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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
LIN81495 lincoln lincoln 81495 lincoln control valve 2874 RFQ
DIX2025DAAL dixon dixon 2025daal alum 2"" x 2-1/2"" coup. adp 1493 RFQ
AER3HKSET eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip 3hkset 3/8"" hydraulic coupler set 2407 RFQ
GYRA400AL continental contitech continental contitech a400al alum 4""fnpt x male camlock 2269 RFQ
AERB6HP31SL eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip b6hp31sl 3/4 brass locking hyd body 1184 RFQ
AERLL8HP36 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip ll8hp36 1"" stainless hyd body 2150 RFQ
AERFS650048801 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip fs650048801 #8 jic 90 deg swivel joint 2325 RFQ
AER56501210 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip 56501210 3/4"" push-pull hyd coup 1675 RFQ
AERFT1307200R54 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip ft1307200r54 aeroquip 100r5 crimp die 1960 RFQ
GYR200BGMP continental contitech continental contitech 200bgmp 2"" - 2-1/2"" brass rep arms 1961 RFQ
KURSDBC8 kuri tec kuri-tec sdbc8 8"" spiral dbl bolt clamp 1275 RFQ
AER1K11 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip 1k11 1/8"" hydraulic male tip 1100 RFQ
AERFT1330275R512 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip ft1330275r512 aeroquip 100r5 crimp die 2809 RFQ
GYRD300BR continental contitech continental contitech d300br brass 3"" fnpt x fem cam 2148 RFQ
GYRG200BN continental contitech continental contitech g200bn 2"" cam gasket nitrile 1785 RFQ
AERLL4HP26 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip ll4hp26 1/2"" stainless hyd body 1424 RFQ
AERFC42559 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip fc42559 3.66"" id nylon sleeve 1917 RFQ
AER10FFPCUP50 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip 10ffpcup50 1/2 fnpt coupler tip 1419 RFQ
AER560024 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip 560024 1/8"" hydraulic coupling 1637 RFQ
DIXDBC61300 dixon dixon dbc61300 al 3"" dry break cam buna 2751 RFQ
DIX400DLSS dixon dixon 400dlss s.s. 4"" coupler x asa flng 1941 RFQ
DIX4530 dixon dixon 4530 api 3"" drop adapter 1039 RFQ
KURF08NPT8 kuri tec kuri-tec f08npt8 #8 x 1/2"" mnpt fitting 1177 RFQ
AERPSDC8HK eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip psdc8hk 1"" hyd coup dust plug 1415 RFQ
DIXADA6040EZ dixon dixon ada6040ez alum 6 x 4 ez boss coupler 1205 RFQ
AERET1000SRM050D eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip et1000srm050d aeroquip spacer ring 2937 RFQ
DIX2015CSS dixon dixon 2015css s.s. 2"" f cam x 1-1/2 shnk 1440 RFQ
KURDPT06 kuri tec kuri-tec dpt06 3/8"" male pusher 2705 RFQ
AERET1187C0017 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip et1187c0017 bench mount bracket 1336 RFQ
AERFC42546 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip fc42546 2.86"" id nylon sleeve 1045 RFQ
DIX150AAL dixon dixon 150aal alum 1-1/2""fnpt x m cam 1850 RFQ
DIX75DPAL dixon dixon 75dpal alum 3/4"" male cam plug 2545 RFQ
DIXSDS200 dixon dixon sds200 2"" pump filter stainless 2307 RFQ
DIX100GNE dixon dixon 100gne 1"" neoprene cam gasket 2128 RFQ
DIXX27 dixon dixon x27 4-5/8"" - 4-7/8"" clamp 2100 RFQ
DIX200GBU dixon dixon 200gbu 2"" camlock gasket 2541 RFQ
DIXAH150EZ dixon dixon ah150ez 1-1/2"" dust cap 2821 RFQ
AERB3H21SL eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip b3h21sl 3/8 brass locking hyd body 1199 RFQ
AERFD96100924 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip fd96100924 1-1/2"" alum fem dust plug 2686 RFQ
ALE3693C alemite alemite 3693c meter control 2011 RFQ
DIX200DLSS dixon dixon 200dlss s.s. 2"" coupler x asa flng 2837 RFQ
AERFD96100286 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip fd96100286 1/2"" npt flush face tip 1301 RFQ
AERML16FFS75143 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip ml16ffs75143 3/4"" fnpt ss body 2083 RFQ
GYRF500SS continental contitech continental contitech f500ss ss 5"" mnpt x male camlock 2289 RFQ
AER4200SL eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip 4200sl 3/8"" fnpt coupler body 1061 RFQ
KURDPT12 kuri tec kuri-tec dpt12 3/4"" male pusher 2784 RFQ
DIX500DPAL dixon dixon 500dpal alum 5"" male camlock plug 2657 RFQ
DIXRST1 dixon dixon rst1 1/2"" ss comb nipples 2996 RFQ
KURF16NPT16 kuri tec kuri-tec f16npt16 #16 x 1"" mnpt fitting 1553 RFQ
GYRD100BR continental contitech continental contitech d100br brass 1"" fnpt x fem cam 2428 RFQ
DIX300DA90AL dixon dixon 300da90al alum 3"" d-a 90 camlock 1393 RFQ
GYRD250BR continental contitech continental contitech d250br brass 2-1/2"" fnptxfem cam 2100 RFQ
GYRB050BR continental contitech continental contitech b050br brass 1/2"" mnpt x fem cam 1945 RFQ
AER560144 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip 560144 1/4"" hyd. female coupler 1026 RFQ
DIXRDD2030EZ dixon dixon rdd2030ez s.s. 2 x 3 ez boss coupler 1555 RFQ
DIX2015DSS dixon dixon 2015dss s.s. 2"" f cam x 1-1/2 fnpt 2374 RFQ
AER1HKSET eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip 1hkset 1/8"" hydraulic coupler set 2047 RFQ
DIX600FAL dixon dixon 600fal alum 6""mnpt x male camlock 1091 RFQ
AERFT1307200R510 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip ft1307200r510 aeroquip 100r5 crimp die 2208 RFQ
DIXG400CSS dixon dixon g400css s.steel 4"" shank x f cam 1846 RFQ
DIX300HRPSP dixon dixon 300hrpsp 3 - 5"" ss sintered handle 1817 RFQ
GYRE050BR continental contitech continental contitech e050br brass 1/2""shank x male cam 1417 RFQ
DIXMS8X6 dixon dixon ms8x6 3/8"" boss stem 1587 RFQ
GYRC300SS continental contitech continental contitech c300ss ss3"" hose shank x fem cam 1234 RFQ
DIXRST5 dixon dixon rst5 3/4"" ss comb nipples 2957 RFQ
DIXRDM36 dixon dixon rdm36 3"" s.s. hose mender 2965 RFQ
DIX2015DAAL dixon dixon 2015daal alum 2"" x1-1/2 coupler adp 1208 RFQ
DIXCARP60BZ dixon dixon carp60bz 6"" brass camlock arm + pin 2149 RFQ
GYRG150VT continental contitech continental contitech g150vt 1-1/2"" cam gasket viton 2682 RFQ
DIXGB46 dixon dixon gb46 4"" spud hose stem 1935 RFQ
DIXNG60 dixon dixon ng60 6"" neoprene flange gasket 2397 RFQ
DIX600DCAL dixon dixon 600dcal alum 6"" female camlock cap 1149 RFQ
GYRDC500AL continental contitech continental contitech dc500al alum 5"" fem camlock cap 1199 RFQ
AER51018 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip 51018 3/8"" hyd self seal coup 2770 RFQ
AERFT139020020 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip ft139020020 aeroquip flat crimp die 2435 RFQ
GYRC250SS continental contitech continental contitech c250ss ss 2-1/2"" shank x fem cam 2800 RFQ
DIXGB21 dixon dixon gb21 1-1/2"" spud hose stem 1014 RFQ
DIXRC200EZNO dixon dixon rc200ezno 2"" s.s. fem cpler x hose 1376 RFQ
AER90070510 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip 90070510 2-1/8"" id flat coil sleeve 1585 RFQ
AERFD96100916 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip fd96100916 1"" alum fem dust plug 2393 RFQ
DIXSTV50 dixon dixon stv50 5"" stl grooved combo nip 1154 RFQ
DIXNG35 dixon dixon ng35 3"" neoprene flange gasket 1129 RFQ
GYRDP200AL continental contitech continental contitech dp200al alum 2"" male camlock plug 2102 RFQ
GYRDP075AL continental contitech continental contitech dp075al alum 3/4"" male cam plug 1927 RFQ
GYRB200SS continental contitech continental contitech b200ss ss2"" mnpt x fem camlock 1744 RFQ
DIX3015FSS dixon dixon 3015fss s.s. 3"" m cam x 1-1/2 mnpt 1652 RFQ
ALE3685A alemite alemite 3685a meter control 1056 RFQ
GYRG400VT continental contitech continental contitech g400vt 4"" cam gasket viton 1626 RFQ
GYRC100BR continental contitech continental contitech c100br brass 1"" shank x fem cam 2656 RFQ
ALE7498A alemite alemite 7498a control valve 1981 RFQ
DIX600DPAL dixon dixon 600dpal alum 6"" male camlock plug 2322 RFQ
AERFD9610042020 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip fd9610042020 #20 orb flush face coupler 1510 RFQ
DIX500CAL dixon dixon 500cal alum 5"" shank x female cam 1705 RFQ
DIXDBS62200 dixon dixon dbs62200 alum 2"" dry brk coup 90-v 1664 RFQ
AER9007057 eaton aeroquip eaton aeroquip 9007057 1-15/32id flat coil sleeve 1927 RFQ
DIX6040DAL dixon dixon 6040dal alum 6"" f cam x 4"" fnpt 1196 RFQ
DIX200AAL dixon dixon 200aal alum 2""fnpt x m camlock 2537 RFQ
PER3KDP permatex permatex 3kdp 3/8 hydraulic dust plug 1445 RFQ
DIXAD800EZ dixon dixon ad800ez 8"" alum ez boss coupler 2489 RFQ
DIXAC400EZ dixon dixon ac400ez 4"" female coupler x hose 1340 RFQ

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