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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Lighting. Within this category are industrial parts such as GRO64621EA, GRO45333EA, TEC725211EA, TEC735365EA, GRO60101EA and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly for Lighting, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for Lighting

Grote Techspan Truck Lite

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
GRO64621EA grote grote 64621ea side mount worklamp 2395 RFQ
GRO45333EA grote grote 45333ea chrome cab marker lamp 1705 RFQ
TEC725211EA techspan techspan 725211ea 4.5"" rnd led spot light 2261 RFQ
TEC735365EA techspan techspan 735365ea 4419 red sealed beam 1406 RFQ
GRO60101EA grote grote 60101ea compact courtesy lamp 1900 RFQ
GRO632115EA grote grote 632115ea rect. rubber flood lamp 1210 RFQ
TKL27009 truck lite truck-lite 27009 clear 5""x7"" head lamp 2138 RFQ
TKL40204 truck lite truck-lite 40204 b.p. 4"" clear backup lamp 2979 RFQ
TKL81712 truck lite truck-lite 81712 7"" 12v led worklight 2441 RFQ
GRO61E81EA grote grote 61e81ea 12v led slimwhite 2971 RFQ
TEC725058EA techspan techspan 725058ea par 36 tractor lamp 2744 RFQ
GRO62151EA grote grote 62151ea stainless back up lamp 2283 RFQ
TKL20310Y truck lite truck-lite 20310y amber side turn indicator 2258 RFQ
GRO45593EA grote grote 45593ea amber metri-pack lamp kit 1005 RFQ
TKL1350A truck lite truck-lite 1350a amber replace bulb c/m 1596 RFQ
TKL97989 truck lite truck-lite 97989 blk rect rubber housing 1844 RFQ
TEC725257EA techspan techspan 725257ea blue led spot lamp 2644 RFQ
GRO47963EA grote grote 47963ea amber l.e.d. marker lamp 2007 RFQ
GRO46072EA grote grote 46072ea red sealed marker lamp 2659 RFQ
TKL80344 truck lite truck-lite 80344 b.p. flush mnt backup lamp 1944 RFQ
GRO45233EA grote grote 45233ea amb 14 series marker lamp 1023 RFQ
GRO60251EA grote grote 60251ea chrome courtesy lamp 1195 RFQ
TKL81702 truck lite truck-lite 81702 7"" 12v led worklight 1807 RFQ
TEC725040EA techspan techspan 725040ea par 46 tractor lamp 2239 RFQ
GRO61461EA grote grote 61461ea male pin dome lamp kit 1556 RFQ
GROG6151EA grote grote g6151ea led interior utility lamp 1053 RFQ
TEC725045EA techspan techspan 725045ea par 36 lamp housing 1567 RFQ
TEC722040EA techspan techspan 722040ea clear oval b/u lamp kit 1822 RFQ
GRO60561EA grote grote 60561ea 2"" led domelight 1973 RFQ
GRO61221EA grote grote 61221ea square dome lamp 2745 RFQ
GRO46543EA grote grote 46543ea amber cab marker lamp 2038 RFQ
TKL40004 truck lite truck-lite 40004 b.p. clear backup lamp kit 2542 RFQ
TEC725074EA techspan techspan 725074ea halogen 4x6 tractor lamp 2667 RFQ
GRO643715EA grote grote 643715ea halogen fog lamp kit 2140 RFQ
TEC723536EA techspan techspan 723536ea wht led searchlight 2582 RFQ
GRO64461EA grote grote 64461ea 24v steel tractor lamp 1950 RFQ
GRO645015EA grote grote 645015ea chrome off road lamp 1095 RFQ
PCR223190 procore procore 223190 pk/2 13w gu24 cfl 2806 RFQ
TKL80396 truck lite truck-lite 80396 rect rubber tractor lamp 1804 RFQ
TEC725057EA techspan techspan 725057ea par 46 tractor lamp 1440 RFQ
GRO62331EA grote grote 62331ea clear round lamp kit 1258 RFQ
TKL44346C truck lite truck-lite 44346c clr led lamp w/ blk flange 2866 RFQ
GRO46833EA grote grote 46833ea amber low profile marker 2484 RFQ
GRO46073EA grote grote 46073ea amber sealed marker lamp 2433 RFQ
TEC735241EA techspan techspan 735241ea clear 4"" round backup lamp 2973 RFQ
GRO64940EA grote grote 64940ea par 46 rubber lamp housing 1382 RFQ
GRO450035EA grote grote 450035ea amber marker lamp 2382 RFQ
TKL80340 truck lite truck-lite 80340 b.p. universal backup lamp 2171 RFQ
TEC731775EA techspan techspan 731775ea clear 8-1/4""repl. dome len 1969 RFQ
GRO45643EA grote grote 45643ea amber l.e.d. lamp kit 1919 RFQ
GRO52023EA grote grote 52023ea aero side turn black 2546 RFQ
TKL00874 truck lite truck-lite 00874 long lamp bracket 2448 RFQ
TKL20310C truck lite truck-lite 20310c clear flush mount dome lmp 2116 RFQ
PCR223165 procore procore 223165 pk/2 23w par38 cfl 1707 RFQ
GRO45603EA grote grote 45603ea amber l.e.d. lamp kit 2920 RFQ
PCR223130 procore procore 223130 9w type a cfl 2058 RFQ
TKL80351 truck lite truck-lite 80351 b.p. chrome 5"" dome lamp 1253 RFQ
TKL44439C truck lite truck-lite 44439c super 44 dome light 2518 RFQ
TKL40224 truck lite truck-lite 40224 clear 4"" backup lamp assem 1268 RFQ
GRO46791EA grote grote 46791ea clear marker lamp 1805 RFQ
TEC731056EA techspan techspan 731056ea red replacement lens 1580 RFQ
GRO61121EA grote grote 61121ea white led x-100 dome lamp 2418 RFQ
PCR223150 procore procore 223150 14w g25 globe style cfl 2890 RFQ
TKL40044 truck lite truck-lite 40044 clear 4"" backup lamp kit 1735 RFQ
GRO64611EA grote grote 64611ea top mount worklamp 2495 RFQ
GRO45433EA grote grote 45433ea amber oblong marker lamp 2319 RFQ
GRO64891EA grote grote 64891ea rect. worklamp 2702 RFQ
TEC731057EA techspan techspan 731057ea amber replacement lens 2403 RFQ
GRO45772EA grote grote 45772ea red l.e.d. lamp kit 1950 RFQ
GRO76083EA grote grote 76083ea amber 360 flashing lamp 2931 RFQ
TKL80350 truck lite truck-lite 80350 b.p. chrome 5"" dome lamp 1768 RFQ
GRO638215EA grote grote 638215ea par 36 led tractor lamp 2742 RFQ
GRO632215EA grote grote 632215ea rect. rubber spot lamp 2352 RFQ
TKL27010 truck lite truck-lite 27010 clear 4""x6"" head lamp 2846 RFQ
TEC725256EA techspan techspan 725256ea par 46 led hi-lo lamp 2425 RFQ
GRO47183EA grote grote 47183ea led cab marker lamp 1784 RFQ
GRO45993EA grote grote 45993ea amber cab marker lamp 2525 RFQ
TKL40203 truck lite truck-lite 40203 b.p. clear 4"" dome lamp 2249 RFQ
GRO62321EA grote grote 62321ea 24v sealed back-up lamp 2190 RFQ
GRO60311EA grote grote 60311ea chrome utility lamp 1050 RFQ
TKL07382 truck lite truck-lite 07382 24v led aux light 2427 RFQ
GRO92611EA grote grote 92611ea fluor. lamp lens 2066 RFQ
TKL9719A truck lite truck-lite 9719a amber replacement lens 1161 RFQ
TEC704821EA techspan techspan 704821ea clear license lamp 1026 RFQ
TKL80423C truck lite truck-lite 80423c clear chrome hook-up lamp 1549 RFQ
PCR223180 procore procore 223180 pk/2 23w r40 cfl 1302 RFQ
GRO61501EA grote grote 61501ea interior utility lamp 1874 RFQ
PEL9410LYE procore pelican 9410lye led lantern - yellow 1240 RFQ
TKL40212 truck lite truck-lite 40212 24v clear 4"" utility lamp 1803 RFQ
TKL80355 truck lite truck-lite 80355 b.p. chrome 7"" dome lamp 1835 RFQ
GRO60291EA grote grote 60291ea license utility lamp 2820 RFQ
GRO62011EA grote grote 62011ea grey back-up lamp 2974 RFQ
TKL80251C truck lite truck-lite 80251c led interior dome lamp 1345 RFQ
TEC725018EA techspan techspan 725018ea par 46 tractor lamp 1926 RFQ
GRO46740EA grote grote 46740ea red/amber split lamp 2087 RFQ
TKL80352 truck lite truck-lite 80352 b.p. steel 5"" dome lamp 1165 RFQ
GRO60351EA grote grote 60351ea stepwell license lamp 1917 RFQ
TEC725046EA techspan techspan 725046ea par 46 lamp housing 2116 RFQ
GRO77163EA grote grote 77163ea 15"" amber mini bar 1538 RFQ
TKL80342 truck lite truck-lite 80342 b.p. flush mnt backup lamp 2273 RFQ

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