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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Industrial Automation. Within this category are parts such as 73045192, 73045229, 73045238, 73045270, 8FBSPP and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for industrial automation

Gates Molex Smc
Tsubaki Ust Cleco Falk Rexnord
Federal Hose Rexnord

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
73045192 gates 6ss staple 1019 RFQ
73045229 gates 8 ms-8 fsxbv ball valve 1315 RFQ
73045238 gates 16 fsx-16 fsxbv ball valve 1144 RFQ
73045270 gates 32ss staple 2718 RFQ
8FBSPP gates 8fbspp 2619 RFQ
73045044 gates 16 fsax-12 fsax adapter 1140 RFQ
73045200 gates 8sbr backup ring 2338 RFQ
73045266 gates 24sbr backup ring 2074 RFQ
73045267 gates 32sbr 1626 RFQ
8MFFOR-12MP gates 8mffor-12mp 1511 RFQ
29W47 molex 29w47 l5-30r watertie conn watertite plugsandconnctrs 2151 RFQ
15W48 molex 15w48 6-20r watertite conn watertite plugsandconnctrs 1499 RFQ
1547 molex 1547 5-15 nema conn rubber plugs and connectors 1133 RFQ
26W49 molex 26w49 l7-20p watertite plug watertite plugsandconnctrs 2850 RFQ
15W47 molex 15w47 5-15r watertite conn watertite plugsandconnctrs 1317 RFQ
15W33 molex 15w33 5-20r watertite conn watertite plugsandconnctrs 1837 RFQ
14W47 molex 14w47 5-15p watertite plug watertite plugsandconnctrs 1660 RFQ
AS4201F-G04-10W2D smc as*2*1f-w2d, speed controller, one-touch fitting, flat head screwdriver adjusting, flame resistant 1400 RFQ
AVL3000-N03-5DZM-R smc avl2000/3000/4000/5000 series, soft start-up valve w/ lock out 1323 RFQ
AW30-N03BD-Z-B smc aw20(*)-b to aw60(*)-b, filter regulator and filter regulator w/backflow function 2273 RFQ
AW40-N04-1Z-B smc aw20(*)-b to aw60(*)-b, filter regulator and filter regulator w/backflow function 1870 RFQ
CP96SDB32-250C smc cp96s(d), iso 15552 cylinder, double acting, single/double rod w/air cushion and bumper cushion 2509 RFQ
LVA20-02N-C-Z smc lva, high purity chemical valve, air operated, threaded ports, single type 2936 RFQ
MBF63-500Z smc m(d)b-z, air cylinder, double acting, single rod 2682 RFQ
MDB1D50-100Z smc m(d)b1-z, square tube, double acting, single rod, standard 1942 RFQ
NCDA1S150-1400-M9PVS smc nc(d)a1, nfpa, air cylinder, double acting, single rod w/options 2918 RFQ
SS5Y5-10M-06BS-N7 smc ss5y5-10/11m, 5000 series manifold, circular connector (ip67) 1765 RFQ
SY7320-5D-C8F smc sy7000, 5 port solenoid valve, all types 2094 RFQ
VG342-5DZ-06NB-E smc vg342, 3 port solenoid valve, pilot poppet 2803 RFQ
VM230-02-32GA smc vm200, 200 series, 2/3 port mechanical valve, new 2662 RFQ
VNC211A-10A-5DZ smc vnc (solenoid), process valve for coolant 2664 RFQ
VNH311A-20A-5DZ smc vnh, high pressure coolant valve 1631 RFQ
VQC4500-51 smc vqc4000, 5 port solenoid valve, base mounted, single unit 2405 RFQ
CA2B50-175Z smc c(d)a2-z, air cylinder standard type, double acting single rod 1273 RFQ
CA2D50TN-100Z-NW smc c(d)a2-z, air cylinder standard type, double acting single rod 2386 RFQ
CA2D80-600Z smc c(d)a2-z, air cylinder standard type, double acting single rod 2979 RFQ
CDQSB25-75DC-M9BWVL smc cdqsb25-75dc-m9bwvl 2567 RFQ
CKQGB32-117RBH-E-X20 smc c(l)kqg*, pin clamp cylinder, compact type 1293 RFQ
CM2L32TN-125Z-W smc c(d)m2-z, double acting, single rod, air cylinder 1399 RFQ
CV3TN50-25-5 smc c(d)v3, valve mounted cylinder, double acting 2844 RFQ
MBD63TN-150Z smc m(d)b-z, air cylinder, double acting, single rod 2829 RFQ
MDBF80-400Z smc m(d)b-z, air cylinder, double acting, single rod 1383 RFQ
MDBL32-125Z-M9BSDPC smc m(d)b-z, air cylinder, double acting, single rod 1134 RFQ
MDNBB32-150-D-M9BSDP smc m(d)nb, locking cylinder, double acting, single rod 1926 RFQ
MDNBB40-100-D-M9PWSD smc m(d)nb, locking cylinder, double acting, single rod 1635 RFQ
PFM750S-C6-A smc pfm7, digital air flow sensor, 2-color display, ip40, 0.2-100 lpm 2669 RFQ
SS5Y3-10F1-06US-C6 smc ss5y3-10, 3000 series manifold, d-sub connector, flat ribbon cable, pc wiring system (ip40) 2199 RFQ
SS5Y3-10SND-03U-N3A4 smc ss5y3-10s, 3000 series manifold, side ported for ex260 integrated-type for output serial transmission system 1956 RFQ
SY3120-5WOZ-C6-F2 smc sy3000, 5 port solenoid valve, all types 2441 RFQ
TIHC01N-16 smc tih, fep tube (fluororesin), inch size 1716 RFQ
VHS40-N06A-BS-Z smc vhs20/30/40/50, pressure relief valve, 3 port, w/locking holes (single action) 2951 RFQ
VMG11BU-H08-13 smc vmg, blow gun, standard type 1698 RFQ
VQ7-8-FG-S-1NR smc vq7-8, iso standard solenoid valve, size 2, single unit 1706 RFQ
AL40-F02-A smc al10-a to al60-a, lubricator, metric north american and european 2514 RFQ
AQ5000-N04H smc aq, quick exhaust valve 1762 RFQ
AW30-03BG-W-A smc aw10-a to aw40-a, filter regulator, metric, north american and european 1518 RFQ
CDA2B100-500Z smc c(d)a2-z, air cylinder standard type, double acting single rod 1443 RFQ
CDA2B50TN-300Z smc c(d)a2-z, air cylinder standard type, double acting single rod 2279 RFQ
CDG5EA63SR-250-G5BAL smc c(d)g5-s, stainless steel cylinder, double acting, single rod 2147 RFQ
2062B16 tsubaki ust large roller double pitch sprocket 2042 RFQ
60R204M cleco 60r204m 2823 RFQ
740988 falk rexnord falk mm2050fc 250-320t mtr mnt 12 o'clock 2812 RFQ
1940151 falk rexnord falk adapter 56c 08ucm 2506 RFQ
2911607 falk rexnord falk 2911607 seal 2207 RFQ
2919215 falk rexnord 2919215 1943 RFQ
359834 falk rexnord 0359834 30r hub rsb 2849 RFQ
2915107 falk rexnord 2915107 1167 RFQ
334346 falk rexnord falk 1035g/3-1/2gf spacer exp blt be=4.500 2147 RFQ
4706081 falk rexnord 4706081 1320 RFQ
364539 falk rexnord 364539 1929 RFQ
705055 falk rexnord 705055 2910 RFQ
7708130 falk rexnord 7708130 2415 RFQ
781163 falk rexnord 2040fc2-a-7.368:1 1629 RFQ
10655814 falk rexnord 10655814 2796 RFQ
710905 falk rexnord falk 1060t hub no set screw 2.1235 non-stk 1151 RFQ
7708137 falk rexnord 7708137 1130 RFQ
778398 falk rexnord falk rk2060f3a-194.6 hs ratio kit (190.1) 1588 RFQ
912868 falk rexnord falk 0912868 seal 2708 RFQ
344428 falk rexnord falk 344428 cover backstop 2522 RFQ
4723135 falk rexnord falk 4723135 pinion and shaft 1030 RFQ
765429 falk rexnord falk 7-2080f conversion kit 1966 RFQ
912775 falk rexnord 912775 2189 RFQ
5526-0006 federal hose 5526-0006 3/8id x 50ft blue silicone heater hose 1985 RFQ
5526-0025 federal hose 5526-0025 1id x 25ft blue silicone heater hose 2205 RFQ
5581-0625 federal hose 5581-0625 5/8id x3ft 4ply blue silicone coolant hose 1594 RFQ
5581-2250 federal hose 5581-2250 2 1/4id x3ft 4ply blue silicone coolant hose 2716 RFQ
5581-2000 federal hose 5581-2000 2id x3ft 4ply blue silicone coolant hose 1786 RFQ
5581-1750 federal hose 5581-1750 1 3/4id x3ft 4ply blue silicone coolant hose 1162 RFQ
5581-1000 federal hose 5581-1000 1id x3ft 4ply blue silicone coolant hose 1275 RFQ
10001136 rexnord 10001136 1432 RFQ
916112 rexnord rexnord 916112 226.dbz.hub sb 2.12 1361 RFQ
HH41-BA8 rexnord hh41-ba8 1292 RFQ
9403U rexnord rexnord 9403u universl adp brg only kit 1946 RFQ
SR2100105 rexnord sr2100105 2644 RFQ
1886004701 rexnord rexnord 1886004701 mtr mt pl polr 2978 RFQ
A13407 rexnord rexnord a13407 aux cap kit, open, fixed 1223 RFQ
LF5935-24 rexnord lf5935-24 1981 RFQ
ZHT9521512 rexnord zht9521512 2533 RFQ
101-3867-2HW rexnord 101-3867-2hw 1267 RFQ
36-FC5041-09 rexnord 36 f5041-09 live shaft steel roll w/bb pillow blks 2631 RFQ

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