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For an unparalleled selection of parts from a broad scope of industrial manufacturers, look no further than Industrial Part Sphere. Whether you need items from Carlo Gavazzi or any other manufacturer, we are your all-inclusive source. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we have access to an inventory of more than two billion new and obsolete parts and components m top industrial manufacturers like Carlo Gavazzi. Our inventory comprises an extensive range of part numbers such as DBB01DM24, ECSSM23B10S, CA18CLF08TCM6, EI1808TBOSS, EI1204NPOSL from top quality industrial manufacturers. To begin the purchasing process immediately, submit an RFQ today. Our team of dedicated account managers is standing by and will reach out to you in 15 minutes or less.

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Part No Category Description QTY RFQ
DBB01DM24 timers & counters carlo gavazzi dbb01dm24 timer, true delay on, 0.1-600s, 24-240vac/dc, 2365 RFQ
ECSSM23B10S timers & counters carlo gavazzi ecssm23b10s timer, symmetrical recycler, 0.5-10s, 24-230vac, 1871 RFQ
CA18CLF08TCM6 proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ca18clf08tcm6 capacitive proximity sensor?18mm, flush, 2230 RFQ
EI1808TBOSS proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ei1808tboss inductive proximity sensor?18mm, nonflush, 2887 RFQ
EI1204NPOSL proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ei1204nposl inductive proximity sensor?12mm, non-flush, 1619 RFQ
UA18CSD03AGM1TI ultrasonic sensors carlo gavazzi ua18csd03agm1ti ultrasonic diffuse sensor, analog o/p, ?18mm, 1170 RFQ
CONB54NF-S5P cordsets carlo gavazzi conb54nf-s5p cordset, pur, m8,straight, 4 wire, 5m, ip67 1396 RFQ
GT32S6A contactors, starters, overload relays carlo gavazzi gt32s6a overload relay, 4 to 6 amp, screw terminal, 1375 RFQ
ICB18S30F05POM1 proximity sensors carlo gavazzi icb18s30f05pom1 inductive proximity sensor?18mm, flush, 1190 RFQ
DPA51CM44 monitoring controls & relays carlo gavazzi dpa51cm44 monitoring relay, 3-phase, 208-480vac, 5a, spdt, 1781 RFQ
PA18ALD04TOSA photoelectric sensors photoelectric, diffuse-reflective, ?18mm, 20-250vac, 400mm range, scr no, needs m12 cbl ip67 2658 RFQ
RA2A23D25 solid state relays carlo gavazzi ra2a23d25 ssr, hockey puck, 25a, 4.5-32vdc control voltage, 2703 RFQ
UA12BLD02NPM1TR ultrasonic sensors carlo gavazzi ua12bld02npm1tr ultrasonic diffuse sensor?12x79mm, remote teach, 2181 RFQ
EI1805TBOSL proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ei1805tbosl inductive proximity sensor?18mm, flush, 2871 RFQ
ECSSM23B1MF timers & counters timer, symmetrical recycler, 0.1-1m, 24-230vac, fast-on connection 1071 RFQ
ICB18S30N14POM1 proximity sensors carlo gavazzi icb18s30n14pom1 inductive proximity sensor?18mm, nonflush, 2834 RFQ
PA18CAT20PAM1SA photoelectric sensors carlo gavazzi pa18cat20pam1sa photoelectric, thru-beam, m18 axial, 2487 RFQ
ICB12S30N04PO proximity sensors carlo gavazzi icb12s30n04po inductive proximity sensor?12mm, nonflush, 1634 RFQ
RKD2A23D50C solid state relays carlo gavazzi rkd2a23d50c ssr, 2-pole, dual control, zero cross (zc), 1609 RFQ
EI1204NPOPL proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ei1204npopl inductive proximity sensor, ?12mm, non-flush, 2257 RFQ
CONB54NF-S10P cordsets carlo gavazzi conb54nf-s10p cordset, pur, m8,straight, 4 wire, 10m, ip67 2940 RFQ
EI1805TBOSS proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ei1805tboss inductive proximity sensor?18mm, flush, 2371 RFQ
CC225SAD100 200 contactors, starters, overload relays carlo gavazzi cc225sad100/200 power-contactor, 3-pole, 225a, 100/200vac/dc, 2578 RFQ
UA18CSD03PPTI ultrasonic sensors carlo gavazzi ua18csd03ppti ultrasonic diffuse sensor, digital o/p, ?18mm, 2981 RFQ
GT32S4A contactors, starters, overload relays carlo gavazzi gt32s4a overload relay, 2.5 to 4 amp, screw terminal, 1271 RFQ
EI1808PPOSS-1 proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ei1808pposs-1 inductive proximity sensor?18mm, nonflush, 1331 RFQ
PA18CRP40PASA photoelectric sensors carlo gavazzi pa18crp40pasa photoelectric, retro-refl., polarized, m18 radial, 1809 RFQ
RF1B23L25 solid state relays carlo gavazzi rf1b23l25 ssr, instant on, 24-280vac, 4.25-9vdc, 25a 2070 RFQ
CGMS-12A-240-10 contactors, starters, overload relays carlo gavazzi cgms-12a-240-10 mini-contactor, 12a, 240vac, screw clamp, 1no 1571 RFQ
CLD4MA2D115 sensors, specialty carlo gavazzi cld4ma2d115 conductive sensor, din rail, spdt+spst, no/nc, 2859 RFQ
EI1805PPOSS-1 proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ei1805pposs-1 inductive proximity sensor?18mm, flush, 2546 RFQ
IA12FLF02PO proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ia12flf02po inductive proximity sensor?12mm, long flush, 2472 RFQ
UA18ESD03AGM1TI ultrasonic sensors carlo gavazzi ua18esd03agm1ti ultrasonic diffuse sensor, analog o/p, ?18mm, 2483 RFQ
ICB12L50F06NO proximity sensors carlo gavazzi icb12l50f06no inductive proximity sensor?12mm, quasi-flush, 1938 RFQ
PL22SBZK110 buzzers & audible alarms carlo gavazzi pl22sbzk110 piezo buzzer, 22mm, continuous tone, 110v ac/dc. 1303 RFQ
DPA01DM48 monitoring controls & relays carlo gavazzi dpa01dm48 monitoring relay, 3-phase, 380-480vac, 8a, dpdt, 1815 RFQ
ICB30S30N15NO proximity sensors carlo gavazzi icb30s30n15no inductive proximity sensor, ?30mm, nonflush, 2485 RFQ
DBB02DM24 timers & counters timer, true delay on, 3 time ranges, dpdt, din-rail, 24-240vac/dc 1977 RFQ
DAC01CM40 timers & counters carlo gavazzi dac01cm40 timer, star-delta, 0.1-600s & 50-130ms, 2448 RFQ
DIB01CM24100A monitoring controls & relays carlo gavazzi dib01cm24100a monitoring relay, 1-phase, 2-100a ac, spdt, 2505 RFQ
RGC1A23D20KGU solid state relays carlo gavazzi rgc1a23d20kgu ssr w/heatsink, 20aac, 3/4-32vdc control voltage, 1104 RFQ
EI1805PPOSS proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ei1805pposs inductive proximity sensor?18mm, flush, 1707 RFQ
PA18CLD04TOSA photoelectric sensors carlo gavazzi pa18cld04tosa photoelectric, diffuse-reflective, ?18mm, 2967 RFQ
CC75SA24 contactors, starters, overload relays carlo gavazzi cc75sa24 midi-contactor, 3-pole, 75a, 24vac, 2290 RFQ
CONB14NF-S5 cordsets carlo gavazzi conb14nf-s5 cordset, pvc, m12, straight, 4-pole, 5m, ip67 1026 RFQ
IA08FLF01NO proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ia08flf01no inductive proximity sensor, ?8mm, long flush, 2402 RFQ
PA18CAT20PASA photoelectric sensors carlo gavazzi pa18cat20pasa photoelectric, thru-beam, m18 axial, 1859 RFQ
EI1202NPOSS proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ei1202nposs inductive proximity sensor?12mm, flush, 2865 RFQ
PA18CAR65PAM1SA photoelectric sensors carlo gavazzi pa18car65pam1sa photoelectric, retro-reflective, m18 axial, 2264 RFQ
PA18CRT16 photoelectric sensors carlo gavazzi pa18crt16 photoelectric, thru-beam, m18 radial, 1001 RFQ
DPA01CM60 monitoring controls & relays carlo gavazzi dpa01cm60 monitoring relay, 3-phase, 380-600vac, 8a, spdt, 2298 RFQ
UA18ESD03PPTI ultrasonic sensors carlo gavazzi ua18esd03ppti ultrasonic diffuse sensor, digital o/p, ?18mm, ss, 1830 RFQ
IA30CLF10UC proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ia30clf10uc inductive proximity sensor?30mm, long flush, 2053 RFQ
IA12ESF02UC proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ia12esf02uc inductive proximity sensor?12mm, short flush, 1029 RFQ
IA08BLF15PO proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ia08blf15po inductive proximity sensor?8mm, ss long flush, 2794 RFQ
PA18CLR30TO photoelectric sensors photoelectric, retro-reflective, ?18mm, 20-250vac, 3m range, scr no, 2m cable, ip67 2908 RFQ
DMC01DB48 timers & counters analog timer, 7 function, 2xspdt, 0.1s-100h, 24/48vac, 45mm din-rail mount 2335 RFQ
RGC1A60A25KGU solid state relays carlo gavazzi rgc1a60a25kgu ssr w/heatsink, 25aac, 20-275vac/24-190dc control, 2655 RFQ
CA30CLN25CPM6 proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ca30cln25cpm6 capacitive proximity sensor?30mm, nonflush, 2982 RFQ
RGC1A60A15KGU solid state relays carlo gavazzi rgc1a60a15kgu ssr w/heatsink, 15aac, 20-275vac/24-190dc control, 1954 RFQ
PBBOX4HBG enclosures pushbutton enclosure, 22mm, 4 hole, abs plastic, black with gray cover, precut cable inlet 2010 RFQ
EI1808NPOPL proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ei1808npopl inductive proximity sensor, ?18mm, nonflush, 2408 RFQ
IA30FLF10NO proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ia30flf10no inductive proximity sensor?30mm, long flush, 2128 RFQ
CC12SA240 contactors, starters, overload relays carlo gavazzi cc12sa240 mini-contactor, 3-pole, 12a, 240vac, 1897 RFQ
EI1805TBOPL proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ei1805tbopl inductive proximity sensor, ?18mm, flush, 2541 RFQ
RKD2A23D51P solid state relays carlo gavazzi rkd2a23d51p ssr, 2-pole, dual control, zero cross (zc), 1575 RFQ
PA18CAT20M1 photoelectric sensors carlo gavazzi pa18cat20m1 photoelectric, thru-beam, m18 axial, 2345 RFQ
RM1A48D75 solid state relays ssr, hockey puck, 75a, 3-32vdc control voltage, zero switching, 480vac operating range 2889 RFQ
PCB01DM24 timers & counters carlo gavazzi pcb01dm24 timer, asymmetrical recyler, 0.1s-100h, 2xspdt, 1318 RFQ
PA18CAD10PASA photoelectric sensors carlo gavazzi pa18cad10pasa photoelectric, diffuse-reflective, m18 axial, 2626 RFQ
PA18CAD04PAWS photoelectric sensors photoelectric, diffuse-reflective, ?18mm, 10-30vdc, 0.4m range, pnp no/nc, 2m cable 2545 RFQ
RF1B23M25 solid state relays carlo gavazzi rf1b23m25 ssr, instant on, 24-280vac, 9-18vdc, 25a 2771 RFQ
IA12FLF02POM1 proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ia12flf02pom1 inductive proximity sensor?12mm, long flush, 1768 RFQ
CC40SD24 contactors, starters, overload relays carlo gavazzi cc40sd24 midi-contactor, 3-pole, 40a, 24vdc, 1702 RFQ
CA30CAN25PAM1 proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ca30can25pam1 capactitive proximity sensor?30mm, nonflush, 2362 RFQ
RGC1A60D32KGE solid state relays carlo gavazzi rgc1a60d32kge ssr, 37a, single phase zero crossing, 2542 RFQ
GDP252S120V contactors, starters, overload relays carlo gavazzi gdp252s120v dp contactor, 2 pole, 25a, 110/120vac, 2253 RFQ
ICB12L50F02PAM1 proximity sensors carlo gavazzi icb12l50f02pam1 inductive proximity sensor?12mm, flush, 2378 RFQ
IA30FLF10PO proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ia30flf10po inductive proximity sensor?30mm, long flush, 1783 RFQ
IA30FLN15NOM1 proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ia30fln15nom1 inductive proximity sensor?30mm, long nonflush, 1066 RFQ
EI1204PPOSL-1 proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ei1204pposl-1 inductive proximity sensor?12mm, non-flush, 2357 RFQ
CC65SA120 contactors, starters, overload relays carlo gavazzi cc65sa120 contactor, 3-pole, 65a, 120vac, 2131 RFQ
ICB12S23F04NO proximity sensors carlo gavazzi icb12s23f04no inductive proximity sensor?12mm, flush, 1935 RFQ
UA30CAD35PGTI ultrasonic sensors ultrasonic diffuse sensor, ?30mm, pbt, 12(15)-30vdc, 250-3500mm rng, 4-20ma, pnp, 2mcable 2946 RFQ
EASSM2310SF timers & counters carlo gavazzi eassm2310sf mini timer, delay-on, 0.5-10s, fast-on connection, 1276 RFQ
EI1204PPOSL proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ei1204pposl inductive proximity sensor?12mm, non-flush, 2817 RFQ
CC9SA120 contactors, starters, overload relays carlo gavazzi cc9sa120 mini-contactor, 3-pole, 9a, 120vac, 2024 RFQ
CD34CNFLFNOP2 proximity sensors capacitive proximity sensor, rect. flush liq.level foreground supp., 10-30vdc, npn no, 2m pvc cable 2052 RFQ
IA08BSN25NO proximity sensors carlo gavazzi ia08bsn25no inductive proximity sensor?8mm ss short nonflush 1378 RFQ
RF1B23D25 solid state relays carlo gavazzi rf1b23d25 ssr, instant on, 24-280vac, 18-28.8vdc, 25a 2955 RFQ

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