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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Pipes, Tubes And Fittings. Within this category are industrial parts such as A0076084, A0080443, A0080046, A0081067, A0080437 and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly for Pipes, Tubes And Fittings, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for Pipes, Tubes and Fittings

Aap Dixon Champion

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
A0076084 aap aap 1/4"" (8mm) x 40mm elflow m/f galvanised steel semf08g 2739 RFQ
A0080443 aap aap 50mm, 2"" bronze shouldered gate valve t - lever vbzg50s 1695 RFQ
A0080046 aap aap 1"" (25mm) roll groove 90í elflow - painted ge25 1488 RFQ
A0081067 aap aap 100mm, 4"" gate valve solid wedge non- rising stem table-d vcig94d 1910 RFQ
A0080437 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" bronze gate valve screwed vbzg15 2303 RFQ
A0076095 aap aap 1/2"" (15mm) x 22mm elflow f/f galvanised steel sef15g 1778 RFQ
A0078301 aap aap 2"" x 1"" reducing tee buttweld std astm a234 wt5025 1684 RFQ
A0078482 aap aap 3/4"" long radius 45í elflow buttweld x-stg astm a234 wef20x 1065 RFQ
A0079211 aap aap 1/8"", 6mm high pressure threaded cap npt black pc06 1222 RFQ
A0081470 aap aap 50mm, 2"" resilient check valve flanged ball pn10 table-e vfbc50 1046 RFQ
A0078474 aap aap 1-1/2 "" short radius 90í elflow buttweld x-stg astm a234 we40srx 2152 RFQ
A0069250 dixon dixon bycv012 15 mm check valve spring-loaded inline york plastic stem 2978 RFQ
A0079728 aap aap 25 x 15mm high pressure reducing tee socket weld pt2515s 2582 RFQ
A0079039 aap aap 1/2"" slip-on plate flange sfppn1615 1001 RFQ
A0079903 aap aap 1/2"", 15mm 90í high pressure elflow socket weld pste15s 1037 RFQ
A0081301 aap aap 250mm, 10"" epdm rubber bellow flexible joint table-d rb250d 2704 RFQ
A0080108 aap aap 3 x 2"" (80 x 50mm) roll groove mechanical tee bsp gtm8050b 2699 RFQ
A0076072 aap aap 1/8"" (6mm) x 32mm elflow f/f galvanised steel se06g 1860 RFQ
A0081118 aap aap 50mm, 2"" cast steel flanged check valve ansi-300 vsc30050 2378 RFQ
A0081408 aap aap 3"" resilient gate valve acc w/ spindle cap table-c vrsacc80c 2072 RFQ
A0067608 dixon dixon 08/062/114/00lo 3/4"" ball valve lockout female bsp x female bsp 2971 RFQ
A0077650 aap aap 3/4"" nyglass camlock coupler type-d female x bsp female cng20d 2919 RFQ
A0071337 dixon dixon ss2p006 6mm 2-piece locking ball valve 316 stainless steel 2043 RFQ
A0079863 aap aap 20 x 15mm high pressure hexagon head bush bspt stainless 316 pstb2015b 2741 RFQ
A0067601 dixon dixon 08/062/108/00lo 1"" ball valve surelock sizes 3/8"" - 1-1/4"" npt 1183 RFQ
A0078733 aap aap 4"" slip-on weld steel plate flange as2129 table-d sfpd94 2918 RFQ
A0079710 aap aap 1/4"", 8mm high pressure equal tee socket weld pt08s 1586 RFQ
A0077668 aap aap 3/4"" nyglass camlock coupler type-dc dust cap cng20dc 1677 RFQ
A0080657 aap aap 1"", 25mm cap buttweld 316/316l ss sch 10 swc1031625 2826 RFQ
A0127458 champion champion 4401 solder-on tail 1/8"" fitting - pack of 10 2570 RFQ
A0076824 aap aap 1/4"" (8mm) 90í m/f bend galvanised malleable lbdmf08 2239 RFQ
A0079056 aap aap 2"" blind steel plate flange bs 4504 pn16 - sfppn1650b 1855 RFQ
A0080476 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" brass check valve y-type vbcy15 2633 RFQ
A0081351 aap aap 2"" stainless steel gate valve retainer type table-e vkgrs50 1452 RFQ
A0079749 aap aap 1/2"", 15mm high pressure threaded union npt gal pu15g 1701 RFQ
A0077940 aap aap 3"" fixed flanged 90í elflow type-d (sgp) galvanised ief90-80 2500 RFQ
A0079117 aap aap 6"" blind flat faced flange 4087 pn35 - 4087bpn3596 2059 RFQ
A0081672 aap aap 1/2"" forged steel globe valves socketweld class 800 vgl800sw15 1849 RFQ
A0079565 aap aap 15 x 25mm high pressure branch outlet w/ threaded end bspt black pot1525b 2805 RFQ
A0075719 aap aap 1/4"" (8mm) x 23.8mm black steel cap sc08 1588 RFQ
A0070650 dixon dixon mbvff006 6mm mini ball valve female - female bsp 1881 RFQ
A0081433 aap aap 150mm, 6"" resilient gate valve acc socket end table-c vrsacc150c/s 1466 RFQ
A0080291 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" brass ball valve 3-way l-port pn16 vbbtn315 1393 RFQ
A0080360 aap aap 2"" gas ball valve m/f brass lockable lever vgasmf50l 2367 RFQ
A0078885 aap aap 1"" screwed flange ansi b16.5 c150 bsp pfsb25 1520 RFQ
A0076921 aap aap 1/4"" (8mm) 90í m/f reducing elflow gal malleable iron lemf08 2686 RFQ
A0081660 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" forged steel gate valve socketweld class 800 vga800sw15 1721 RFQ
A0127451 champion a0127451 champion 2602 bsp hexagon socket 1/4"" fitting - pack of 5 2085 RFQ
A0081263 aap aap 50mm, 2"" 316 stainless steel wafer check valve dual disc vwcss50a 2803 RFQ
A0071731 dixon dixon vgb3-8 8mm 3-way globe valve bronze 2153 RFQ
A0080331 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" pvc ball valve socket vpvc15s 1837 RFQ
A0080398 aap aap 1/2"" dr brass ball valve ext. spindle aga watermark vbbd15el 2260 RFQ
A0081080 aap aap 4"" cast iron flanged gate valve-rising stem table-d vcigrs94d 2415 RFQ
A0076525 aap aap 1/8"", 6mm equal tee bsp 316 stainless steel sst06 2701 RFQ
A0079897 aap aap 1/2"", 15mm 90í elflow high pressure threaded bspt stainless 316 pste15b 2947 RFQ
A0127474 champion champion 7101 tank collar 1/8"" x 1/2"" fitting - pack of 10 2109 RFQ
A0080457 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" brass gate valve flanged vbgf15 1761 RFQ
A0081434 aap aap 2"" anti-clockwise handle for resilient gate valve vrsh50acc 1722 RFQ
A0075881 aap aap 1/2"" (15mm) black steel hexagon pap ssh15sh 2860 RFQ
A0078241 aap aap 1/2"" long radius 90í elflow buttweld std astm a234 we15 1284 RFQ
A0078829 aap aap 1/2"" blind flange ansi b16.5 c150 pfb15 1978 RFQ
A0080109 aap aap 3 x 2"" (80 x 50mm) roll groove mechanical tee gtm8050 1391 RFQ
A0079063 aap aap 1"" screwed flange bsp thread bs 4504 pn16 sfpn16b25 1181 RFQ
A0080384 aap aap 1/2"" dr brass ball valve lockable ss lever aga watermark vbbd15l 2019 RFQ
A0076284 aap aap 1/4"" x 1/8"" bushing bsp 316 stainless steel ssb0806 2198 RFQ
A0076565 aap aap 1/4"", 8mm weld nipple bsp 316 stainless steel sswn08 1322 RFQ
A0077084 aap aap 3/4"" x 1/2"" reducing tee gal malleable iron lt2015 2674 RFQ
A0079942 aap aap 1/4"", 8mm equal tee high pressure threaded npt stainless 316 pstt08 2804 RFQ
A0127477 champion champion 101 suit 1/8"" copper fitting - pack of 10 2520 RFQ
A0075730 aap aap 1/4"" (8mm) x 47mm steel cross black steel scr08 2071 RFQ
A0127473 champion a0127473 champion 6402 bsp hex taper plug 1/4"" fitting - pack of 5 1060 RFQ
A0127448 champion champion 201 standard compression nut 1/8"" fitting 1645 RFQ
A0080102 aap aap 4"" (100mm) roll groove flange adaptor - painted gfa94 2110 RFQ
A0080354 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" gas brass ball valve w/ locking handle aga vgas15l 2225 RFQ
A0076466 aap aap 1/2"" x 100mm welded pipe bsp 316/316l ss sched 40 sspn1594 1313 RFQ
A0081678 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" npt forged steel piston check valve class-800 vcp80015 1359 RFQ
A0075949 aap aap 1/4"" (8mm) x 42mm black union steel f/f steel/bronze su08sb 2444 RFQ
A0078138 aap aap 3/4"" x 1/2"" concentric reducer buttweld std astm a234 wcr2015 2442 RFQ
A0078950 aap aap 1/2"" socket weld flange ansi b16.5 c300 p3f15s 1075 RFQ
A0076545 aap aap 1/8"", 6mm unions f/f bsp 316 stainless steel ssu06 1752 RFQ
A0078982 aap aap 1"" weld neck flange ansi b16.5 c600 p6fw25x 1486 RFQ
A0079505 aap aap 1/2"", 15mm high pressure cross over nipple pn15bn 1245 RFQ
A0071766 dixon dixon vgscv-60 50 mm x 60.3mm grooved swing check valve ductile iron 1897 RFQ
A0080178 aap aap 4"" (100mm) roll groove flange adaptor - galvanised gfa94g 1842 RFQ
A0078876 aap aap 1/2"" screwed flange ansi b16.5 c150 npt pfs15 2501 RFQ
A0071705 dixon dixon vg172-osy-e65 65 mm flanged os&y gate valve ductile iron 2218 RFQ
A0081666 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" forged steel globe valve npt class 800 vgl80015 2741 RFQ
A0080085 aap aap 2 x 1-1/2"" roll groove concentric reducer - painted gcr5040 1175 RFQ
A0077792 aap aap 1/2"" stainless camlock coupler type-d female x bsp female css15d 2260 RFQ
A0080608 aap aap 15mm, 1/2"" stainless steel 3 piece spring check valve ss3cv15 2950 RFQ
A0075939 aap aap 1/4"" (8mm) x 56mm black union steel m/f steel/steel su08mfss 2399 RFQ
A0127469 champion a0127469 champion 4605 solder-on single union 5/16 x 1/8"" fitting - pack of 3 2206 RFQ
A0076557 aap aap 1/4"", 8mm unions m/f bsp 316 stainless steel ssu08mf 2442 RFQ
A0080870 aap aap 1"", 25mm equal tee buttweld 304/304l ss sch 40 swt4030425 2004 RFQ
A0077980 aap aap 3"" fixed flanged 45í elflow type-d (std) galvanised ief45-80h 1016 RFQ
A0081185 aap aap 14"" epdm lugged butterfly valve with gear-op vwlgex35ss 2780 RFQ
A0078382 aap aap 2"" long radius 45í elflow buttweld sgp jis 2311 wzef50 2805 RFQ
A0078368 aap aap 2"" long radius 90í elflow buttweld sgp jis 2311 wze50 2547 RFQ
A0081199 aap aap 4"" nbr lugged butterfly valve table-d vwlg94d 1105 RFQ
A0081020 aap aap 110v ac om-3 electric actuator vom3110vac 1068 RFQ

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