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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Cleaning And Janitorial. Within this category are parts such as A0118947, A0118934, A0118915, A0118910, A0118938 and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for Cleaning and Janitorial

Applied Crc Tap Magic
Loctite Wd 40 Sterling
Auzgrip Grip Vacmaster

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
A0118947 applied applied duosolve conentrated solvent degreaser 205l 1634 RFQ
A0118934 applied applied food grade antifoam silicone-based defoamer, lubricant & release agent 15l 1033 RFQ
A0118915 applied applied a3220 sunshine all-purpose detergent - 1000l 2430 RFQ
A0118910 applied applied a3120 bulldog gold heavy duty vehicle wash - 1000l 2041 RFQ
A0118938 applied applied a4413 alkaline degreaser/ cleaner 205l 1435 RFQ
A0118920 applied applied a8413 parts washer degreaser - 20l 2306 RFQ
A0118933 applied applied novirusac gel bulk 25l 1719 RFQ
A0118948 applied applied decarbonising and paint-stripping solvent 20l 2088 RFQ
A0118946 applied applied electrical safety solvent 20l 1701 RFQ
A0118944 applied applied hi-alk heavy duty cleaner 20l 2592 RFQ
A0118916 applied applied a3220 sunshine all-purpose detergent - 15l 2990 RFQ
A0118924 applied applied atoor tough orange extra heavy duty cleaner & degreaser - 200l 2081 RFQ
A0118927 applied applied a4480 take off heavy duty alkaline detergent - 1000l 1669 RFQ
A0118931 applied applied 2670 super descaler concentrated formulation 15l 2109 RFQ
A0118925 applied applied a8417 appsolv m17 general purpose solvent degreaser - 20l 1728 RFQ
A0118913 applied applied abdprm bulldog premium heavy duty vehicle wash - 1000l 2545 RFQ
A0118950 applied applied spatter wash 15l 1033 RFQ
A0118940 applied applied viper plus industrial liquid laundry detergent 15l 1848 RFQ
A0118949 applied applied citra scrub low foaming water-based cleaner and degreaser 15l 2807 RFQ
A0118928 applied applied a4480 take off heavy duty alkaline detergent - 25l 2876 RFQ
A0118932 applied applied kill and cover sanitiser and deodorant 15l 2742 RFQ
A0118943 applied applied alkaline spray cleaner/ degreaser 20kg 1231 RFQ
A0118945 applied applied improve degreaser 20kg 1551 RFQ
A0118930 applied applied a2539 foaming acid cleaner 1000l 1920 RFQ
A0071899 crc crc nf contact cleaner extra strength precision electronic cleaning solvent 400g 1711 RFQ
A0115657 crc crc qd contact cleaner 311g 2168 RFQ
A0071881 crc crc brakleen force brake parts cleaner 20l 1132 RFQ
A0115620 crc crc bio degreaser 20l 1623 RFQ
A0071922 crc crc hot shot engine degreaser 500g 1440 RFQ
A0071918 crc crc glass cleaner 500g 1695 RFQ
A0112730 tap magic tap magic 20oz multi purpose cleaner / degreaser 2852 RFQ
A0116650 crc crc throttle body & air intake cleaner 400g 1454 RFQ
A0071898 crc crc aerosol lectra clean electric motor & equipment cleaner 400g 1390 RFQ
A0071923 crc crc so easy glass cleaner 500ml 2823 RFQ
A0071954 crc crc aerosol co contact cleaner 150g 2835 RFQ
A0116651 crc crc 2016 aerosol co contact cleaner 420g 2741 RFQ
A0122132 crc crc oil fighter 400ml 1791 RFQ
A0071941 crc crc aerosol natural degreaser naturally formulated non-corrosive 400g 2749 RFQ
A0071952 crc crc brakleen non chlorinated brake & parts cleaner 400g 2090 RFQ
A0071911 crc crc brakleen brake & parts cleaner 4l 2700 RFQ
A0071932 crc crc heavy duty parts cleaner 400g 2229 RFQ
A0115621 crc crc bio degreaser 1000l tote 1677 RFQ
A0071945 crc crc electrical parts cleaner quick drying 400g 1847 RFQ
A0071924 crc crc aeroclean degreaser cleans engine fast 400g 2373 RFQ
A0071901 crc crc lectra clean electric motor & equipment cleaner tce free 4l 1882 RFQ
A0071929 crc crc clean-r-carb heavy duty carburettor & choke cleaner 400g 1247 RFQ
A0115619 crc crc bio degreaser 5l 2721 RFQ
A0116597 loctite loctite sf 7840 biodegradable cleaner degreaser- 709ml 2347 RFQ
A0108960 loctite loctite sf 7063 general purpose cleaner - 400ml aerosol 2961 RFQ
A0100247 wd 40 wd-40 specialist automotive brake & parts cleaner aerosol 300g/450ml 1473 RFQ
A0049973 wd 40 wd-40 fast acting citrus degreaser aerosol 400g 1650 RFQ
A0118956 sterling sterling shield bollard sanitiser dispenser station stainless steel 1m 1529 RFQ
A0123596 auzgrip auzgrip flexible spray cleaning gun 1000ml 1406 RFQ
A0123595 auzgrip auzgrip spray cleaning gun 1000ml 1450 RFQ
A0118917 applied applied a3963 ultra lemon hand cleaner - 15l 1315 RFQ
A0118919 applied applied a3963 ultra lemon hand cleaner - 4 x 4l 1886 RFQ
A0118918 applied applied a3963 ultra lemon hand cleaner - 3 x 5l 2089 RFQ
A0118957 sterling sterling shield hand sanitiser 1.5l (suits bollard dispenser) - ctn of 3 1606 RFQ
A0118936 applied applied body klene hand & body wash 4 x 4l 2877 RFQ
A0049911 loctite loctite sf 7850 yuk-off orange hand cleaner 4l 1875 RFQ
A0116599 loctite loctite 34943 industrial chemical cleaning wipe -75pull 2738 RFQ
A0071910 crc crc so easy protectant anti static maximum uv protection 4l 1559 RFQ
A0116641 crc crc smoke detector tester- 71g 2026 RFQ
A0116642 crc crc so easy wet look tyre shine- 350g 2865 RFQ
A0071933 crc crc so easy protectant for vinyl,rubber & wood 500ml 1506 RFQ
A0071917 crc crc re-po auto cream polish 250g 1249 RFQ
A0118929 applied applied a2366 polyfloc effluent treatment - 200l 1528 RFQ
A0071919 crc crc aerosol foaming so easy one step tyre care 400g 2165 RFQ
A0071926 crc crc liquid armour protectant 4l 1070 RFQ
A0071921 crc crc re-po extra cut cream polish 250g 1532 RFQ
A0124284 grip grip micro parts cleaner 14l tank and fluid capacity 2434 RFQ
A0124286 grip grip flexible hose to suit 49035 2082 RFQ
A0124285 grip grip industrial parts washer 76l tank cap 40l fluid cap 2571 RFQ
A0124288 grip grip industrial parts washer 151l (40 gallon) 1062 RFQ
A0124283 grip grip bench type parts washer 19l tank capacity 13l fluid capacity 2408 RFQ
A0124287 grip grip 2 tier mobile part washer 76l (20 gallon) 2239 RFQ
A0105773 vacmaster metal ash tank with complete accessories - 509582 1482 RFQ
A0105764 vacmaster 64mm x 2.1m hose set vacuum - 509569 1375 RFQ
A0105767 vacmaster vacuum foam filter to suit 20-60l vacuum, 3 pieces - 509574 1180 RFQ
A0105785 vacmaster dust bags to suit 20l vacuum, 5 pieces - 509625 1604 RFQ
A0105776 vacmaster 38mm x 3.5m hose to suit 50/60l vacuum - 509597 2688 RFQ
A0105787 vacmaster standard filter bag to suit 50l vacuum model - 509578 1927 RFQ
A0105791 vacmaster 15l vacuum wet/dry 1500w motor with hepa filter and poly tank - 509658 1203 RFQ
A0105805 vacmaster 30l vacuum, wet/dry 1500w motor stainless tank - 509686 2732 RFQ
A0105768 vacmaster 20l high efficiency filter bag, 3 pieces - 509575 2299 RFQ
A0105769 vacmaster fine filter cartridge to suit 18 - 60l vacuum models - 509577 1671 RFQ
A0105798 vacmaster 38l vacuum, wet/dry with high efficiency hepa filter bag - 806075 2699 RFQ
A0105784 vacmaster dust bags to suit 20l vacuum, 5 pieces - 509624 2837 RFQ
A0105792 vacmaster 50-60l high efficiency filter bag - 3 pieces - 509659 1706 RFQ
A0105794 vacmaster 20l vacuum, wet/dry industrial 1500w motor w/ stainless tank & 5 filter bags - 805681 2294 RFQ
A0105795 vacmaster 30l vacuum, wet/dry industrial 1500w motor, stainless tank and hepa filter - 509676 2091 RFQ
A0105777 vacmaster brush combination to suit 35mm hose models - 509610 1127 RFQ
A0105781 vacmaster hepa 13 cartridge filter to suit vk1638siwdc vacuum - 805374 1042 RFQ
A0105793 vacmaster 20l vacuum, wet/dry industrial 1500w motor w/ stainless tank - 509675 1866 RFQ
A0105802 vacmaster hepa filter cartridge to suit 20l and 30l vacuum models - 509572 1347 RFQ
A0105796 vacmaster 30l vacuum, wet/dry industrial 1500w motor w/ 5 standard filter bags - 806076 2193 RFQ
A0105803 vacmaster 20l vacuum, wet/dry 1250w motor w/ stainless tank (pour tank drain) - 511488 2795 RFQ
A0105797 vacmaster 38l vacuum, wet/dry industrial 1500w motor w/ 5 standard filter bags - 805109 2304 RFQ
A0105786 vacmaster standard filter bag to suit 50-60l vacuum model - 509626 1037 RFQ
A0105807 vacmaster cloth filters to suit 10l vacuum - 3 pieces - 509688 2891 RFQ

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