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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Automotive. Within this category are parts such as KL1002, 1622153, KL1003, 1622152, KL1001 and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for Automotive

Kent Lawson

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
KL1002 kent kent? assortment kit 23 items 730pcs 2088 RFQ
1622153 kent kent? kent complete for dealerships - service assortments 1727 RFQ
KL1003 kent kent? assortment kit 20 items 515pcs 1735 RFQ
1622152 kent kent? kent complete for dealerships - 50 state compliant 2154 RFQ
KL1001 kent kent? assortment kit 20 items 465pcs 1838 RFQ
1622154 kent kent? kent complete for dealerships -bolts, wire, and hose clamps 1201 RFQ
1231567 lawson rocker and scuff plate retainer 2405 RFQ
1365424 lawson door panel retainer plastic 16mm 2301 RFQ
1404749 lawson extruded u-nut with locking thread 0.5-2mm 1212 RFQ
1118465 lawson hood prop rod clip nylon natural 8mm 1758 RFQ
1457540 lawson front and rear spoiler molding clip nylon white 2779 RFQ
1482024 lawson radiator grille retainer plastic 40mm 2896 RFQ
1482115 lawson drain plug gasket aluminum 18 x 26mm 1877 RFQ
1493998 lawson door panel retainer plastic 13mm 1999 RFQ
1539820 lawson door molding clip with blue rubber grommet nylon 1951 RFQ
1541577 lawson torx® pan head bolt with dog point 1mm 1784 RFQ
1548768 lawson door trim panel retainer nylon 16mm 1374 RFQ
1561450 lawson trim panel retainer nylon 18mm 1924 RFQ
1561457 lawson wheel arch molding retainer nylon 14mm 2687 RFQ
1579409 lawson bumper cover push-type retainer nylon 18mm 1872 RFQ
1596985 lawson luggage compartment & rear lamp cover push-type retainer 2348 RFQ
1613467 lawson trunk lid, quarter trim & control module push-type retainer 2307 RFQ
1617401 lawson body side moulding clip 2286 RFQ
1617419 lawson tail lamp grommet with sealer 1890 RFQ
29705 lawson headliner and side marker retainer 2160 RFQ
1507968 lawson cowl molding clip nylon black 18 x 19mm 1919 RFQ
53720 lawson trim panel and wheel well retainer 1525 RFQ
56469 lawson u-type speed nut steel #10-24 1120 RFQ
61552 lawson weatherstrip retainer 1541 RFQ
82824 lawson flex filler retainer 1639 RFQ
84655 lawson headlamp bezel nut 2001 RFQ
93812 lawson door trim panel clip 1688 RFQ
95077 lawson plastic anchor nut 2709 RFQ
KT11282 lawson blind rivet nylon m6.3 1974 RFQ
KT11305 lawson belt molding clip plastic light blue 2349 RFQ
KT11534 lawson low profile screw for attaching molding clips 1904 RFQ
KT11567 lawson roof rack mount jack nut steel m6-1 15.88mm 1876 RFQ
KT11676 lawson stand-off retainer 1862 RFQ
KT11687 lawson cowl grille grommet 1074 RFQ
KT12789 lawson front auxiliary lamp mounting and pivots rivet 2625 RFQ
KT12990 lawson weatherstrip retainer nylon 5 x 15mm 1471 RFQ
KT12259 lawson tru-torq fastener assembly kit 3 items 18pcs 2444 RFQ
KT13447 lawson bumper cover/garnish molding push-type retainer 1845 RFQ
KT13464 lawson cowl vent retainer textured plastic 18mm 1224 RFQ
KT13525 lawson moulding clip with sealer 1084 RFQ
KT13526 lawson wheel opening moulding clip 1006 RFQ
KT13754 lawson rocker molding and grille molding clip nylon 1624 RFQ
KT13762 lawson specialty rivet with plastic cap aluminum 3.2mm 1854 RFQ
KT13784 lawson molding clip with sealer nylon brown 12 x 20mm 2129 RFQ
KT13969 lawson radiator grille and bumper cover fastener 5/8" 1440 RFQ
KT14321 lawson hex head sems bolt with 19mm spin washer 22.5mm 2419 RFQ
P13774 lawson tailgate rod clip nylon 3/16"" rod size 2718 RFQ
P15645 lawson bumper fascia grommet nylon m4.2 1639 RFQ
P20415 lawson steel washer retainer 2515 RFQ
P21616 lawson self-threading nut steel 1/4" 2006 RFQ
P23271M01 lawson u-type speed nut steel #8 2784 RFQ
P32236 lawson push-tite retainer steel 1/2" 1670 RFQ
P33916 lawson body alignment shim steel 3/8" 1985 RFQ
P46222 lawson phillips indented hex head self-tapping screw 1664 RFQ
P48942 lawson interior trim retainer plastic 25mm 1198 RFQ
P52194 lawson cowl panel retainer plastic 13mm 2082 RFQ
P57200 lawson extruded u-nut steel m10-1.5 1648 RFQ
P59696 lawson quarter belt reveal molding clip nylon 1637 RFQ
P67585 lawson u-nut steel #8 2847 RFQ
P85400 lawson hood insulation retainer nylon 28mm 1835 RFQ
P85430 lawson rocker molding clip with sealer nylon gray 12mm 2501 RFQ
P85431 lawson door molding clip nylon yellow 12 x 16mm 2144 RFQ
P85145 lawson windshield molding clip nylon blue 76 x 15mm 1582 RFQ
1118473 lawson front fender moulding clip 2408 RFQ
1457539 lawson extension mounting bracket push-type retainer 1582 RFQ
1468618 lawson rear body and interior trim retainer nylon 25mm 2743 RFQ
1468624 lawson specialty insert with sealer m6 x 1 1107 RFQ
1468639 lawson dodge ram door roller pin & bushing kit 1346 RFQ
1485106 lawson assortment kit 15 items 225pcs 2189 RFQ
1494002 lawson bumper filler drive rivet plastic 9mm m8 1179 RFQ
1494009 lawson front fender retainer nylon 20mm 2173 RFQ
1494023 lawson oil drain plug with gasket 2300 RFQ
1372009 lawson screw grommet nylon m5.5 1976 RFQ
1372017 lawson scuff plate molding clip nylon white 12 x 15mm 2052 RFQ
1431097 lawson rocker panel and wheel housing retainer nylon 2761 RFQ
1500756 lawson molding clip with sealer nylon white 14.5 x 17mm 2140 RFQ
1520872 lawson rear bumper retainer and ss screw nylon 22mm 2004 RFQ
1546300 lawson bumper push-type retainer nylon 20mm 2905 RFQ
1561437 lawson interior speaker grille/rocker molding retainer 2437 RFQ
1575323 lawson headliner retainer nylon 19mm 2899 RFQ
1576152 lawson metric extruded u-nut zinc organic m6-1 2202 RFQ
1613463 lawson rocker moulding retainer with o-ring seal 1363 RFQ
1615274 lawson interior trim panel push-type retainer 2157 RFQ
1621288 lawson bumper, grille, fog lamp hex head sems tapping screw 1647 RFQ
29773 lawson cowl grille drive rivet 2848 RFQ
29798 lawson hood prop rod clip 1013 RFQ
53721 lawson license plate bracket and bumper aluminum rivet 1164 RFQ
60567 lawson hex head sems® body bolt 2971 RFQ
60694 lawson drive-type rivet 1283 RFQ
63715 lawson hex head bolt and 3/4"" free spin washer 1389 RFQ
82086 lawson air cleaner wing nut 1114 RFQ
83952 lawson metric thread cutting nut 2932 RFQ
84700 lawson metric indented hex head body bolt with 23mm free spinning washer 2476 RFQ
84767 lawson spinlock body body 2317 RFQ
88553 lawson phillips round washer head sheet metal screw #6 2359 RFQ

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