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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Contactors, Starters, Overload Relays. Within this category are industrial parts such as ESWX-25V47A79-R26, RW27-1D3-D018, 706001100, ESW-B18V24E-R32, EX9CDS25A22G7 and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly for Contactors, Starters, Overload Relays, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for Contactors, Starters, Overload Relays

Weg Lsis Noark
Mwa Panel Shop Carlo Gavazzi

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
ESWX-25V47A79-R26 weg weg eswx-25v47a79-r26 motor starter, xp, 2hp@460v, 25a, 480v coil, 2072 RFQ
RW27-1D3-D018 weg weg rw27-1d3-d018 overload relay, class 10, 3 pole, 1.2-1.8a, 1201 RFQ
706001100 lsis lsis 0706001100 manual motor starter, 13a, (9-13a), 63f, 1070 RFQ
ESW-B18V24E-R32 weg weg esw-b18v24e-r32 enclosed starter, 5hp@230v, 18a, 208-240v coil, 2114 RFQ
EX9CDS25A22G7 noark noark ex9cds25a22g7 contactor, iec, 25a, 2no/2nc, 120v 1654 RFQ
707001600 lsis lsis 0707001600 manual motor starter, 50a, (34-50a), 100f, 2996 RFQ
1340017500 lsis lsis 1340017500 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-75a, 12vdc, 2950 RFQ
CWB25-11-30D33 weg weg cwb25-11-30d33 contactor, iec, 25a, 3 no pole, 380vac coil, 2026 RFQ
ESWX-40V47E79-R34 weg weg eswx-40v47e79-r34 motor starter, xp, 20hp@460v, 40a, 480v coil, 1730 RFQ
EX9CK75B30U7 noark noark ex9ck75b30u7 dp contactor, 75a, 3no, 240v, 2584 RFQ
PESW-B9D39AX-R59 weg weg pesw-b9d39ax-r59 enc. starter 0.75hp@230v/1.5hp@460v/2hp@575v, 9a, 1536 RFQ
CWM95-00-30V04 weg weg cwm95-00-30v04 contactor, iec, 95 amps, 24vac, 1634 RFQ
707002800 lsis lsis 0707002800 manual motor starter, 75a, 100f, 1926 RFQ
ESWX-25V47E79-R29 weg motor starter, xp, 3hp@460v, 25a, 480v coil, 3 ph, reset only, nema 7/9, 7-10a ol range 2286 RFQ
EX9RD11.5A1 noark noark ex9rd11.5a1 overload relay, use with 6/9/12a mini, 0.63-1a, 1511 RFQ
ESWS-B32D15E-RM34 weg weg esws-b32d15e-rm34 enclosed starter, 32a, 2269 RFQ
706002400 lsis lsis 0706002400 manual motor starter, 32a, 63f, 2694 RFQ
ESW-65V47E-R39 weg weg esw-65v47e-r39 enclosed starter, 20hp@230v, 65a, 480v coil, 2610 RFQ
ESW-B12D39E-R30 weg weg esw-b12d39e-r30 enclosed starter, 7.5hp@460v, 12a, 480v coil, 2449 RFQ
RW27-2D2-U015 weg overload relay, class 10, 2 pole, 10-15a, use w/cwb9 to cwb38 1831 RFQ
RW27-1D2-U015 weg weg rw27-1d2-u015 overload relay, class 10, 2 pole, 10-15a, 2347 RFQ
1384002900 lsis lsis 1384002900 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-100a, 120vac, 1451 RFQ
ESWS-B9V24E-RM23 weg weg esws-b9v24e-rm23 enclosed starter, 9a, 208-240vcoil, 2386 RFQ
1344000200 lsis lsis 1344000200 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-9b, 48vac, 1687 RFQ
1379001100 lsis lsis 1379001100 overload relay, mt-800 515a 3k, class 10, 2831 RFQ
1324000700 lsis lsis 1324000700 overload relay, mt-12 8.5a 3d, class 20, 2488 RFQ
1381016500 lsis lsis 1381016500 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-65a, 24vdc, 2142 RFQ
ESWX-25V18E79-R29 weg weg eswx-25v18e79-r29 motor starter, xp, 3hp@230v, 25a, 120v coil, 2345 RFQ
706001700 lsis lsis 0706001700 manual motor starter, 50a, (34-50a), 63f, 2783 RFQ
PESW-9V47AX-R27 weg weg pesw-9v47ax-r27 enc. starter 1.5hp@230v/3hp@460v/5hp@575v, 9a, 1468 RFQ
705009000 lsis lsis 0705009000 manual motor starter, 40a, (28-40a), 32f, 1307 RFQ
ESW-B25V24E-R33 weg weg esw-b25v24e-r33 enclosed starter, 7.5hp@230v, 25a, 208-240v coil, 1578 RFQ
1307001100 lsis lsis 1307001100 overload relay, mt-95 74a 3d, class 20, 1404 RFQ
1375004900 lsis lsis 1375004900 overload relay, mt-150 130a 3k, class 10, 1134 RFQ
CWB32-11-30C07 weg weg cwb32-11-30c07 contactor, iec, 32a, 3 no pole, 48vdc coil, 1920 RFQ
1374000500 lsis lsis 1374000500 iec contactor, gen purpose, mc-800a, 380-450vac, 1849 RFQ
ESW-95V47E-R43 weg enclosed starter, 30hp@230v, 95a, 480v coil, 3 ph, reset only, nema 1, 63-80a ol range 1284 RFQ
705004600 lsis lsis 0705004600 manual motor starter, 22a, (14-22a), 32f, 2971 RFQ
1385003500 lsis lsis 1385003500 iec contactor, gen purpose, mc-130a, 100-240vac, 1674 RFQ
CWB38-11-30C03 weg weg cwb38-11-30c03 contactor, iec, 38a, 3 no pole, 24vdc coil, 2345 RFQ
CWM50-00-30C40 weg contactor, iec, 50 amps, 110-130vdc, 3 pole, ul508, use rw overload relay 2236 RFQ
1386003100 lsis lsis 1386003100 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-150a, 48vdc, 2065 RFQ
1327000800 lsis lsis 1327000800 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-6a, 230vac, 2924 RFQ
ESWS-B25V24E-RM33 weg weg esws-b25v24e-rm33 enclosed starter, 25a, 208-240vcoil, 2817 RFQ
1382012200 lsis lsis 1382012200 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-75a, 240vac, 2093 RFQ
ESWX-40V18A79-R34 weg weg eswx-40v18a79-r34 motor starter, xp, 20hp@460v, 40a, 120v coil, 2008 RFQ
ESWX-25V24A79-R33 weg motor starter, xp, 15hp@460v, 25a, 208-240v coil, 3 ph, start/stop+reset, nema 7/9, 15-23a ol range 2900 RFQ
CWB9-11-30V24 weg weg cwb9-11-30v24 contactor, iec, 9a, 3 no pole, 208-240vac coil, 2598 RFQ
1323000600 lsis lsis 1323000600 overload relay, mt-12 1.3a 3k, class 10, 1627 RFQ
RW27-2D3-D028 weg weg rw27-2d3-d028 overload relay, class 10, 3 pole, 1.8-2.8a, 2261 RFQ
1380011700 lsis lsis 1380011700 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-50a, 24vac, 2107 RFQ
1383001800 lsis lsis 1383001800 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-85a, 48vac, 1052 RFQ
ESWS-B18V24E-RM32 weg weg esws-b18v24e-rm32 enclosed starter, 18a, 208-240vcoil, 1084 RFQ
ESW-95V47A-R43 weg weg esw-95v47a-r43 enclosed starter, 30hp@230v, 95a, 480v coil, 2171 RFQ
CWM12-01-30V47 weg contactor, iec, 12 amps, 1nc, 480vac, 3 pole, ul508, use rw overload relay 1267 RFQ
EX9RD25A10 noark noark ex9rd25a10 overload relay, use with 9/12/18/25a std, 7-10a, 2430 RFQ
ESWX-25V24E79-R33 weg weg eswx-25v24e79-r33 motor starter, xp, 15hp@460v, 25a, 208-240v coil, 2950 RFQ
EX9RD93A40 noark noark ex9rd93a40 overload relay, use with 40/50/65/80/95a, 30-40a, 1447 RFQ
CWB18-11-30D02 weg weg cwb18-11-30d02 contactor, iec, 18a, 3 no pole, 24vac coil, 1691 RFQ
MWA-N4X-MSP-2.5-4 mwa panel shop mwa panel shop mwa-n4x-msp-2.5-4 1hp motor starter control system, type e/f, 2.5-4a 2504 RFQ
1327000500 lsis lsis 1327000500 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-6a, 120vac, 1378 RFQ
PESWS-B32D15EX-RM68 weg weg pesws-b32d15ex-rm68 enclosed starter 2hp@115v/5hp@230v, 25a, 120v 1073 RFQ
EX9SN25B2.5A noark noark ex9sn25b2.5a manual motor starter, pushbutton, 1.6 - 2.5a, 1738 RFQ
ESWX-25V47A79-R25 weg weg eswx-25v47a79-r25 motor starter, xp, 1.5hp@460v, 25a, 480v coil, 2553 RFQ
CWB40-11-30D45 weg contactor, iec, 40a, 3 no pole, 600vac coil, 50-60hz, aux. 1no/1nc, screw terminal, ul508 2589 RFQ
RW27-1D2-U008 weg weg rw27-1d2-u008 overload relay, class 10, 2 pole, 5.6-8a, 1381 RFQ
1336017500 lsis lsis 1336017500 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-32a, 12vdc, 1134 RFQ
GDP321SS220V carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi gdp321ss220v dp contactor, 1 pole, 32a, 220vac, 2195 RFQ
1337013300 lsis lsis 1337013300 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-40a, 240vac, 2369 RFQ
CWB65-11-30C07 weg contactor, iec, 65a, 3 no pole, 48vdc coil, aux. 1no/1nc, screw terminal, ul508 2467 RFQ
1306000500 lsis lsis 1306000500 overload relay, mt-95 21.5a 3k, class 10, 2386 RFQ
1364002300 lsis lsis 1364002300 iec contactor, gen purpose, mc-150a, 220-240vac, 1862 RFQ
RW27-2D3-D012 weg weg rw27-2d3-d012 overload relay, class 10, 3 pole, 0.8-1.2a, 1732 RFQ
1381014200 lsis lsis 1381014200 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-65a, 480vac, 2438 RFQ
ESW-B25D39A-R33 weg weg esw-b25d39a-r33 enclosed starter, 7.5hp@230v, 25a, 480v coil, 1004 RFQ
1342017500 lsis lsis 1342017500 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-100a, 12vdc, 1502 RFQ
1386000500 lsis lsis 1386000500 iec contactor, gen purpose, mc-150a, 220-240vac, 2831 RFQ
PESW-B9V24EX-R60 weg weg pesw-b9v24ex-r60 enc. starter 1hp@230v/2hp@460v/3hp@575v, 9a, 2983 RFQ
CC12SA120 carlo gavazzi carlo gavazzi cc12sa120 mini-contactor, 3-pole, 12a, 120vac, 2723 RFQ
1374000300 lsis lsis 1374000300 iec contactor, gen purpose, mc-800a, 100-127vac, 2020 RFQ
PESWS-B9D15AX-RM63 weg weg pesws-b9d15ax-rm63 enclosed starter 0.5hp@115v, 9a, 120v 2290 RFQ
EX9CDS40A30B7C noark noark ex9cds40a30b7c contactor, iec, 40a, 3no+1no/1nc aux, 24v 2861 RFQ
1364030900 lsis lsis 1364030900 iec contactor, gen purpose, mc-150a, 100-240vac, 1259 RFQ
1299000800 lsis lsis 1299000800 overload relay, mt-32 11a 3d, class 20, 1890 RFQ
1341013300 lsis lsis 1341013300 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-85a, 240vac, 2870 RFQ
CWM65-00-30V24 weg weg cwm65-00-30v24 contactor, iec, 65 amps, 208-240vac, 2481 RFQ
ESW-50V47A-R38 weg weg esw-50v47a-r38 enclosed starter, 15hp@230v, 50a, 480v coil, 2848 RFQ
GDP322S120V carlo gavazzi dp contactor, 2 pole, 32a, 110/120vac, screw terminal, 1 nc aux output, ul/rohs 1897 RFQ
CWM95-00-30C40 weg contactor, iec, 95 amps, 110-130vdc, 3 pole, ul508, use rw overload relay 1320 RFQ
ESWS-B9V24A-RM23 weg weg esws-b9v24a-rm23 enclosed starter, 9a, 208-240vcoil, 1603 RFQ
RW27-1D2-D063 weg weg rw27-1d2-d063 overload relay, class 10, 2 pole, 4-6.3a, 1328 RFQ
1316102700 lsis lsis 1316102700 iec contactor, general purpose, mc-9a, 24vdc, 2309 RFQ
RW317-1D3-U215 weg weg rw317-1d3-u215 overload relay, class 10, 3 pole, 140-215a, 1569 RFQ
CWM50-11-30V18 weg weg cwm50-11-30v18 contactor, iec, 50 amps, 3no, 120vac, 2575 RFQ
1315001100 lsis lsis 1315001100 overload relay, mt-95 74a 3d, class 20, 2061 RFQ
1323001200 lsis lsis 1323001200 overload relay, mt-12 8.5a 3k, class 10, 2858 RFQ
705002300 lsis lsis 0705002300 manual motor starter, 2.5a, 32f, 2731 RFQ
PESW-B9D39EX-R58 weg weg pesw-b9d39ex-r58 enc. starter 1hp@460v/1hp@575v, 9a, 480v coil, 2011 RFQ
CWB65-11-30D45 weg weg cwb65-11-30d45 contactor, iec, 65a, 3 no pole, 600vac coil, 1577 RFQ
ESW-40V18A-R35 weg weg esw-40v18a-r35 enclosed starter, 15hp@230v, 40a, 120v coil, 2299 RFQ

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