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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Beacon, Strobe & Warning Lights. Within this category are industrial parts such as SKH-M2J-B, SKH-M1TB-R, MS70M-PBFF-RYG, 240-110-50, 233 5115 5000 and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly for Beacon, Strobe & Warning Lights, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for Beacon, Strobe & Warning Lights

Patlite Menics Werma

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
SKH-M2J-B patlite patlite skh-m2j-b beacon, ?100mm rotating, 100-240vac, blue led, 2526 RFQ
SKH-M1TB-R patlite patlite skh-m1tb-r beacon, ?100mm rotating, 12-24vdc, buzzer, 2261 RFQ
MS70M-PBFF-RYG menics menics ms70m-pbff-ryg beacon ?70mm steady/buzzer 110-220vac, 1104 RFQ
240-110-50 werma werma 240-110-50 multicolor led beacon, permanent blink, 10-30vdc, 1785 RFQ
233 5115 5000 pfannenberg pfannenberg 233 5115 5000 flashing light w/alarm, 115 vac, red lens, 1711 RFQ
23311155055 pfannenberg pfannenberg 23311155055 beacon, flashing w/ sound, 115vac, red, gray case 2518 RFQ
AVGB-10-B menics beacon, ?135mm, rotating w/buzzer, 110vac, blue, 80db alarm, 150 rev/min, direct mount 1662 RFQ
SL08-M2KTB-R patlite patlite sl08-m2ktb-r beacon, ?80mm flashing, 100-240vac, buzzer, red, 1918 RFQ
215 5481 5055 pfannenberg pfannenberg 215 5481 5055 flashing light w/alarm, 24vac/dc, red, 1092 RFQ
SF08-M1JN-B patlite beacon, ?80mm multi-function, 12-24vdc, blue, cable 2939 RFQ
261-510-60 werma werma 261-510-60 beacon, midi ?85mm, steady/flashing, 2894 RFQ
AVG-02-G menics menics avg-02-g beacon, ?135mm, rotating, green, 24vdc, 1306 RFQ
262-240-70 werma werma 262-240-70 beacon, maxi ?120mm, rotating led, 2205 RFQ
AVGB-10-R menics beacon, ?135mm, rotating w/buzzer, 110vac, red, 80db alarm, 150 rev/min, direct mount 2499 RFQ
215 5110 4055 pfannenberg pfannenberg 215 5110 4055 beacon, adjustable flash, 230vac, amber lens, 2701 RFQ
261-240-60 werma werma 261-240-60 beacon, midi ?85mm, rotating led, 2994 RFQ
SL15-M1JN-R patlite patlite sl15-m1jn-r beacon, ?150mm flashing, 12-24vdc, red, cable 1492 RFQ
SL15-M1KTN-B patlite patlite sl15-m1ktn-b beacon, ?150mm flashing, 12-24vdc, blue, 1284 RFQ
260-510-75 werma werma 260-510-75 beacon, mini ?62mm, steady/flashing, 2051 RFQ
SL08-M1KTN-R patlite patlite sl08-m1ktn-r beacon, ?80mm flashing, 12-24vdc, red, 2632 RFQ
LFH-48-R patlite patlite lfh-48-r beacon, indoor/outdoor, ?100mm, led, 48vdc, red, 2276 RFQ
LFH-12-B patlite patlite lfh-12-b beacon, indoor/outdoor, ?100mm, led, 12vdc, blue, 1721 RFQ
SL15-M2JN-Y patlite patlite sl15-m2jn-y beacon, ?150mm flashing, 100-240vac, amber, cable 1153 RFQ
240-210-55 werma werma 240-210-55 multicolor led beacon, permanent, 24vdc, 2184 RFQ
460-310-60 werma werma 460-310-60 beacon, mini ?62mm, steady/flashing w/95db alarm, 1161 RFQ
260-220-60 werma werma 260-220-60 beacon, mini ?62mm, flashing lt.+strobe, 2022 RFQ
MLGS-10-R menics menics mlgs-10-r beacon, ?66mm, xenon strobe, 110vac, red, 2954 RFQ
SF10-M1KTN-Y patlite patlite sf10-m1ktn-y beacon, ?100mm multi-function, 12-24vdc, amber, 1684 RFQ
MS70M-PF00-RYGM menics menics ms70m-pf00-rygm beacon ?70mm steady/flashing 12-24vdc, 1910 RFQ
SF10-M1KTB-B patlite patlite sf10-m1ktb-b beacon, ?100mm multi-function, 12-24vdc, buzzer, 2430 RFQ
23311156055 pfannenberg pfannenberg 23311156055 beacon, flashing w/ sound, 24vdc, green, grey case 1674 RFQ
261-220-70 werma werma 261-220-70 beacon, midi ?85mm, flashing lt.+strobe, 2322 RFQ
MS70M-GBFF-RYGM menics menics ms70m-gbff-rygm beacon ?70mm steady/buzzer 110-220vac, 1514 RFQ
AVGB-01-Y menics menics avgb-01-y beacon, ?135mm, rotating, yellow, 12vdc, buzzer, 2766 RFQ
262-240-60 werma werma 262-240-60 beacon, maxi ?120mm, rotating led, 1928 RFQ
261-420-70 werma werma 261-420-70 beacon, midi ?85mm, flashing lt.+strobe, 1314 RFQ
MS86S-N10-Y menics beacon, ?86mm., xenon strobe, 110vac, yellow, 60 rev/min, direct mount 2549 RFQ
260-110-75 werma werma 260-110-75 beacon, mini ?62mm, steady/flashing, 2109 RFQ
262-520-60 werma werma 262-520-60 beacon, maxi ?120mm, flashing lt.+strobe, 2777 RFQ
460-420-75 werma werma 460-420-75 beacon, mini ?62mm flashing lt+strobe w/95db alarm 1144 RFQ
SKH-M1T-G patlite patlite skh-m1t-g beacon, ?100mm rotating, 12-24vdc, green led, 2448 RFQ
SL08-M1KTB-Y patlite patlite sl08-m1ktb-y beacon, ?80mm flashing, 12-24vdc, buzzer, amber, 1153 RFQ
SF10-M1JN-B patlite beacon, ?100mm multi-function, 12-24vdc, blue, cable 1515 RFQ
ASGS-10-Y menics beacon, ?86mm, xenon strobe, 110vac, yellow, 80 flash/min, direct mount 2215 RFQ
460-210-60 werma werma 460-210-60 beacon, mini ?62mm, steady/flashing w/95db alarm, 1099 RFQ
SF08-M1KTN-R patlite beacon, ?80mm multi-function, 12-24vdc, red, terminal blocks 1661 RFQ
MS86S-S00-B menics beacon, ?86mm, xenon strobe, 12-24vac/dc, blue, 60 rev/min, direct mount 1701 RFQ
MS70M-PB00-RYGM menics menics ms70m-pb00-rygm beacon ?70mm steady/buzzer 12-24vdc, 2592 RFQ
215 5410 5055 pfannenberg pfannenberg 215 5410 5055 flashing light w/alarm, 230vac, red, 2385 RFQ
LFH-48-B patlite patlite lfh-48-b beacon, indoor/outdoor, ?100mm, led, 48vdc, blue, 1889 RFQ
260-120-75 werma werma 260-120-75 beacon, mini ?62mm, flashing lt.+strobe, 1302 RFQ
23351805055 pfannenberg pfannenberg 23351805055 flashing light w/alarm, 24vdc, red lens, 2154 RFQ
21510806055 pfannenberg pfannenberg 21510806055 beacon, adjustable flash, 24vdc, green lens, 1305 RFQ
262-120-70 werma werma 262-120-70 beacon, maxi ?120mm, flashing lt.+strobe, 2238 RFQ
460-210-74 werma werma 460-210-74 beacon, mini ?62mm, steady/flashing w/95db alarm, 1440 RFQ
AVGB-02-Y menics beacon, ?135mm, rotating w/buzzer, 24vac/dc yellow 80db alarm, 150 rev/min, direct mount 1669 RFQ
MS70M-PBFF-RYGM menics menics ms70m-pbff-rygm beacon ?70mm steady/buzzer 110-220vac, 1147 RFQ
SKH-M2J-Y patlite patlite skh-m2j-y beacon, ?100mm rotating, 100-240vac, amber led 1098 RFQ
261-440-60 werma werma 261-440-60 beacon, midi ?85mm, rotating led, 1002 RFQ
ASG-01-B menics menics asg-01-b beacon, ?86mm, rotating, 12vac/dc, blue, 2444 RFQ
SL10-M1JN-B patlite patlite sl10-m1jn-b beacon, ?100mm flashing, 12-24vdc, blue, cable 1446 RFQ
806-350-55 werma werma 806-350-55 led perm., beacon, 24vdc, ip65, 75mm, yellow, 2112 RFQ
233 7215 3055 pfannenberg pfannenberg 233 7215 3055 flashing light w/alarm, 115vac, yellow lens, 1361 RFQ
SKP-M2J-R patlite patlite skp-m2j-r beacon, ?150mm, rotating, 100-240vac, red, cable 2289 RFQ
21041161008 pfannenberg pfannenberg 21041161008 beacon, explosion proof, flashing, 115vac, clear, 1006 RFQ
AVG-20-B menics menics avg-20-b beacon, ?135mm, rotating, blue, 220vac, 2849 RFQ
460-410-60 werma werma 460-410-60 beacon, mini ?62mm, steady/flashing w/95db alarm, 1699 RFQ
SKH-M1JB-R patlite patlite skh-m1jb-r beacon, ?100mm rotating, 12-24vdc, buzzer, 1312 RFQ
SL10-M2JN-Y patlite patlite sl10-m2jn-y beacon, ?100mm flashing, 100-240vac, amber, cable 1905 RFQ
21151635006 pfannenberg pfannenberg 21151635006 beacon, ?130mm, rotating, led, 24vdc, 1944 RFQ
215 5081 4055 pfannenberg pfannenberg 215 5081 4055 beacon, adjustable flash, 24vac/dc, amber lens, 2799 RFQ
262-540-60 werma werma 262-540-60 beacon, maxi ?120mm, rotating led, 2380 RFQ
21510101055 pfannenberg pfannenberg 21510101055 beacon, compact, flashing, 230vac, clear lens, 1535 RFQ
AVGB-20-Y menics beacon, ?135mm, rotating w/buzzer, 220vac, yellow, 80db alarm, 150 rev/min, direct mount 1897 RFQ
SL10-M2JN-R patlite patlite sl10-m2jn-r beacon, ?100mm flashing, 100-240vac, red, cable 2354 RFQ
MS70M-GF00-RYGM menics menics ms70m-gf00-rygm beacon ?70mm steady/flashing 12-24vdc, 2441 RFQ
MS70M-MZ00-RYGM menics menics ms70m-mz00-rygm beacon ?70mm steady/flashing/buzzer 12-24vdc, 2146 RFQ
MS70M-PF00-RYG menics menics ms70m-pf00-ryg beacon ?70mm steady/flashing 12-24vdc, 2265 RFQ
SF08-M2KTB-R patlite patlite sf08-m2ktb-r beacon, ?80mm multi-function, 100-240vac, buzzer, 2158 RFQ
262-440-60 werma werma 262-440-60 beacon, maxi ?120mm, rotating led, 1189 RFQ
262-110-60 werma werma 262-110-60 beacon, maxi ?120mm, steady/flashing, 2549 RFQ
MLGF-02-R menics menics mlgf-02-r beacon, ?66mm, steady/flashing, 24vac/dc, red, 1271 RFQ
SF08-M2JN-G patlite patlite sf08-m2jn-g beacon, ?80mm multi-function, 100-240vac, green, 2361 RFQ
461-210-70 werma werma 461-210-70 beacon, midi ?85mm, steady/flashing w/110db alarm, 1470 RFQ
AVGB-02-G menics menics avgb-02-g beacon, ?135mm, rotating, green, 24vdc, buzzer, 2136 RFQ
231-100-55 werma werma 231-100-55 led permanent beacon, 24v, ip65, 29mm, red 1829 RFQ
262-220-70 werma werma 262-220-70 beacon, maxi ?120mm, flashing lt.+strobe, 2255 RFQ
MS56M-01-LC menics menics ms56m-01-lc beacon, ?56mm, steady, 12vac/dc, 7 colors, 1521 RFQ
SKP-M1J-R patlite patlite skp-m1j-r beacon, ?150mm, rotating, 12-24vdc, red, cable 1647 RFQ
MS70M-PFFF-RYGM menics menics ms70m-pfff-rygm beacon ?70mm steady/flashing 110-220vac, 2420 RFQ
460-420-74 werma werma 460-420-74 beacon, mini ?62mm flashing lt+strobe w/95db alarm 1482 RFQ
SKH-M1J-B patlite patlite skh-m1j-b beacon, ?100mm rotating, 12-24vdc, blue led 1049 RFQ
NE-24-B patlite patlite ne-24-b signal light, ?57mm, 24vdc, led, steady, blue, 2128 RFQ
MS70M-PZ00-RYG menics menics ms70m-pz00-ryg beacon ?70mm steady/flashing/buzzer 12-24vdc, 1552 RFQ
ASGF-10-R menics menics asgf-10-r beacon, ?86mm, steady/flashing, 110vac, red, 1786 RFQ
SL08-M2JN-R patlite beacon, ?80mm flashing, 100-240vac, red, cable 1472 RFQ
MS70M-MB00-RYGM menics menics ms70m-mb00-rygm beacon ?70mm steady/buzzer 12-24vdc, 1885 RFQ
AVG-20-R menics menics avg-20-r beacon, ?135mm, rotating, 220vac, red, 2763 RFQ
AVG-02-B menics menics avg-02-b beacon, ?135mm, rotating, blue, 24vdc, 2969 RFQ
SKH-M1JB-Y patlite patlite skh-m1jb-y beacon, ?100mm rotating, 12-24vdc, buzzer, 2773 RFQ

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