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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Hardware. Within this category are parts such as 70006745494, 70006745502, GG60012 60012, 10448BK 10348BLACK, 599 193 557 413 and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for Hardware

3m Kincrome Husky
Sika Soudal Loctite
Chemtools Crc Cesco
Alemlube Spear Jackson Stanley
Elgate Dymark Rokset
Galmet Markal Rocol

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
70006745494 3m masking tape, 24mm x 50m 1210 RFQ
70006745502 3m masking tape, 36mm 1860 RFQ
GG60012 60012 kincrome tape, gorilla, 48mm x 11m black rolls 2095 RFQ
10448BK 10348BLACK husky tape, gaffer, cloth, 48mm x 25m, black, husky 2584 RFQ
599 193 557 413 sika sikaflex, auto +, black, 150ml 1741 RFQ
525357 sika sikasil, 800 multi silicone, clear, 300ml 2261 RFQ
52 035 990 396 sika sikaflex 221, white, 300ml 2555 RFQ
411020 sika grout, 20kg, 212hp sika 1551 RFQ
124542 soudal multibond smx50, seal&stick fc, concrete grey, 600ml 2761 RFQ
128371 soudal silicone, adhesive t-rex turbo, white, 290ml, soudal 1053 RFQ
121969 soudal silicone, t-rex, crystal clear, 290ml, soudal 2889 RFQ
122394 soudal gap filler, acrylic, white, 300ml soudal 2723 RFQ
124606 soudal multibond smx50, seal&stick fc, soudal, black, 600ml 2702 RFQ
121661 soudal silicone, neutral cure, 300ml, all purpose white soudal 2744 RFQ
124605 soudal sealant, joint, grey multibond, smx35, soudal 290ml 1618 RFQ
130318 soudal pu adhesive, waterproof, brown, soudal 1129 RFQ
124617 soudal multibond smx50, seal&stick fc, soudal, white, 600ml 2493 RFQ
130373 soudal genius gun, expanding foam, 750ml, soudal 1903 RFQ
108289 soudal expanding foam, soudafoam fr, 750ml, soudal 1353 RFQ
124604 soudal sealant, joint, white multibond, smx35, soudal 290ml 2329 RFQ
124435 soudal silicone, t-rex, jet black, 290ml, soudal 2391 RFQ
127778 soudal silicone, roof and gutter, grey, 300ml, soudal 1486 RFQ
121662 soudal silicone, neutral cure, 300ml, all purpose clear soudal 2834 RFQ
1 023 894 034 848 loctite loctite 587, ultra blue maxx, 95g 1202 RFQ
424-25 loctite loctite 424, instant adhesive, 25ml 1616 RFQ
209681 98853LOC loctite loctite metal magic, 113g stick, ea 3463 1974 RFQ
1 023 893 334 888 loctite loctite 587, blue maxx flange sealant, 368g 2457 RFQ
51531 loctite loctite 515, master gasket, 50ml 1069 RFQ
1 023 908 819 259 loctite loctite 577, high pressure pipe sealant, 50ml 1500 RFQ
10625403 FAR loctite loctite freeze & release, 310g 2564 RFQ
629 136 412 570 sika contact fix, 500ml, sikabond 105 2245 RFQ
519842 sika sikapro, grey, 600ml, sausage 1961 RFQ
538464 sika sikaflex 255, extra, black, 310ml (windscreen) 1708 RFQ
520339 sika sikaflex 221, black, 310ml 2014 RFQ
520 967 177 329 sika sikaflex 291 marine, white, 310ml 1769 RFQ
520 287 134 183 sika sikaflex 11fc, black, 310ml 2083 RFQ
599 192 409 145 sika sikaflex, auto +, white, 150ml 2325 RFQ
519871 sika sikaflex 11fc, grey, 600ml, sausage 2089 RFQ
520355 sika sikaflex 11fc, white, 600ml, sausage 1333 RFQ
60455102206 AS010558 3m general trim spray adhesive 3m, 460g 1516 RFQ
62084765304 3m rubber & gasket adhesive, 947ml, 847 scotchweld 1822 RFQ
8406-20 chemtools adhesive wicking grade cyanoacrylate, 8406, 20g, chemtools 1363 RFQ
8401-20 chemtools instant adhesive, surface insensitive, 401, 20g, chemtools 1023 RFQ
8515-50 chemtools gasket sealant, 515, flexible flange, 50ml chemtools 1573 RFQ
3013 crc seal soft, 300gm, aerosol, crc 2988 RFQ
3081 crc belt grip, 400gm aerosol crc 1071 RFQ
3150 crc lanoshield, 350gm, aerosol, crc 1149 RFQ
CFS174 cesco funnel, metal, 174mm 2537 RFQ
10350CF alemlube funnel, oil, clean, 1.4ltr 1563 RFQ
412642 sika nozzle, to suit sika sausage 2820 RFQ
103265 soudal caulking gun, to suit kf2 injection 380ml 1990 RFQ
182101 sika caulking gun, sika, trade cartridge, to suit 300ml cartridges 2088 RFQ
SJ-MCY8 spear jackson chalk, yellow, 8oz, 2288 RFQ
SJ-MCB8 spear jackson chalk, blue, 8oz, 2222 RFQ
47-681L stanley chalk line reel set, blue, fatmax stanley 1383 RFQ
47-483L stanley chalk line reel set, red, fatmax xtreme stanley 1056 RFQ
47-099 stanley chalk line reel, metal, stanley 2894 RFQ
X3250 elgate cross, fencing, butt 32nb x thru 50nb x butt 32nb 2636 RFQ
T3232 elgate tee, fencing, thru 32nb x butt 32nb 2718 RFQ
T4032 elgate tee, fencing, thru 40nb x butt 32nb 1679 RFQ
T8040 elgate tee, fencing, thru 80nb x butt 40nb 2303 RFQ
X3240 elgate cross, fencing, butt 32nb x thru 40nb x butt 32nb 1571 RFQ
T5050 elgate tee, fencing, thru 50nb x butt 50nb 1430 RFQ
4014 crc spray bottle, h/d, 500ml, crc 2348 RFQ
K16013 kincrome pressure sprayer, 5ltr 2104 RFQ
37023524 dymark paint, spray writer, fluro green, 350g, dymark 2752 RFQ
40013525 dymark paint, spray & mark, fluro yellow, aerosol 2918 RFQ
11090100 dymark ballmarker, bottle, dymark 1120 RFQ
11010105 dymark ink, ballmarker, yellow, 1ltr, t400 1398 RFQ
40013501 dymark paint, spray & mark, black, aerosol 1846 RFQ
3375 rokset paint brush, 100mm, 703 series 2185 RFQ
11279 rokset paint brush, 38mm, 703 series 1432 RFQ
3770 rokset paint brush, 50mm, 703 series 1394 RFQ
10410 rokset paint brush, 25mm, 703 series 2477 RFQ
3143 rokset paint brush, 25mm, white bristles 2323 RFQ
3167 rokset paint brush, 100mm, white bristles 1206 RFQ
2085 crc zinc-it, cold galvanising, 350g, aerosol, crc 1372 RFQ
2018 crc lectra clean, 400g, aerosol, crc 1014 RFQ
GSPOBA350 galmet paint, galmet, ocean blue, aerosol, 350g 2594 RFQ
GA-GSPPRA350 galmet paint, galmet, red primer, 350g 2661 RFQ
41015005 dymark paint, line marking, yellow, 500g, dymark 2774 RFQ
37023502 dymark paint, spray writer, red, 350g, dymark 2598 RFQ
41015011 dymark paint, line marking, white, 500g, dymark 1830 RFQ
40013523 dymark paint, spray & mark, fluro blue, aerosol 2882 RFQ
40013526 dymark paint, spray & mark, fluro orange, aerosol 2039 RFQ
32SB1706 dymark marker paint, orange, dymark, stock mark 1421 RFQ
11010111 dymark ink, ballmarker, white, 1ltr, t400 1807 RFQ
12020311 dymark crayon, lumber, white (12) 2732 RFQ
12071005 dymark marker pen, paint, yellow, p10, dymark 1807 RFQ
12071011 dymark marker pen, paint, white, p10, dymark 2523 RFQ
ML-96960 markal marker pen, paint, white, markal 2648 RFQ
ML-96963 markal marker pen, paint, black, markal 1273 RFQ
RY551211 rocol rocol rtd compound 500g 2218 RFQ
RY462402 rocol lube open gear spray, moly base 300g, rocol 1868 RFQ
RY552132 rocol rocol rtd spray 300g 1723 RFQ
RY707105 rocol paint, line marking, white, rocol, 750g 2026 RFQ
RY15010 rocol rocol foodlube wd spray 300gm aerosol (12) 1366 RFQ
RY442330 rocol chain & drive spray, 250g,white, rocol 2049 RFQ
RY642543 rocol rocol flawfinder kit (3 part) 1060 RFQ
RY550171 rocol rocol rtd metalcutting liquid 500ml 2833 RFQ

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