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Part No Category Description QTY RFQ
DLX6055T tools makita 6pce kit, 18v (dhp481z,dtd148z,dga504z,dhs680z,djr18 2433 RFQ
HG5030K tools heat gun, 2 speed, 1600w 2585 RFQ
5007MG hand and power tools 5007mg 1459 RFQ
GM00001381 hand and power tools gm00001381 2148 RFQ
P-64250 tools drill bit set, 33pce, makita 1862 RFQ
M8101KG tools hammer drill, 13mm (1/2?) variable speed, keyless chuck 2999 RFQ
M9204G tools orbital sander, random, 125mm, 4?, 240w, makita 2148 RFQ
P-31865 tools sanding sheet, 1/3, 93 x 228mm, p100 punched (pack 10) 2017 RFQ
741841-A abrasives 741841-a 1874 RFQ
XPH11ZB hand and power tools xph11zb 1959 RFQ
BL1021B hand and power tools bl1021b 2256 RFQ
DJV180Z tools jigsaw, mobile, 18v, skin makita 1023 RFQ
XWT07T hand and power tools xwt07t 2764 RFQ
792428-3 cutting tools 792428-3 1659 RFQ
GD0602 tools die grinder, 1/4?, 400w, side switch (short nose) 2652 RFQ
DS4011 tools drill, 13mm, 750w, high torque, chuck, keyed 2852 RFQ
M9100G tools die grinder, 6mm (1/4?) 380w, makita 1654 RFQ
DF012DSE hand and power tools df012dse 2739 RFQ
DHR165Z tools rotary hammer drill, mobile, 16mm, 18v, skin 1436 RFQ
192629-7 tools polishing pad, 180mm, velcro, lambswool, makita 1380 RFQ
GA5040 tools angle grinder, 125mm (5?) 1100w, side switch, sjsii makita 1510 RFQ
B-50201-25 abrasives disc, metal cut off wheel, 355mm, long life (25) 2758 RFQ
BL1840BDC1 hand and power tools bl1840bdc1 2572 RFQ
M9203G tools sheet sander, 1/3 (93 x 228mm) 190w, makita 1464 RFQ
DC10WD hand and power tools dc10wd 2687 RFQ
DHP481Z tools hammer drill driver, mobile brushless, 13mm (2 speed) 1529 RFQ
B-30950 tools blade, timber 255 x 25.4 x 32t tct makita 1100 RFQ
XAD02Z hand and power tools xad02z 2056 RFQ
194996-6 tools brushes, to suit makita sander model 9227cb 1128 RFQ
XFD12T hand and power tools xfd12t 2963 RFQ
A-86583 tools blade, jigsaw, wood/plywood/pvc, 8tpi, 75mm, pk5, makita 1835 RFQ
XWT04TX hand and power tools xwt04tx 2196 RFQ
DHS680Z tools circular saw, 165mm, mobile brushless,18v, skin 1496 RFQ
123636-9 hand and power tools hepa filter for use with: makita model xcv05z, dry pick-up only 1575 RFQ
723061-A-5 hand and power tools 723061-a-5 2315 RFQ
P-70312 janitorial p-70312 2774 RFQ
D-08676 tools chisel, bull point, 250mm, 17mm, hex, makita 2630 RFQ
DTD153Z tools impact driver, mobile, 18v, skin 1582 RFQ
P-36049 tools sanding sheet, 1/3, 93 x 228mm, p240 punched (pack 10) 1633 RFQ
DBO180Z tools orbital sander, mobile random, 125mm, 18v, makita 2107 RFQ
P-43555 abrasives disc, sanding, 125mm, 80# punched x 10 2032 RFQ
D-60969 tools holesaw kit, 14pce, plumbers, bi-metal 2668 RFQ
DLX3068 tools makita 3pce kit (dhp482, dtd152, dga504) 18v, 3.0ah 2403 RFQ
LW1401 tools cut off drop saw, 355mm, 2200w, makita industrial 2622 RFQ
XFD03M hand and power tools lxtdriver?drill kit 1/2 in chuck size, pistol grip 2336 RFQ
M5802G tools circular saw, 190mm (7-1/2?) 1050w 1101 RFQ
XCV05Z hand and power tools lxtbrushless cordless backpack dry dust extractor/vacuum, tool only 1/2 gal tank capacity 2631 RFQ
DJR187Z tools reciprocating saw, mobile brushless, 18v, skin 1715 RFQ
BL1840B-2 hand and power tools lxtbattery 2 pack lithium-ion, 18 v nominal voltage, 4.0 ah 1665 RFQ
A-98348 hand and power tools impactx driver bit set number of bits included: 50, bit set 1459 RFQ
723062-A-5 hand and power tools 723062-a-5 1790 RFQ
M6600G tools mixer drill, m14 shank, high torque, 800w makita 2357 RFQ
B-46981-10 abrasives disc, cutting, 125 x 0.8 x 22.23mm, inox, 10pk 1161 RFQ
XWT05 hand and power tools lxtimpact wrench kit cordless, 18 v, number of pieces: 4 2775 RFQ
XT263M hand and power tools lxtcombination power tool kit cordless, 18 v, number of pieces: 6 2321 RFQ
DTW300Z tools impact wrench, mobile brushless, 1/2?, 18v, skin(330nm) makita 2444 RFQ
BL1850B2DC2 hand and power tools bl1850b2dc2 2597 RFQ
P-36011 tools sanding sheet, 1/3, 93 x 228mm, p120 punched (pack 10) 1886 RFQ
DLX2092T tools makita combo kit, 2pce, 18v, 5.0ah (dlx2092t) 2017 RFQ
M9001G tools angle grinder, 230mm (9?) 2000w, makita 1235 RFQ
XBU02Z facility maintenance lxtbrushless cordless blower, tool only 18 v, 120 mph air speed 2059 RFQ
831303-9 hand and power tools 831303-9 2166 RFQ
165744-0 hand and power tools 165744-0 2284 RFQ
XT268T hand and power tools xt268t 1513 RFQ
196936-0 electrical rapid charger, dc18rd li-ion same time dual port 1731 RFQ
784804-5 hand and power tools 784804-5 1223 RFQ
198928-5 electrical rapid charger, 18v, dual port, w/2x5.0ah batteries, makita 2332 RFQ
125849-8 hand and power tools 125849-8 1393 RFQ
XWT06 hand and power tools xwt06 1176 RFQ
K005970 tools brush set, to suit makita 5? grinders derossi 2013 RFQ
XFD11ZB hand and power tools xfd11zb 2972 RFQ
DLM431Z tools lawn mower, mobile, 430mm, 18vx 2 (36v) skin 2070 RFQ
DUB182T1 hand and power tools dub182t1 2629 RFQ
BL1820B hand and power tools lxtcompact battery lithium-ion, 18 v nominal voltage, 2.0 ah 2289 RFQ
723071-A-5 safety 723071-a-5 2105 RFQ
A-85640 tools blade, jigsaw, t-shank 6tpi, 105mm, fast wood (5) 1848 RFQ
DFJ201ZL tools makita, mobile fan jacket large, 14.4-18v li-ion ? skin 2056 RFQ
HR2641 hand and power tools hr2641 2619 RFQ
DGA505RTE tools angle grinder kit, 125mm (5?) mobile brushless, paddle switch, 2x 5ah batt 2668 RFQ
P-43599 abrasives disc, sanding, 125mm, 240# punched velcro x 10 2803 RFQ
BO5041KX tools orbital sander, random, 125mm, 300w, variable speed, makita 1587 RFQ
FD09R1 hand and power tools fd09r1 2216 RFQ
DML185 tools torch, rechargable, 18v li-ion lxt 1938 RFQ
XDT11Z hand and power tools xdt11z 1971 RFQ
A-80400 tools blade, jigsaw, fine wood, 16tpi, 42mm, pk5, makita 1663 RFQ
GA9030X05 tools angle grinder, 230mm (9?) 2400w, trigger switch 1483 RFQ
DML807 tools job site light, rechargeable led, 18v lxt 1827 RFQ
197988-4 electrical battery charger, li-on, dc18rc with 1 x bl1840 2472 RFQ
XFD07T hand and power tools lxtdriver?drill kit 1/2 in chuck size 2591 RFQ
XTS01T hand and power tools xts01t 1672 RFQ

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