What Are Common Adhesives and Categorizations?

Adhesives are substances used for countless project types, ranging in application from simple DIY projects to complex industrial machinery. Coming in the form of non-metallic substances, adhesives are applied to one or more surfaces, allowing them to be bound together with ample separation resistance. There are many types of adhesive products that one may take advantage of, those of which vary in their ability to bind materials, prevent leaking, fill gaps, and more. As a result, it is beneficial to have a general understanding of the most common types and how they work, ensuring that you choose the perfect solution for your needs.

There are many ways in which adhesives can be categorized, but the most common methods are through their chemical composition or adhesion properties. When discussing varying options in terms of chemical composition, the most common types include acrylic adhesives, epoxy adhesives, resins, polyurethane adhesives, rubber adhesives, and silicone adhesives. The acrylic adhesive is commonly used for its rapid setting time and ample environmental resistance, ensuring that a solution can quickly be placed and last a long time. Super-glues are a common form of acrylic adhesive, and they are able to cure onto a surface when they react with present surface moisture. Epoxy adhesive substances are another common option for conjoining components, and they are produced through the mixing of a resin and hardener.

For resin adhesives, common types include phenolic, melamine, and formaldehyde options. All of these resin types are thermosetting, meaning that they are cured through the application of heat. Once cured, resin adhesives often exhibit high strength for their bonds and strong resistance against high temperature conditions. While heat is the main element for curing, many resins will also require some amount of pressure.

For connecting wood for carpentry and woodworking projects, polyurethane adhesives are quite useful. While perhaps not reaching the capabilities of mechanical fasteners, polyurethane adhesives provide ample flexibility, durability, and impact resistance which makes them a good choice for such applications. For marine and plumbing applications where moisture may be present, silicone adhesives are useful for their temperature resistance and flexibility. The final common type of adhesive is the rubber adhesive, that of which is highly flexible for the benefit of varying applications.

As stated before, another common way to categorize adhesives is through their adhesion properties. For example, a hot melt adhesive is one that can be softened as required through the application of heat, and cooling will cause it to harden once again. As a result, hot melt adhesives make it easier to make certain adjustments, but it is important that their melting point is high enough to not cause issues in hotter environments. Pressure sensitive adhesives, or contact adhesives, are easy to apply to surfaces as they only require a small amount of pressure to be secured. This is beneficial when one is working with a large surface area, or when clamping adhesives is not feasible.

Thermoset adhesives, as discussed before, are those cured through the application of heat and pressure. With their creep resistance, they are often relied on for high load assemblies. The final group of adhesives in terms of adhesion properties includes UV curing adhesives, those of which are radiation-curable substances. This means that they are able to establish a permanent and secure bond between components without any application of heat. By determining the various characteristics and environmental conditions surrounding your application, you can best find a solution for your needs. Once you are ready to begin the purchasing process for the various adhesive types you require, look no further than Industrial Part Sphere.

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