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Part No Category Description QTY RFQ
96211-BB2-T2 hydraulics 96211-bb2-t2 1447 RFQ
9AC1BB1800R pneumatics 9ac1bb1800r 1508 RFQ
625H4-11-P2 electrical pressure transducer 625 series, 0 1500 psi, input 9 to 28 v dc, output 4-20 ma, process conn. 7/16-20 sae #4 orb, elec. conn. mini-din 43650 type cmating connector included (industry std-9.4mm), -40 to 185°f 1081 RFQ
96201-BB2 hydraulics 96201-bb2 1177 RFQ
P1H-M85 electrical p1h-m85 2778 RFQ
SU35-SF16 FILTER hydraulics su35-sf16 filter 1195 RFQ
T2H-H251 hydraulics t2h-h251 1188 RFQ
D2X-H18SS-UL EXPL PR pneumatics d2x-h18ss-ul expl proof switch 1059 RFQ
9022-M-A hydraulics 9022-m-a 1848 RFQ
MT1H-G251S-RD electrical mt1h-g251s-rd 1491 RFQ
T96211-BB4-T4 electrical t96211-bb4-t4 1913 RFQ
D1H-H18 PRESSURE SWI hydraulics d1h-h18 pressure switch 2707 RFQ
9617-4 electrical 9617-4 1958 RFQ
9002-M-A pneumatics shear-seal9020 directional control valve—port size: 3/8 in pressure port, operation: manual, flow pattern: closed center manipulator 2878 RFQ
ML1H-B204-W pneumatics ml1h-b204-w 1713 RFQ
BPS32GVM0750P hydraulics bps32gvm0750p 2404 RFQ
T96211-BB4SS-T2 electrical t96211-bb4ss-t2 1588 RFQ
6183S3HO3 hydraulics 6183s3ho3 2000 RFQ
D1T-H18SS PRESSURE S hydraulics d1t-h18ss pressure switch 2020 RFQ
96201-BB5-T2-P1 facility maintenance 96201-bb5-t2-p1 2589 RFQ
9048-3-CS hydraulics 9048-3-cs 1193 RFQ
BPS31PVM1500P electrical electronic dual pressure switch bts3000 series, 0 1500 psig, input 15v dc to 32v dc, output two switch points, process conn. 7/16-20 unf male thread (jic 37°), elec.conn. m12 connector, -13 to 212°f 1820 RFQ
D1T-A80SS-U pneumatics d1t-a80ss-u 1403 RFQ
EPD1H-AA40 hydraulics epd1h-aa40 2986 RFQ
6183S3HO3-MC hydraulics 6183s3ho3-mc 2908 RFQ
MT1H-G251-S0011 electrical mt1h-g251-s0011 2674 RFQ
T2H-S251-12-A TEMP S electrical t2h-s251-12-a temp switch 2366 RFQ
C9612-1 hydraulics c9612-1 2546 RFQ
0111-615 process pumps and equipment 0111-615 2855 RFQ
9021-M-A hydraulics 9021-m-a 2460 RFQ
147R3WC3 hydraulics 147r3wc3 1871 RFQ
L96201-BB2-S0427 electrical l96201-bb2-s0427 2556 RFQ
KD2276 seals, gaskets and accessories kd2276 1979 RFQ
0111-585 electrical 0111-585 1211 RFQ
ML1H-S203-W electrical ml1h-s203-w 2480 RFQ
C9612-2-CS hydraulics c9612-2-cs 1981 RFQ
L96201-BB3-S0009 hydraulics l96201-bb3-s0009 1600 RFQ
F20495S6WQ2-1-MS pneumatics f20495s6wq2-1-ms 2763 RFQ
C9612-2 electrical series c9612 sealed piston switch—visual indicating—max pressure setting: 1,500, o-ring: buna-n 2244 RFQ
BPS32NVM0050PP hydraulics bps32nvm0050pp 2605 RFQ
D1T-H18SS-CS hydraulics d1t-h18ss-cs 1815 RFQ
96201-BB3 SWITCH electrical 96201-bb3 switch 2733 RFQ
9021-M-A-CD hydraulics 9021-m-a-cd 1217 RFQ
E1H-R90 electrical e1h-r90 2205 RFQ
9022-M-CD hydraulics 9022-m-cd 2262 RFQ
E1H-R90-P6-PLS pneumatics e1h-r90-p6-pls 2147 RFQ
9002-M-A-D hydraulics 9002-m-a-d 2230 RFQ
D9675-3 electrical d9675-3 1647 RFQ
015-61-013-31 HYD. M hydraulics 015-61-013-31 hyd. motor 1243 RFQ
BPS32NVM1500P hydraulics bps32nvm1500p 2708 RFQ
L96201-BB1-S0058 electrical l96201-bb1-s0058 1534 RFQ
9653-2-WA hydraulics 9653-2-wa 2837 RFQ
P1X-J340SS-V pneumatics p1x-j340ss-v 1019 RFQ
E1H-H15-P6-PLS electrical e1h-h15-p6-pls 1801 RFQ
DPD2T-A80SS-S0001 hydraulics dpd2t-a80ss-s0001 2997 RFQ
D1H-A3SS pneumatics d1h-a3ss 1394 RFQ
0111-577 safety 0111-577 2501 RFQ
9022-MC-C hydraulics 9022-mc-c 1286 RFQ
BPS32NVM3000P hydraulics bps32nvm3000p 1643 RFQ
D1H-A150SS pneumatics d1h-a150ss 2520 RFQ
C9622-3 PRESS SWITCH hydraulics c9622-3 press switch 1429 RFQ
0112-1109 process pumps and equipment 0112-1109 2767 RFQ
6147R3HO3 hydraulics 6147r3ho3 1461 RFQ
C9612-3-H-T-CS hydraulics c9612-3-h-t-cs 2037 RFQ
CD1H-A150SS material handling cd1h-a150ss 1725 RFQ
81E1TB hydraulics 81e1tb 1024 RFQ
239537 facility maintenance 239537 4 pin straight connector 1129 RFQ
CSP13-31-12E electrical compact pressure switch csp series, 25 150 psi, input 5a @ 125 v ac, process conn. 1/4 npt male thread, elec.conn. din #43650a, -20 to 176°f 2389 RFQ
D1T-H150SS-CS hydraulics d1t-h150ss-cs 1878 RFQ
0409-001 hydraulics 0409-001 1827 RFQ
96201-BB1-T4-V electrical 96201-bb1-t4-v 1441 RFQ
201P6WC3 hydraulics 201p6wc3 1341 RFQ
9675-3 hydraulics 9675-3 1949 RFQ
425H3-13-U pneumatics 425h3-13-u 2769 RFQ
6143R3HC3MC HYD 4 WA hydraulics 6143r3hc3mc hyd 4 way 1/2""3 pos valve 2758 RFQ

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