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Part No Category Description QTY RFQ
AD752 hydraulics ad752 2673 RFQ
K304A pneumatics gastk304a repair kit 2457 RFQ
K903 process pumps and equipment k903 2128 RFQ
B344A hydraulics b344a 2110 RFQ
K586 pneumatics gastk586 replacement gasket and valve, for use with: gast vacuum generators 2622 RFQ
AB650D pneumatics ab650d 2689 RFQ
V40C pneumatics gastv40c vacuum lubricator, for use with: gast lubricated 40 series rotary vane vacuum pumps 2536 RFQ
K201 pneumatics gastk201 repair 2844 RFQ
K549 pneumatics gastk549 gasket and valve 1926 RFQ
AC840 pneumatics gastac840 rotor assembly 2488 RFQ
NL32NCW6 AIR MOTOR G electrical nl32ncw6 air motor gast 2359 RFQ
AA750G pneumatics gastaa750g vane, for use with: 2065/2565 series 1692 RFQ
AC434 hydraulics ac434 1769 RFQ
AC990 pneumatics pneumatic muffler 1/2 npt port size 2194 RFQ
4AM-NRV-22A pneumatics 4am-nrv-22a 1687 RFQ
AD560 pneumatics gastad560 filter, for use with: 4565 series vane vacuum pumps, 6066, gast 5565 2438 RFQ
NL32-NCC-5 pneumatics nl32-ncc-5 1797 RFQ
AC102B hydraulics ac102b 2319 RFQ
AC848 hydraulics ac848 1976 RFQ
AC432 hydraulics ac432 2050 RFQ
2AM-NCC-16 pneumatics air motor 0.93 hp, 3000 rpm 2082 RFQ
1UP-NRV-4 pneumatics air gear motor 0.32 hp, 400 rpm 1601 RFQ
AA8D pneumatics gastaa8d vane 2787 RFQ
AA840A pneumatics gastaa840a vacuum relief valve 2679 RFQ
1AM-NRV-56 pneumatics air gear motor 0.34 hp, 350 rpm 1705 RFQ
K206A pneumatics gastk206a repair 2378 RFQ
4AM-NRV-22B pneumatics air motor 1.7 hp, 3000 rpm 1023 RFQ
AB600F pneumatics gastab600f pressure filter, 10micron filter, glass, port size: 1/2 npt" 1967 RFQ
8AM-NRV-42A pneumatics air motor 5.25 hp, 2500 rpm 2936 RFQ
K223 pneumatics gastk223 repair kit 1407 RFQ
AA466B seals, gaskets and accessories aa466b 2304 RFQ
R3105N-50 pneumatics r3105n-50 1171 RFQ
AK524 hydraulics ak524 2770 RFQ
5VDF-14-M750X pneumatics 5vdf-14-m750x 1878 RFQ
PCA-10A pneumatics pca-10a 1232 RFQ
K309 GAST PUMP REPAI pneumatics k309 gast pump repair kit 2132 RFQ
1AM-NCW-14 pneumatics air motor 0.45 hp, 10000 rpm 2585 RFQ
AA800K pneumatics aa800k 1320 RFQ
AE274 hydraulics ae274 1571 RFQ
2065-V2A pneumatics gast2065-v2a rotary vane, 28inhg max. vac., 1hp hp, +15psi proof press., npt thread, lubricated, 512.8mm long 1572 RFQ
2567-101 hydraulics 2567-101 1275 RFQ
AA75 pneumatics gastaa75 metal jar, for use with: 3040-v29b rotary vane vacuum pumps and compressors 1034 RFQ
DOA-P704-AA pneumatics doa-p704-aa 1536 RFQ
AH567D pneumatics ah567d 1584 RFQ
8AM-NRV-28A pneumatics air motor 5.25 hp, 2500 rpm 2773 RFQ
R5325A-2 pneumatics gast r5325a-2 air blower, 160cfm max. output flow, +162mbar max. output press., +149mbar max. vac. press., 2.5hp motor 2182 RFQ
R7P3180M pneumatics r7p3180m 1924 RFQ
2067-V103 pneumatics gast2067-v103 rotary vane, 27inhg max. vac., 1-1/2hp hp, +15psi proof press., npt thread, +32 to +100°f op. temp. 1303 RFQ
AA900D pneumatics aa900d 2101 RFQ
1AM-NRV-56-GR11 pneumatics air gear motor 0.34 hp, 350 rpm 2545 RFQ
4AM-NRV-70C pneumatics 4am series air motor 2914 RFQ
AC326C hydraulics ac326c 2677 RFQ
AF631 linear motion af631 1913 RFQ
8AM-FRV-30A pneumatics air motor 5.25 hp, 2500 rpm 1846 RFQ
1023-101Q-G279 pneumatics 1023-101q-g279 rotary vane pump 10 ft³/min max flow rate, 10 psi max continous pressure 1873 RFQ
AA125 pneumatics gastaa125 glass jar, for use with: gast 0765 series lubricated vane pumps 1017 RFQ
K246 pneumatics gastk246 vane kit 1337 RFQ
AE893 pneumatics ae893 1332 RFQ
AB650C pneumatics gastab650c intake filter assembly, for use with: gast 0240, gast 0440 series, gast series lubricated vane vacuum pumps 2786 RFQ
K242 pneumatics gastk242 repair 1375 RFQ
AA735 pneumatics aa735 2661 RFQ
V400C pneumatics gastv400c intake filter assembly 1523 RFQ
1UP-NRV-11 pneumatics air gear motor 0.32 hp, 400 rpm 1103 RFQ
2567-V1 pneumatics 2567-v1 rotary vane pump 21 ft³/min max flow rate, 15 psi max continous pressure, 1-1/2 hp 2922 RFQ
AT670 bearings at670 1040 RFQ
6AM-FRV-81 pneumatics 6am-frv-81 2121 RFQ
2AM-NCC-16D pneumatics 2am-ncc-16d 1268 RFQ
AK513 pneumatics gastak513 vane, for use with: gast 0823-101/0823-101q/1023-101/1023-101q/1023-v103 series vane pumps 1209 RFQ
4AM-NRV-50C pneumatics air motor 1.7 hp, 3000 rpm 2459 RFQ
K295 pneumatics gastk295 repair 1287 RFQ
AE873 pneumatics gastae873 coupling guard, for use with: 0440, 0465, 0740 series, 0765 series lubricated rotary vane pumps, gast 0240 2944 RFQ
4AM-NRV-160 pneumatics 4am-nrv-160 2382 RFQ
0523-V4-G588NDX pneumatics 0523-v4-g588ndx 2395 RFQ
6AM-FRV-23A pneumatics air motor 4 hp, 3000 rpm 1344 RFQ
K204 pneumatics k204 1101 RFQ
AC326B pneumatics gastac326b cooling fan, for use with: gast 1067-v103 series vacuum pump 2290 RFQ
4AM-RV-75-GR20 pneumatics air gear motor 1.26 hp, 300 rpm 2804 RFQ
1AM-NCC-12 pneumatics air motor 0.45 hp, 10000 rpm 1842 RFQ
MOA-V113-AE pneumatics moa-v113-ae 1420 RFQ
AA308 pneumatics gastaa308 vacuum relief valve, for use with: 1065 series, 2065, 2067, 2565, 2567, 3040, 4565 1417 RFQ
AK473 seals, gaskets and accessories ak473 2494 RFQ
K211 pneumatics gastk211 repair 1300 RFQ
AD220 hydraulics ad220 2458 RFQ
K208 pneumatics gastk208 repair 1591 RFQ
2AM-ARV-93 pneumatics 2am-arv-93 1558 RFQ
K281 pneumatics gastk281 repair 1040 RFQ
16AM-13-HB20 pneumatics 16am-13-hb20 2609 RFQ
AA405 hydraulics hydraulic pump replacement part cover gasket 2492 RFQ
4AM-FRV-13C pneumatics air motor 1.7 hp, 3000 rpm 2631 RFQ
1UP-NRV-11-GR11 pneumatics air gear motor 0.32 hp, 400 rpm 2175 RFQ

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