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To further ease the procurement process, many of the product categories feature corresponding subcategories to narrow down your options even more. One of these subcategories is Threading, which consists of A0130035, A0130021, A0130041, A0130057, A0130106 and many other top quality parts. Industrial Part Sphere, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, offers more than two billion new and obsolete parts for the industrial and automation markets.

Each of these parts is available with short lead times and competitive prices, as Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our purchasing power to secure better shipping times and lower costs on all parts. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced through our international supply chain network that spans the United States and Canada. To begin the purchasing process immediately, submit an RFQ today. Our dedicated account managers are standing by at all times and will respond to your inquiries in 15 minutes or less, 24/7/365.

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
A0130035 asada asada sd89046 dies alloy 1/4-3/8"" bspt 2339 RFQ
A0130021 asada asada sd89016 dies alloy 1/2"" unc 2546 RFQ
A0130041 asada asada sd89053 dies hss 1/4-3/8"" bspt 1293 RFQ
A0130057 asada asada sd89110 dies metric conduit 16mm - 20mm 1027 RFQ
A0130106 asada asada sdh10126 diehead m8 - m24 left hand suits btm1 & btm25 2094 RFQ
A0130075 asada asada sd89228 dies alloy 2 1/2-3"" bspt (ast automatic) 1310 RFQ
A0130060 asada asada sd89157 dies hss 1/2-3/4"" bspt 1488 RFQ
A0130069 asada asada sd89192 dies alloy m27 suits pipe machines 2854 RFQ
A0130025 asada asada sd89024 dies alloy 1/2 - 3/4"" bsps (parallel) 2875 RFQ
A0130103 asada asada sd89249 dies hss 2 1/2 - 3"" bspt (ast automatic) 2932 RFQ
A0130011 asada asada sd18542 dies l/h hss 12mm 2463 RFQ
A0130051 asada asada sd89100 dies alloy 1/4-3/8"" npt 2582 RFQ
A0130080 asada asada sdas087 dies alloy 1"" bspt suits ast-1 & b25 1964 RFQ
A0130085 asada asada sdh52200 diehead 2 1/2 - 3"" bspt (automatic) 1331 RFQ
A0129995 asada asada sd18503 dies hss 5/16+ bsw 2845 RFQ
A0130044 asada asada sd89079 dies alloy 5/16"" bsw 1530 RFQ
A0130015 asada asada sd89001 dies alloy m8 1131 RFQ
A0130108 asada asada sdh10147 diehead 1/2 - 1 1/4"" bsps (parallel) 1850 RFQ
A0130109 asada asada sdh10157 diehead 1 1/2 - 3"" bsps ; met cond 40-63mm 1310 RFQ
A0130063 asada asada sd89164 dies l/h alloy 8mm 1214 RFQ
A0130074 asada asada sd89200 dies alloy 2"" bsw suits pipe machines 1782 RFQ
A0130105 asada asada sdh10118 diehead m8 - m24 right hand suits btm1 & btm25 1003 RFQ
A0130102 asada asada sd59966 dies hss 2 1/2 - 4"" bspt (automatic) 1955 RFQ
A0130114 asada asada sdhbe001 diehead 1/2+ - 2+ bspt automatic (beaver) 2097 RFQ
A0130029 asada asada sd89038 dies alloy 3/8"" unf 2667 RFQ
A0130084 asada asada sd59912 dies alloy 2 1/2- 4"" npt (ast automatic) 1994 RFQ
A0130101 asada asada sd18512-p dies hss 1 1/2"" bsw suits pipe machines 1873 RFQ
A0130110 asada asada sdh10158 diehead m10 - m24 suits pipe machine 2661 RFQ
A0130112 asada asada sdhas109 diehead 1/4-3/8 bspt, 3/8-1 bsw suits b25 pipe machines 2900 RFQ
A0130104 asada asada sd89250 dies hss 2 1/2 - 3"" npt (ast automatic) 2978 RFQ
A0130111 asada asada sdh63090 diehead 1/2 - 2"" bspt & npt 2079 RFQ
A0130107 asada asada sdh10127 diehead 2-3"" bspt 1348 RFQ
A0130002 asada asada sd18522 dies hss m8 2278 RFQ
A0130113 asada asada sdhas110 diehead m10 - m24 suits b25 pipe machines only 1257 RFQ
A0130082 asada asada sd18512-b dies hss 1 1/2"" bsw suits btm2 2733 RFQ
GRIP-TUTAPNDDIEMETRI grip tungsten tap and die metric - 45 pieces 1483 RFQ
A0123962 grip grip tungsten tap and die metric set, 40 pieces 1919 RFQ
A0123963 grip grip tungsten tap and die imperial set, 40 pieces 2934 RFQ
A0123964 grip grip tungsten tap and die metric set, 45 pieces 1227 RFQ
GRIP-TUTAPNDDIEMETRI grip tungsten tap and die metric - 40 pieces 1358 RFQ
A0123965 grip grip tungsten tap and die imperial set, 45 pieces 1444 RFQ
A0107910 maxigear maxigear #0 suits m1.0 - m2.8 t type solid jaw tap wrench 1373 RFQ
A0107919 maxigear maxigear 330mm #2 suits m3-m6 t type ratcheting extra long tap wrench 2276 RFQ
A0107903 maxigear maxigear 175mm #1-1/2 1-1/2 1-12mm tap capacity bar type tap wrench 1415 RFQ
A0107917 maxigear maxigear #2 suits 3 - 6mm t type ratcheting tap wrench 1180 RFQ
A0107914 maxigear maxigear 330mm #2 suits m4 - m8 t type extra long tap wrench 1410 RFQ
A0112489 maxigear maxigear m3 x 0.5mm combination drill & tap 1/4"" hex 2409 RFQ
A0001406 p and amp n p&n 2672202 metric 16mm warragul die guide #1 - conduit - carbon steel 2237 RFQ
A0001400 p and amp n p&n 2672104 bspt 1/8"" warragul die guide #1 - carbon steel 2003 RFQ
A0001410 p and amp n p&n 3003904 9 piece metric warragul die set - conduit - m16-m32 - carbon steel 1318 RFQ
A0132439 p and amp n p&n 267040210 workshop wrench ratchet (m3 - m10) 2476 RFQ
A0001411 p and amp n p&n 3003931 7 piece imperial bspt warragul die set - carbon steel 1997 RFQ
A0001389 p and amp n p&n 2662808 16mm x 1.5mm warragul die #1 - metric - conduit - carbon steel 2227 RFQ
A0132144 p and amp n p&n 166044656 1/4"" t-handle tap wrench m3-m6 - carded 2439 RFQ
A0132161 p and amp n p&n 166044653 unc hand tap set (taper/inter/bottom) 3/16,1/4,5/16 carbon steel 1429 RFQ
A0132351 p and amp n p&n 267001030 m3 x 0.5mm - drill 2.5mm workshop carbon tap and drill set 1955 RFQ
A0132441 p and amp n p&n 267040312 workshop tap wrench (m3 - m12) 2688 RFQ
A0001412 p and amp n p&n 3003959 12 piece imperial bspt warragul die set - carbon steel 1942 RFQ
A0001413 p and amp n p&n 3007757 2 3/8"" warragul ratchet die holder #1 - carbon steel 2120 RFQ
A0132358 p and amp n p&n 267040106 workshop 1/4"" wrench t-bar (m3 - m6) 2606 RFQ
A0132160 p and amp n p&n 166044652 metric hand tap set (taper/interm/bottom) m5,m6,m8 carbon steel 2465 RFQ
A0132437 p and amp n p&n 267013103 metric workshop carbon die set (m5x0.8, m6x1.0, m8x1.25mm) 3 pce 2362 RFQ
A0132164 p and amp n p&n 166044658 1"" od button die holder 1296 RFQ
A0132162 p and amp n p&n 166044654 3 piece metric button die set - 1"" od - carbon steel 1445 RFQ
A0132440 p and amp n p&n 267041325 workshop 1"" die holder 2741 RFQ
A0132438 p and amp n p&n 267013203 imperial workshop carbon die set (5/16, 1/4, 3/16'') 3 pce 1819 RFQ
A0132163 p and amp n p&n 166044655 3 piece imperial unc button die set - 1"" od - carbon steel 1001 RFQ
A0132435 p and amp n p&n 267003103 metric workshop carbon tap set (m5x0.8, m6x1.0, m8x1.25mm) 3 pce 1892 RFQ
A0001393 p and amp n p&n 2671706 1/8"" x 28 tpi warragul die #1 - bspt - carbon steel 2201 RFQ
A0132158 p and amp n p&n 166044650 metric tap and die set 40 piece - carbon steel 1223 RFQ
A0132159 p and amp n p&n 166044651 unc/unf tap and die set 40 piece - carbon steel 1721 RFQ
A0132436 p and amp n p&n 267003203 imperial workshop carbon tap set (5/16, 1/4, 3/16'') 3 pce 1094 RFQ
A0012569 recoil recoil rc45055 tap m5-0.8 intermediate 1900 RFQ
A0012568 recoil recoil rc43124 tap unc 3/4-10 taper 2259 RFQ
A0012572 recoil recoil rc45086 tap m8-1.25 bottoming 1592 RFQ
A0012566 recoil recoil rc43086 tap unc 1/2-13 bottoming 2055 RFQ
A0012565 recoil recoil rc43085 tap unc 1/2-13 intermediate 2318 RFQ
A0104767 stahlwille stahlwille ratchet tap holder #1 m3-m8 steel, chrome plated sw12915 1546 RFQ
A0011177 sutton tools sutton m2192540 unc 1-8 hand tap set (taper/interm/bottom) tca 1733 RFQ
A0011645 sutton tools sutton m4190476 bsw 3/16"" x 24 tpi - 1-1/2"" od button die - carbon steel 1913 RFQ
A0011902 sutton tools sutton m564nf18 unf tap and die set - button dies - hss 1002 RFQ
A0012873 sutton tools sutton t1052400 metric m24 x 3 spiral point tap - hsse v3 tin 1011 RFQ
A0013039 sutton tools sutton t1411200 x 1.75 spiral point tap - hsse v3 tiain 1113 RFQ
A0013074 sutton tools sutton t1480600 metric m6 x 1 spiral point tap - cobalt steel ticn 1770 RFQ
A0013309 sutton tools sutton t1680635 unc 1/4 x 20 spiral point tap - hsse v3 blue 1499 RFQ
A0013887 sutton tools sutton t2480604 tap mf 6 x 0.75 6h spiral r40 n din374 c hsse tin hsse v3 2985 RFQ
A0014287 sutton tools sutton t2970500 metric m5 x 0.8 straight flute tap - carbide ticn 2256 RFQ
A0014525 sutton tools sutton t3261200 m12 x 1.75 thread forming tap - 11% cobalt steel tiain 2013 RFQ
A0015366 sutton tools sutton t4350483 unf #10 x 32 straight flute tap - bottoming - hss tinite 2632 RFQ
A0131590 sutton tools sutton t6391000 metric m10 x 1.5 spiral flute tap r50 uni - pm-hsse v3 2831 RFQ
A0011053 sutton tools sutton m2041005 metric fine mf10 x 1 hand tap - taper - tungsten chrome 1870 RFQ
A0011440 sutton tools sutton m2413325 bspf 1 x 11 hand tap - intermediate - tungsten chrome 2422 RFQ
A0011832 sutton tools sutton m5510200 m2 x 0.4mm - 1"" od metric button die - hss - pro series 2651 RFQ
A0012883 sutton tools sutton t1071200 metric m12 x 1.75 spiral point tap - hsse v3 1344 RFQ
A0012952 sutton tools sutton t1180500 metric m5 x 0.8 spiral point tap - hsse v3 ticn 1331 RFQ
A0013077 sutton tools sutton t1491200 metric m12 x 1.75 spiral point tap - cobalt steel ticn 1602 RFQ
A0013478 sutton tools sutton t1870350 metric m3.5 x 0.6 spiral flute tap - r40 n - hsse v3 1387 RFQ
A0013581 sutton tools sutton t1992400 m24 x 3 spiral flute tap - r45 vadh - hsse v3 blue 2606 RFQ
A0013643 sutton tools sutton t2081200 m12 x 1.75 spiral flute tap r50 vapm ik - hsse v3 ticn 2557 RFQ
A0013776 sutton tools sutton t2390500 m5 x 0.8 spiral flute tap - r45 cu - hsse v3 crn 1505 RFQ

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