy pipe close nipple black steel spn08cl 2210 RFQ
A0078382 aap aap 2"" long radius 45í elflow buttweld sgp jis 2311 wzef50 2805 RFQ
A0081086 aap aap 50mm, 2"" cast steel flanged gate valve ansi 150 vga15050 1336 RFQ
A0076565 aap aap 1/4"", 8mm weld nipple bsp 316 stainless steel sswn08 1322 RFQ
A0080354 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" gas brass ball valve w/ locking handle aga vgas15l 2225 RFQ
A0070331 dixon dixon gvrc1161-065 65mm flanged os & y gate valve cast iron 2770 RFQ
A0078090 aap aap 3"" foot valve flanged type-d swing flap - stainless steel ssvf80 2887 RFQ
A0079163 aap aap 1/2"" x 1/4"" high pressure hexagon head bush npt gal pb1508g 1253 RFQ
A0080323 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" pvc ball valve screwed vpvc15 1748 RFQ
A0080679 aap aap 1/2"", 15mm 90í elflow buttweld 316/316l ss sch 10 swe1031615 1545 RFQ
A0077512 aap aap 1/2"" aluminium camlock coupler type-dc dust cap cal15dc 2497 RFQ
A0079883 aap aap 1/2"", 15mm high pressure coupling socket weld pstcp15s 1588 RFQ
A0080305 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" brass hose cock, watermark vbhc15 1792 RFQ
A0079688 aap aap 1/2"", 15mm high pressure threaded equal tee npt gal pt15g 1648 RFQ
A0081249 aap aap 50mm, 2"" wafer check valve - single disc vwsc50 2174 RFQ
A0081690 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" variable balancing valve bal15 2412 RFQ
A0080056 aap aap 2"" (50mm) roll groove 45í elflow - painted gef50 2098 RFQ
A0079903 aap aap 1/2"", 15mm 90í high pressure elflow socket weld pste15s 1037 RFQ
A0079676 aap aap 1/8"", 6mm high pressure threaded equal tee npt black pt06 1336 RFQ
A0081122 aap aap 2"" nbr wafer butterfly valve w/ stainless steel disc vw50 1453 RFQ
A0077970 aap aap 3"" loose flanged 90í elflow type-d (std) galvanised iel90-80h 2402 RFQ
A0077525 aap aap 1/2"" aluminium camlock adapter type-dp dust plug cal15dp 2872 RFQ
A0080360 aap aap 2"" gas ball valve m/f brass lockable lever vgasmf50l 2367 RFQ
A0080511 aap aap 10mm, 3/8"" stainless filter vss10 1606 RFQ
A0078000 aap aap 3"" x 1-1/2"" loose flanged reducing elflow type-d galvanised ier8040 2740 RFQ
A0080485 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" brass foot valve vbf15 1628 RFQ
A0081390 aap aap 100mm, 4"" resilient gate valve clockwise table-e vrscc100e 2250 RFQ

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