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Industrial Part Sphere is an all-inclusive purchasing platform for industrial and automation parts. Our inventory comprises a diverse selection of product categories, one of which is Automotive Maintenance Tools. Within this category are industrial parts such as H3079, H3664, HTA1830, JEDG-1WO, HTA1833 and many others, all of which are available with short lead times and competitive prices. Any parts not in our inventory can be sourced and shipped to you via our international supply chain network that spans North America and Europe.

Industrial Part Sphere specializes in leveraging our buying power to secure low prices and fast shipping times on every part that we sell. To begin the purchasing process instantly for Automotive Maintenance Tools, submit an RFQ today. We are an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accredited business, as well as the only independent distributor with a strict no China sourcing pledge, ensuring that each part you purchase from us is of the highest quality.

Manufacturer's List for automotive maintenance tools

Jet 3m Gray

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Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
H3079 jet jet h3078 - 1/2 inch square drive oil filter wrench heavy duty h3078 2200 RFQ
H3664 jet jet h3662-19 - wide type removal tool h3662-19 1412 RFQ
HTA1830 jet jet hta1404 - heavy duty / marine chrome series fuel level gauge kit hta1404 1912 RFQ
JEDG-1WO jet jet jedg-1 - 20 inch digital drum gauge 310604 1977 RFQ
HTA1833 jet jet hta1832 - easy-read ammeter gauge kit hta1832 2383 RFQ
HTA1308 jet jet hta1216 - chrome series dual oil pressure & water temperature gauge kit hta1216 2332 RFQ
HTA1150 jet jet hta1144 - chrome series mechnical oil pressure gauge kit hta1144 2146 RFQ
H3351 jet jet h3183a - replacement jaws for h3183 h3183a 1678 RFQ
HTA1834 jet jet hta1833 - easy-read voltmeter gauge kit hta1833 1142 RFQ
SB175SA jet jet sb175s - 1-3/4 inch straight flat scraper 905492 2923 RFQ
HTA1136 jet jet hta1125 - chrome series wide sweep mechanical water temperature 66 inch capillary tube gauge kit hta1125 1860 RFQ
H1670 jet jet h1262 - mechanic stethoscope h1262 1416 RFQ
H2002 jet jet h1670 - piston ring compressor kit ring-o-matic series h1670 2935 RFQ
HTA1118 jet jet hta1117 - electric fuel level gauge kit hta1117 2895 RFQ
H3662-14 jet jet h3662-13 - sharp panel removal tool h3662-13 2179 RFQ
H3670 jet jet h3668 - small ""v"" notch tip trim tool h3668 1691 RFQ
H1017 jet jet ask6 - air scraper kit 409042 1725 RFQ
HTA1216 jet jet hta1156 - chrome series mechanical water temperature 96 inch capillary tube hta1156 1841 RFQ
HTA1144 jet jet hta1136 - chrome series electrical water & oil temperature gauge kit hta1136 1310 RFQ
HTA1154 jet jet hta1153 - chrome series electrical oil pressure gauge kit hta1153 2784 RFQ
HTA1108A jet jet hta1106 - chrome series ammeter gauge kit hta1106 1228 RFQ
H1262 jet jet h1176 - pipe & muffler expander extra large h1176 2257 RFQ
H3662-19 jet jet h3662-18 - narrow type removal tool h3662-18 2222 RFQ
SB175S jet jet jerg-1wo - 4 inch digital rotor gauge wheel stays on 310603 2250 RFQ
H3183A jet jet h3183 - valve spring compressor h3183 2601 RFQ
H3544 jet jet h3371 - cup-type oil filter wrench 74/76mm -15 flutes 2step h3371 1474 RFQ
HTA1106 jet jet h3674 - square notch tip trim tool h3674 2930 RFQ
H1176 jet jet h1017 - pipe & muffler expander standard for passenger cars h1017 1066 RFQ
HTA1835 jet jet hta1834 - easy-read mechanical temperature gauge kit hta1834 1612 RFQ
H3662-13 jet jet h3662-12 - panel removal tool h3662-12 2786 RFQ
HTA1404 jet jet hta1403 - heavy duty / marine chrome series voltmeter gauge kit hta1403 2018 RFQ
JERG-1 jet jet jedg-1wo - 17 inch digital drum gauge wheels stays on 310605 2441 RFQ
H3662-12 jet jet h3662-11 - flat clip panel removal tool h3662-11 2586 RFQ
37721 3m 3m 37721 - detailing product diluter 7000045751 2751 RFQ
SB1D jet jet sb175sa - 1-3/4 inch straight angle scraper 905494 2452 RFQ
H3666 jet jet h3664 - 5 piece trim panel removal set h3664 1698 RFQ
HTA1125 jet jet hta1118 - chrome series mechanical water temperature gauge kit hta1118 2098 RFQ
H3090 jet jet h3079 - 1/2 inch square drive oil filter wrench heavy duty h3079 2287 RFQ
H3662-18 jet jet h3662-17 - handy remover tool h3662-17 1951 RFQ
ASK6 jet gray xo10 - heavy duty oil filter wrench, 4 inch maximum diameter 1675 RFQ
XO10 gray jet sb1s - 1 inch straight cut flat scraper 905491 2218 RFQ
HTA1401 jet jet hta1308 - chrome series triple ammeter oil pressure & water temperature gauge kit hta1308 2032 RFQ
H3668 jet jet h3666 - large ""v"" notch tip trim tool h3666 1309 RFQ
H3662-17 jet jet h3662-16 - pull type remover tool h3662-16 2316 RFQ
HTA1156 jet jet hta1154 - chrome series manifold vacuum gauge kit hta1154 2763 RFQ
HTA1109 jet jet hta1108a - 12 volt bulb for all 2 1/16 inch gauges hta1108a 1967 RFQ
H3662-15 jet jet h3662-14 - straight panel removal tool h3662-14 1212 RFQ
HTA1153 jet jet hta1150 - chrome series wide sweep mechanical oil pressure gauge kit hta1150 2007 RFQ
H3662-16 jet jet h3662-15 - clip panel removal tool h3662-15 1500 RFQ
H3674 jet jet h3670 - 1/4 inch inchu inch notch tip trim tool h3670 2746 RFQ
JERG-1WO jet jet jerg-1 - 5 inch digital rotor gauge 310602 1936 RFQ
SB1S jet jet sb1d - 1 inch diagonal flat scraper 905493 2908 RFQ
H3055 jet jet h2002 - multi-port jection pressure tester h2002 1998 RFQ
H3662 jet jet h3544 - 11 piece master disconnect tool kit h3544 1852 RFQ
JEDG-1 jet jet hta1835 - easy-read triple voltmeter water temperature & oil pressure gauge kit hta1835 1435 RFQ
HTA1831 jet jet hta1830 - easy-read 3 1/2 inch dial tachometer hta1830 2239 RFQ
H3371 jet jet h3351 - fuel line disconnect tool h3351 1180 RFQ
HTA1403 jet jet hta1401 - heavy duty / marine chrome series electrical oil pressure gauge kit hta1401 1251 RFQ
HTA1832 jet jet hta1831 - easy-read mechanical oil pressure gauge kit hta1831 2500 RFQ
37712 3m 3m 37712 - detailing single product diluter 7000120473 1630 RFQ
H3183 jet jet h3090 - 1/2 inch square drive oil filter wrench heavy duty h3090 2997 RFQ
H3078 jet jet h3055 - spider oil filter wrench h3055 1751 RFQ
HTA1117 jet jet hta1109 - chrome series volt gauge kit hta1109 2775 RFQ
H3662-10 jet jet h3662 - 11 piece pry removal tool set h3662 2115 RFQ
H3662-11 jet jet h3662-10 - angled clip panel removal tool h3662-10 2456 RFQ

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