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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Limit/Position Switches. Within this category are industrial parts such as FR 515-M2R28, MY COM E75 80, 608.3000.297, 608.3000.315, 101152880 and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly for Limit/Position Switches, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for Limit/Position Switches

Pizzato Baumer Bernstein
Schmersal Idec

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
FR 515-M2R28 pizzato pizzato fr 515-m2r28 position switch w/roller piston plunger 2508 RFQ
MY COM E75 80 baumer baumer my com e75/80 limit switch, brass, 6mm, spherical hard metal tip 1572 RFQ
608.3000.297 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.297 limit switch, 2nc, slow action 1843 RFQ
608.3000.315 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.315 switch body only w/reset, latch, 1nc/1no, slow 1939 RFQ
101152880 schmersal schmersal 101152880 position switch, actuator, 1no/1nc, cable, m20 1401 RFQ
101155769 schmersal schmersal 101155769 safety switch, 9mm plunger 2075 RFQ
608.3000.229 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.229 limit switch, 1nc/1no, slow action 2540 RFQ
101062344 schmersal schmersal 101062344 safety switch, pull wire, tq 441 2286 RFQ
101082570 schmersal schmersal 101082570 limit switch, positive break, slow action 1435 RFQ
101092327 schmersal schmersal 101092327 position switch, positive open, slow action, 2nc, 1305 RFQ
600.8107.019 bernstein bernstein 600.8107.019 limit switch, actuator button, 1nc/1no, 240v, 10a, 1664 RFQ
FR 2093-D6 pizzato pizzato fr 2093-d6 safety switch w/separate actuator, 2920 RFQ
101168108 schmersal schmersal 101168108 position switch, positive break, slow, 1no/1nc, 2921 RFQ
FR 1154 pizzato pizzato fr 1154 position switch w/roller lever 2251 RFQ
101174560 schmersal schmersal 101174560 safety switch, heavy-duty, 3nc/1no, 230vac 2013 RFQ
101169651 schmersal schmersal 101169651 position switch, actuator, slow action, 2nc, 1054 RFQ
101159516 schmersal schmersal 101159516 safety switch, pull-wire, metal enclosure, 2nc, 1529 RFQ
608.3000.258 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.258 limit switch, 2no, snap action 2203 RFQ
FR 507 pizzato pizzato fr 507 position switch w/adjustable one-way roller 1764 RFQ
101166288 schmersal schmersal 101166288 safety switch, power to lock 2557 RFQ
MY COM C50 80 baumer baumer my com c50/80 limit switch, flat brass mounting, 2 hole mounting 2344 RFQ
608.3000.204 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.204 limit switch, plastic plunger, 2no, snap action 2258 RFQ
608.6136.037 bernstein bernstein 608.6136.037 limit switch, turret head, 1nc/1no, 240v, 10a, 1071 RFQ
101194497 schmersal schmersal 101194497 safety switch, heavy-duty, 3nc/1no, 24vac/dc 2456 RFQ
101156868 schmersal schmersal 101156868 safety switch,heavy-duty, 2nc/2no, 230vac 2397 RFQ
101192617 schmersal schmersal 101192617 safety switch, m23x1, quick connect, 9 pin, 8 pin 2734 RFQ
101136319 schmersal schmersal 101136319 safety switch, power to lock, 230 vac 2982 RFQ
101195645 schmersal schmersal 101195645 safety switch, heavy-duty, 4nc, 230vac 2226 RFQ
FR 269-M3 pizzato position switch w/adjustable glass fiber rod lever contact block 2 x(1no/1nc) 2366 RFQ
608.3000.221 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.221 limit switch, 1nc/1no, snap action 2285 RFQ
FR 692-D2 pizzato pizzato fr 692-d2 safety switch w/separate actuator 2571 RFQ
608.3000.227 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.227 limit switch, 1nc/1no overlapping, slow action 1574 RFQ
FR 1025 pizzato pizzato fr 1025 position switch w/coil spring 2176 RFQ
101140795 schmersal schmersal 101140795 safety switch, 24v ac/dc, 2nc, 2027 RFQ
101167202 schmersal schmersal 101167202 safety switch, heavy-duty, interlock switch 1562 RFQ
101092332 schmersal schmersal 101092332 limit switch, miniature, slow action, 2 nc 2765 RFQ
101091565 schmersal schmersal 101091565 limit switch, slow action, 2 no 1143 RFQ
101182692 schmersal schmersal 101182692 safety switch, solenoid, screw, 24 vac/dc 1952 RFQ
101165928 schmersal schmersal 101165928 limit switch, positive break, slow action 1212 RFQ
MY COM G75P 500 L baumer baumer my com g75p/500/l limit switch, brass, 8mm, nc/no(pnp/npn), ip50, 2332 RFQ
101174557 schmersal schmersal 101174557 safety switch, heavy-duty, 3nc/1no, 110vac 1673 RFQ
608.3000.233 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.233 limit switch, 2no, slow action 2424 RFQ
101091541 schmersal schmersal 101091541 limit switch, slow action, 2 nc 1844 RFQ
FR 993-D10 pizzato pizzato fr 993-d10 safety switch w/separate actuator 2812 RFQ
101101123 schmersal schmersal 101101123 limit switch, positive break, slow action, 2 nc 2683 RFQ
101112899 schmersal schmersal 101112899 limit switch, miniature, slow action, 2 no 2396 RFQ
101162635 schmersal schmersal 101162635 safety switch, swing door, 2 opener (nc) 1254 RFQ
FR 501-M2 pizzato pizzato fr 501-m2 position switch w/plunger 1289 RFQ
101164872 schmersal schmersal 101164872 position switch, mini, slow action, 1no/1nc, 2084 RFQ
FR 2093-M2 pizzato safety switch w/separate actuator 2845 RFQ
101155171 schmersal schmersal 101155171 safety switch, heavy-duty, 3nc/1no, 24vac/dc 2877 RFQ
101180289 schmersal schmersal 101180289 safety switch, spring pulley connection, 8 pin 1819 RFQ
608.3000.271 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.271 switch body only, 1nc/1no, slow action 2097 RFQ
101155141 schmersal schmersal 101155141 safety switch, hinge, metal enclosure, 1no/1nc, 1847 RFQ
FR 551 pizzato pizzato fr 551 position switch w/roller lever 1740 RFQ
608.3000.263 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.263 limit switch, 2nc, snap action 1759 RFQ
FR 607 pizzato pizzato fr 607 position switch w/adjustable one-way roller 1378 RFQ
101060418 schmersal schmersal 101060418 limit switch, positive break, slow action, 1no/1nc 2555 RFQ
101168785 schmersal schmersal 101168785 position switch, actuator, metal enclos, 1nc, 2882 RFQ
101167216 schmersal schmersal 101167216 limit switch, snap action positive break, 1no/1nc 2338 RFQ
608.3000.205 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.205 limit switch, plastic plunger, 2no, slow action 1438 RFQ
FR 215 pizzato position switch w/roller piston plunger, 2x 1no/1nc, polymer 2302 RFQ
FR 608 pizzato pizzato fr 608 position switch w/piston plunger 2925 RFQ
608.3000.272 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.272 switch body only, 1nc/1no, slow action 1741 RFQ
FR 592 pizzato pizzato fr 592 safety switch w/separate actuator 1967 RFQ
608.3000.259 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.259 limit switch, 2no, slow action 1496 RFQ
FR 2193-D1 pizzato safety switch w/separate actuator 2802 RFQ
101091574 schmersal schmersal 101091574 limit switch, slow action, 1no/1nc 1550 RFQ
101082568 schmersal schmersal 101082568 position switch, positive break, slow action, 2no, 1364 RFQ
101186205 schmersal schmersal 101186205 safety switch, heavy-duty, 2nc/2no, 24vac/dc 1353 RFQ
101171787 schmersal schmersal 101171787 safety switch, pull wire, tq 441 1598 RFQ
101168159 schmersal schmersal 101168159 limit switch, slow action, 1no/1nc 2409 RFQ
101060462 schmersal schmersal 101060462 limit switch, positive break, slow action, 2 nc 2271 RFQ
101160615 schmersal schmersal 101160615 safety switch, rotating spindle, metal enclosure, 2872 RFQ
608.3000.224 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.224 limit switch, 2nc, slow action 2119 RFQ
FR 692-D6A pizzato pizzato fr 692-d6a safety switch w/separate actuator 1641 RFQ
FR 5C2 pizzato pizzato fr 5c2 safety switch w/slotted hole lever 1538 RFQ
101167094 schmersal schmersal 101167094 limit switch, positive break, slow action, 2 nc 1570 RFQ
FR 2096-M1 pizzato pizzato fr 2096-m1 safety switch for hinged doors 1578 RFQ
FR 2193 pizzato safety switch w/separate actuator 1950 RFQ
608.3000.200 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.200 limit switch, plastic plunger, 1nc/1no snap action 2409 RFQ
608.3000.219 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.219 limit switch, 2no, slow action 1823 RFQ
608.3000.213 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.213 limit switch, metal plunger, 1nc/1no overlapping, 1262 RFQ
101159163 schmersal schmersal 101159163 limit switch, positive break, slow action, 2 nc 2074 RFQ
608.3000.274 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.274 switch body only, 1nc/1no, slow action 1773 RFQ
608.3000.210 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.210 limit switch, metal plunger, 2nc, slow action 2167 RFQ
FR 992-D1 pizzato safety switch w/separate actuator, 2nc, polymer, ip67 2961 RFQ
101157473 schmersal schmersal 101157473 safety switch, actuator, metal enclosure, 2nc, 2640 RFQ
101009673 schmersal schmersal 101009673 safety interlock switch, 3 nc 2920 RFQ
FR 520 pizzato position switch, coil spring w/plastic point 1263 RFQ
608.3000.291 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.291 switch body only w/m12, 2no, slow action 1455 RFQ
608.3000.246 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.246 limit switch, latching style, 1nc/1no, slow action 1970 RFQ
101164609 schmersal schmersal 101164609 safety switch, moveable guard, 2nc/2nc, 1311 RFQ
101136315 schmersal schmersal 101136315 safety switch, power to lock, 110 vac 2736 RFQ
608.3000.306 bernstein bernstein 608.3000.306 limit switch, 1nc/1no overlapping, slow action 1314 RFQ
101166282 schmersal schmersal 101166282 safety switch, actuator, thermo enclos, 1no/2nc, 2475 RFQ
FR 593 pizzato pizzato fr 593 safety switch w/separate actuator 1993 RFQ
101167208 schmersal schmersal 101167208 safety switch, heavy-duty, 2nc/2no, 230vac 2299 RFQ
101112913 schmersal schmersal 101112913 limit switch, slow action, 2 nc 1688 RFQ
HS7A-DMC7902 idec idec hs7a-dmc7902 safety interlock switch, cat. 4 safety, 2m cable 1524 RFQ

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