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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Contactors, Starters, Overload Relays. Within this category are parts such as CC32SD24, CC22SA120, GDP402L220V, GT32S8A, GDP322S120V and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for Contactors, Starters, Overload Relays

Carlo Gavazzi Lsis

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
CC32SD24 carlo gavazzi midi-contactor, 3-pole, 32a, 24vdc, screw type 1915 RFQ
CC22SA120 carlo gavazzi midi-contactor, 3-pole, 22a, 120vac, screw type 2414 RFQ
GDP402L220V carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gdp402l220v dp contactor, 2 pole, 40a, 220vac, 2481 RFQ
GT32S8A carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gt32s8a overload relay, 5 to 8 amp, screw terminal, 2337 RFQ
GDP322S120V carlo gavazzi dp contactor, 2 pole, 32a, 110/120vac, screw terminal, 1 nc aux output, ul/rohs 1897 RFQ
CC12SA220 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc12sa220 mini-contactor, 3-pole, 12a, 220vac, 1268 RFQ
CC40SA240 carlo gavazzi midi-contactor, 3-pole, 40a, 240vac, screw type 1799 RFQ
CC12 4SA120 carlo gavazzi mini-contactor, 4-pole, 12a, 120vac, screw type 2798 RFQ
CC32SA120 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc32sa120 midi-contactor, 3-pole, 32a, 120vac, 2068 RFQ
CC85LA24 carlo gavazzi midi-contactor, 3-pole, 85a, 24 lug type 1101 RFQ
CC12SA120 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc12sa120 mini-contactor, 3-pole, 12a, 120vac, 2723 RFQ
GT32S9A carlo gavazzi overload relay, 6 to 9 amp, screw terminal, use with cc9, cc12, cc18, cc22, cc32 or cc40 1135 RFQ
CC65SA120 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc65sa120 contactor, 3-pole, 65a, 120vac, 2131 RFQ
GT32S25A carlo gavazzi overload relay, 18 to 25 amp, screw terminal, use with cc9, cc12, cc18, cc22, cc32 or cc40 1806 RFQ
CC9SA120 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc9sa120 mini-contactor, 3-pole, 9a, 120vac, 2024 RFQ
GT32S13A carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gt32s13a overload relay, 9 to 13 amp, screw terminal, 1546 RFQ
GDP252S24V carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gdp252s24v dp contactor, 2 pole, 25a, 24vac, 2192 RFQ
GT32S40A carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gt32s40a overload relay, 28 to 40 amp, screw terminal, 1538 RFQ
GT63S25A carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gt63s25a overload relay, 18 to 25 amp, screw terminal, 1288 RFQ
CC40SA24 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc40sa24 midi-contactor, 3-pole, 40a, 24vac, 1972 RFQ
GT32S18A carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gt32s18a overload relay, 12 to 18 amp, screw terminal, 1176 RFQ
GT32S4A carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gt32s4a overload relay, 2.5 to 4 amp, screw terminal, 1271 RFQ
CC40SD24 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc40sd24 midi-contactor, 3-pole, 40a, 24vdc, 1702 RFQ
CC50SA24 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc50sa24 midi-contactor, 3-pole, 50a, 24vac, 2785 RFQ
CC18SA24 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc18sa24 midi-contactor, 3-pole, 18a, 24vac, 2648 RFQ
GDP251SS220V carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gdp251ss220v dp contactor, 1 pole, 25a, 220vac, 1614 RFQ
GDP321SS220V carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gdp321ss220v dp contactor, 1 pole, 32a, 220vac, 2195 RFQ
CC12SD24 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc12sd24 mini-contactor, 3-pole, 12a, 24vdc, 1626 RFQ
GDP253L120V carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gdp253l120v dp contactor, 3 pole, 25a, 110/120vac, 1207 RFQ
CC75LA24 carlo gavazzi midi-contactor, 3-pole, 75a, 24 lug type 2531 RFQ
CC22SD24 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc22sd24 midi-contactor, 3-pole, 22a, 24vdc, 2958 RFQ
GDP251SS120V carlo gavazzi dp contactor, 1 pole, 25a, 110/120vac, lug terminal, ul/rohs 1038 RFQ
GMS-32S-6A carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gms-32s-6a manual motor starter, up to 32a, (4-6a o/l) 2122 RFQ
GT63S10A carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gt63s10a overload relay, 7 to 10 amp, screw terminal, 1073 RFQ
CC22SA220 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc22sa220 midi-contactor, 3-pole, 22a, 220vac, 1543 RFQ
GDP251SS24V carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gdp251ss24v dp contactor, 1 pole, 25a, 24vac, 2161 RFQ
CC40SA120 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc40sa120 midi-contactor, 3-pole, 40a, 120vac, 1050 RFQ
GDP321SS120V carlo gavazzi dp contactor, 1 pole, 32a, 110/120vac, lug terminal, 1 nc aux output, ul/rohs 2913 RFQ
GT225S185A carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gt225s185a overload relay, 120 to 185 amp, screw terminal, 2920 RFQ
GT32S1A carlo gavazzi overload relay, 0.63 to 1 amp, screw terminal, use with cc9, cc12, cc18, cc22, cc32 or cc40 1813 RFQ
CC75SA24 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc75sa24 midi-contactor, 3-pole, 75a, 24vac, 2290 RFQ
GDP321SS24V carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gdp321ss24v dp contactor, 1 pole, 32a, 24vac, 1625 RFQ
GT32S22A carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gt32s22a overload relay, 16 to 22 amp, screw terminal, 1115 RFQ
CC9SA240 carlo gavazzi mini-contactor, 3-pole, 9a, 240vac, screw type 2820 RFQ
GT63S50A carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gt63s50a overload relay, 34 to 50 amp, screw terminal, 1819 RFQ
GT150S150A carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gt150s150a overload relay, 110 to 150 amp, screw terminal, 2078 RFQ
CC18SA120 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc18sa120 midi-contactor, 3-pole, 18a, 120vac, 2531 RFQ
CC18SD24 carlo gavazzi midi-contactor, 3-pole, 18a, 24vdc, screw type 1102 RFQ
GDP603L120V carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gdp603l120v dp contactor, 3 pole, 60a, 110/120vac, 1240 RFQ
CC22SA24 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc22sa24 midi-contactor, 3-pole, 22a, 24vac, 2493 RFQ
GT32S6A carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gt32s6a overload relay, 4 to 6 amp, screw terminal, 1375 RFQ
CC9SD24 carlo gavazzi mini-contactor, 3-pole, 9a, 24vdc, screw type 1516 RFQ
CC12SA240 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc12sa240 mini-contactor, 3-pole, 12a, 240vac, 1897 RFQ
GDP252S120V carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gdp252s120v dp contactor, 2 pole, 25a, 110/120vac, 2253 RFQ
GT32S32A carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gt32s32a overload relay, 22 to 32 amp, screw terminal, 2077 RFQ
CC65LA24 carlo gavazzi midi-contactor, 3-pole, 65a, 24 lug type 1405 RFQ
CC150SA110 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc150sa110 power-contactor, 3-pole, 150a, 110vac, 1420 RFQ
CC225SAD100 200 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc225sad100/200 power-contactor, 3-pole, 225a, 100/200vac/dc, 2578 RFQ
CC50LA24 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc50la24 midi-contactor, 3-pole, 50a, 24 1166 RFQ
CC85SA120 carlo gavazzi midi-contactor, 3-pole, 85a, 120vac, screw type 2891 RFQ
CGMS-12A-240-10 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cgms-12a-240-10 mini-contactor, 12a, 240vac, screw clamp, 1no 1571 RFQ
CC65SA24 carlo gavazzi midi-contactor, 3-pole, 65a, 24vac, screw type 1798 RFQ
1298001100 lsis lsis 1298001100 overload relay, mt-32 7.5a 3k, class 10, 1895 RFQ
1299000500 lsis lsis 1299000500 overload relay, mt-32 6.5a 3d, class 20, 2227 RFQ
1316100400 lsis lsis 1316100400 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-9a, 48vdc, 2195 RFQ
1324000700 lsis lsis 1324000700 overload relay, mt-12 8.5a 3d, class 20, 2488 RFQ
1340017500 lsis lsis 1340017500 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-75a, 12vdc, 2950 RFQ
1341013300 lsis lsis 1341013300 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-85a, 240vac, 2870 RFQ
1345000900 lsis lsis 1345000900 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-12b, 240vac, 1466 RFQ
1346100300 lsis lsis 1346100300 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-18b, 24vdc, 1425 RFQ
1347007400 lsis lsis 1347007400 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-22a, 240vac, 2019 RFQ
1377001300 lsis lsis 1377001300 overload relay, mt-225 130a 3k, class 10, 1254 RFQ
1378001300 lsis lsis 1378001300 overload relay, mt-400 107a 3k, class 10, 1417 RFQ
1381014600 lsis lsis 1381014600 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-65a, 208vac, 1871 RFQ
1384004000 lsis lsis 1384004000 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-100a, 480vac, 2994 RFQ
1386002500 lsis lsis 1386002500 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-150a, 24vac, 1589 RFQ
705003700 lsis lsis 0705003700 manual motor starter, 1a, (0.63-1a), 32f, 2157 RFQ
705004700 lsis lsis 0705004700 manual motor starter, 26a, (18-26a), 32f, 1457 RFQ
707002800 lsis lsis 0707002800 manual motor starter, 75a, 100f, 1926 RFQ
1298001200 lsis lsis 1298001200 overload relay, mt-32 8.5a 3k, class 10, 1151 RFQ
1299000400 lsis lsis 1299000400 overload relay, mt-32 5a 3d, class 20, 2694 RFQ
1315001000 lsis lsis 1315001000 overload relay, mt-95 65a 3d, class 20, 1030 RFQ
1323000900 lsis lsis 1323000900 overload relay, mt-12 5a 3k, class 10, 2273 RFQ
1328101500 lsis lsis 1328101500 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-18a, 24vdc, 1879 RFQ
1338017700 lsis lsis 1338017700 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-50a, 24vdc, 1412 RFQ
1338020100 lsis lsis 1338020100 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-50a, 230vac, 1963 RFQ
1341017700 lsis lsis 1341017700 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-85a, 24vdc, 1647 RFQ
1344000200 lsis lsis 1344000200 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-9b, 48vac, 1687 RFQ
1347000800 lsis lsis 1347000800 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-22b, 230vac, 2566 RFQ
1371000200 lsis lsis 1371000200 iec contactor, gen purpose, mc-400a, 100-240vac, 2866 RFQ
1374000300 lsis lsis 1374000300 iec contactor, gen purpose, mc-800a, 100-127vac, 2020 RFQ
1381013100 lsis lsis 1381013100 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-65a, 120vac, 1096 RFQ
1386003100 lsis lsis 1386003100 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-150a, 48vdc, 2065 RFQ
706001300 lsis lsis 0706001300 manual motor starter, 22a, (14-22a), 63f, 2837 RFQ
707002200 lsis lsis 0707002200 manual motor starter, 22a, 100f, 2244 RFQ
707002900 lsis lsis 0707002900 manual motor starter, 90a, 100f, 1994 RFQ
1303001000 lsis lsis 1303001000 overload relay, mt-63 34a 3d, class 20, 2748 RFQ
1306001000 lsis lsis 1306001000 overload relay, mt-95 65a 3k, class 10, 2775 RFQ
1327000100 lsis lsis 1327000100 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-6a, 24vac, 2912 RFQ
1338016200 lsis lsis 1338016200 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-50a, 208vac, 1935 RFQ

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