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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Photoelectric Sensors. Within this category are industrial parts such as FHDK 14P5104 S35A, LTR-D04MA-NMK-403, 267075-0080, 134129, 267075-100025 and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly for Photoelectric Sensors, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for Photoelectric Sensors

Baumer Contrinex Pepperl Fuchs
Takex Autonics Carlo Gavazzi
Leuze Idec Mwa Warehouse Assembly

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
FHDK 14P5104 S35A baumer baumer fhdk 14p5104/s35a photoelectric sensor, diffuse, background supp. 2903 RFQ
LTR-D04MA-NMK-403 contrinex contrinex photoelectric sensor, tubular, smooth, diffuse, visible red light emission, 0-24mm sensing distance, light-on, pnp, 3-wire, pigtail. 2724 RFQ
267075-0080 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 267075-0080 photoelectric, dc, background suppression, led, 1878 RFQ
134129 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 134129 photoelectric, light on/dark on, retroreflective, 2976 RFQ
267075-100025 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 267075-100025 photoelectric, dc, retroreflective, laser, 1287 RFQ
LTR-M05MA-NLK-403 contrinex contrinex photoelectric sensor, tubular, threaded, diffuse, visible red light emission, 0-60mm sensing distance, light-on, pnp, 3-wire, pigtail. 2952 RFQ
F71R takex takex f71r fiber optic sensor, npn, din rail, ultra thin, 1142 RFQ
267075-100115 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 267075-100115 photoelectric, dc, thru-beam (receiver), laser, 1655 RFQ
BH300-DDT autonics autonics bh300-ddt photoelectric, diffuse reflective, 300m, 12-24vdc, 1070 RFQ
PA18CAD10NAM1SA carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi pa18cad10nam1sa photoelectric, diffuse-reflective, m18 axial, 1066 RFQ
OADM 20U2441 S14C baumer baumer oadm 20u2441/s14c dist. laser pt. sensor, 30-70mm rng, analog o/p, 1616 RFQ
DLN-S15RMV-J takex photo sensor, 150mm, npn, middle, bgs/fgs selector 12-24vdc, light on/dark on, m8 connector, ip67 2490 RFQ
421144 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 421144 photoelectric, npn/pnp, dc, retroreflective, pol, 1781 RFQ
PA18CRT16PAM1SA carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi pa18crt16pam1sa photoelectric, thru-beam, m18 radial, 1079 RFQ
267075-0088 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 267075-0088 photoelectric, dc, background suppression, laser, 1110 RFQ
912568 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 912568 luminescence sensor, 190mm sensing, discrete 2183 RFQ
267075-100149 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 267075-100149 photoelectric, dc, measuring, led, 2692 RFQ
OADM 12I7460 S35A baumer baumer oadm 12i7460/s35a dist. laser pt. sensor, 16-120 mm rng, analog o/p, 1351 RFQ
50133591 leuze leuze 50133591 diffuse sensor w/background suppression 1663 RFQ
267075-0078 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 267075-0078 photoelectric, dc, background evaluation, led, 2119 RFQ
50127064 leuze leuze 50127064 diffuse sensor w/background suppression 1302 RFQ
PA18CAR65PASA carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi pa18car65pasa photoelectric, retro-reflective, m18 axial, 1771 RFQ
LBFS 01111.0 baumer baumer lbfs 01111.0 level switch, replace vibrating fork switches 2044 RFQ
50127030 leuze leuze 50127030 polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensor 1689 RFQ
GR02SPN takex takex gr02spn photoelectric sensor, diffuse reflective, pnp, 1348 RFQ
911618 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 911618 photoelectric, light on/dark on, retroreflective, 1314 RFQ
FHDK 14N5101 S35A baumer baumer fhdk 14n5101/s35a photoelectric sensor, diffuse, background supp. 1975 RFQ
UM-Z3SV takex takex um-z3sv embedded amplifier photoelectric, diffuse reflect, 2407 RFQ
LD30ETBI10BPM5IO carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi ld30etbi10bpm5io photoelectric time of flight sensor, steel housing 1561 RFQ
50133738 leuze leuze 50133738 polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensor 2389 RFQ
50129384 leuze leuze 50129384 diffuse sensor w/background suppression, 2339 RFQ
LLR-D04MA-NMS-302 contrinex contrinex photoelectric sensor, tubular, smooth, stainless steel housing, through-beam receiver, 0-600mm sensing distance, dark-on, npn, 3-wire, 3-pin m8 quick-disconnect. 2141 RFQ
GS5SN takex photoelectric sensor, diffuse reflective, npn, infrared led, 70mm range, 12/24vdc, cable 2606 RFQ
909112 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 909112 photoelectric, light on/dark on, diffuse mode, 2860 RFQ
267075-100004 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 267075-100004 photoelectric, dc, retroreflective, led, 1302 RFQ
50129398 leuze leuze 50129398 diffuse sensor w/background suppression, 1156 RFQ
PA18CRD08PAM1SA carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi pa18crd08pam1sa photoelectric, diffuse-reflective, m18 radial, 1906 RFQ
DLN-S4RV takex takex dln-s4rv photo sensor, 40mm, npn, short, bgs/fgs selector, 1848 RFQ
50117361 leuze leuze 50117361 polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensor 1809 RFQ
SA1E-BN1C idec idec sa1e-bn1c photoelectric, npn, light on, background, 2652 RFQ
PA18CRP40PAM1SA carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi pa18crp40pam1sa photoelectric, retro-refl., polarized, m18 radial, 1444 RFQ
DLN-S4RVP-J takex takex dln-s4rvp-j photo sensor, 40mm, pnp, short, bgs/fgs selector, 2248 RFQ
PA18CAD04PAM1WS carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi pa18cad04pam1ws photoelectric, diffuse-reflective, ?18mm, 1202 RFQ
50129386 leuze leuze 50129386 diffuse sensor w/background suppression, 2336 RFQ
MWA-DM-VT18 mwa warehouse assembly mwa warehouse assembly mwa-dm-vt18 diffuse mode sensor kit; includes sensor 1199 RFQ
DLN-S20RMVP takex takex dln-s20rmvp photo sensor, 200mm, pnp, middle, bgs/fgs selector 1126 RFQ
905787 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 905787 photoelectric, light on/dark on, background, 2918 RFQ
F70RPN takex takex f70rpn fiber optic sensor, digital display, pnp, 1469 RFQ
212481 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 212481 distance photoelectric sensor, laser, 8m distance 2783 RFQ
OADM 13T6475 S35A baumer baumer oadm 13t6475/s35a dist. laser pt. sensor, 50-350mm rng, rs232 o/p, 1700 RFQ
PA18CAP50NAM1SA carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi pa18cap50nam1sa photoelectric, retro-refl., polarized, m18 axial, 2834 RFQ
DLN-S5RV-J takex photo sensor, 50mm, npn, short, bgs/fgs selector, 12-24vdc, light on/dark on, m8 connector, ip67 2466 RFQ
267075-0083 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 267075-0083 photoelectric, dc, background evaluation, led, 1674 RFQ
DLN-S20RMV-J takex takex dln-s20rmv-j photo sensor, 200mm, npn, middle, bgs/fgs selector 2163 RFQ
182433 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 182433 photoelectric, mini, background suppression, 2110 RFQ
OADM 20U2472 S14C baumer baumer oadm 20u2472/s14c dist. laser pt. sensor, 50-300mm rng, analog o/p 2256 RFQ
LTR-D04MA-NMS-301 contrinex contrinex photoelectric sensor, tubular, smooth, diffuse, visible red light emission, 0-24mm sensing distance, light-on, npn, 3-wire, 3-pin m8 quick-disconnect. 2225 RFQ
267075-0119 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 267075-0119 photoelectric, dc, retroreflective, led, 2344 RFQ
807157 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 807157 photoelectric sensor, thru-beam 1609 RFQ
DLN-S3RVP takex takex dln-s3rvp photo sensor, 30mm, pnp, short, bgs/fgs selector, 1269 RFQ
DLN-S20RMVP-J takex takex dln-s20rmvp-j photo sensor, 200mm, pnp, middle, bgs/fgs selector 2799 RFQ
267075-100034 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 267075-100034 photoelectric, dc, clear object retro, led, 2047 RFQ
267075-100110 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 267075-100110 photoelectric, dc, thru-beam (emitter), led, 1012 RFQ
FHDK 10P5101 S35A baumer baumer fhdk 10p5101/s35a photoelectric sensor, diffuse, background supp. 1854 RFQ
418075 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 418075 photoelectric sensor, color mark, static mode 2835 RFQ
253403 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 253403 detection sensor, 2-d laser scan, 0.2-10m, 1692 RFQ
OADM 20U5471 S14C baumer baumer oadm 20u5471/s14c dist. laser pt. sensor, 100-500mm rng, analog o/p 2730 RFQ
50116859 leuze leuze 50116859 photoelectric, pnp, light on/dark on, retrorefl, 2406 RFQ
PA18CAP50PAM1SA carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi pa18cap50pam1sa photoelectric, retro-refl., polarized, m18 axial, 2619 RFQ
267075-100182 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 267075-100182 photoelectric, dc, distance, led, 2011 RFQ
BH1M-DDT autonics autonics bh1m-ddt photoelectric, diffuse reflective, 1m, 12-24vdc, 1938 RFQ
OADM 20U2460 S14C baumer baumer oadm 20u2460/s14c dist. laser pt. sensor, 30-130mm rng, analog o/p 1676 RFQ
BS5-Y2M autonics autonics bs5-y2m photoelectric sensor, thru-beam, y-shape, 5mm, 1845 RFQ
OADM 21I6480 S14F baumer baumer oadm 21i6480/s14f dist. laser pt. sensor, 100-600mm rng, analog o/p 1796 RFQ
BEN10M-TFR autonics autonics ben10m-tfr photoelectric sensor, thru-beam, compact, 10m, 1585 RFQ
267075-0065 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 267075-0065 photoelectric, dc, background suppression, led, 2793 RFQ
911541 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 911541 photoelectric sensor, slot for label detection 2715 RFQ
PA18ALD04TOSA carlo gavazzi photoelectric, diffuse-reflective, ?18mm, 20-250vac, 400mm range, scr no, needs m12 cbl ip67 2658 RFQ
183439 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 183439 photoelectric, light on/dark on, diffused, backgr, 1849 RFQ
PA18CAT20PAM1SA carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi pa18cat20pam1sa photoelectric, thru-beam, m18 axial, 2487 RFQ
UM-TL50T takex takex um-tl50t photoelectric sensor, transmitter, thru-beam, npn, 2385 RFQ
DLN-S15RMVP takex takex dln-s15rmvp photo sensor, 150mm, pnp, middle, bgs/fgs selector 2036 RFQ
OADM 20U5470 S14C baumer baumer oadm 20u5470/s14c dist. laser pt. sensor, 50-250mm rng, analog o/p 2444 RFQ
OADM 13S7580 S35A baumer baumer oadm 13s7580/s35a dist. laser line sensor, 50-550mm rng, rs485 o/p, 2242 RFQ
50129378 leuze leuze 50129378 diffuse sensor w/background suppression 2210 RFQ
50129411 leuze leuze 50129411 polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensor 2060 RFQ
909114 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 909114 photoelectric sensor, diffuse mode 1330 RFQ
267075-100102 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 267075-100102 photoelectric, dc, thru-beam (receiver), led, 2209 RFQ
FHCK 07N6901 baumer baumer fhck 07n6901 photoelectric snsor, minos, background suppression 2856 RFQ
PA18CRP40PASA carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi pa18crp40pasa photoelectric, retro-refl., polarized, m18 radial, 1809 RFQ
50137049 leuze leuze 50137049 diffuse sensor w/background suppression 2878 RFQ
NA-R10 takex photoelectric sensor, power supply, diffuse, reflective, relay, ip66, terminal block, 1m, range 2227 RFQ
50110769 leuze leuze 50110769 forked photoelectric sensor, potentiometer, 1450 RFQ
50127065 leuze leuze 50127065 diffuse sensor w/background suppression 2722 RFQ
FLDK 110G1003 S42 baumer baumer fldk 110g1003/s42 photoelectric laser copy counter, push-pull, 1948 RFQ
PA18CLD04TOSA carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi pa18cld04tosa photoelectric, diffuse-reflective, ?18mm, 2967 RFQ
OADM 20I2472 S14C baumer baumer oadm 20i2472/s14c dist. laser pt. sensor, 50-300mm rng, analog o/p 1969 RFQ
DLN-S10RV takex takex dln-s10rv photo sensor, 100mm, npn, short, bgs/fgs selector 2622 RFQ
912574 pepperl fuchs pepperl+fuchs 912574 luminescence sensor, 609mm sensing, discrete 1569 RFQ
PA18CAT20PASA carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi pa18cat20pasa photoelectric, thru-beam, m18 axial, 1859 RFQ

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